Xinhua Silk Road: Special feature launched to showcase Anhui's smart manufacturing during World Manufacturing Convention Jianghuai Online Economic Forum

BEIJING, Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- A special feature dedicated to showcasing the eye-catching development of smart manufacturing industry in East China's Anhui Province was rolled out during the World Manufacturing Convention Jianghuai Online Economic Forum held in its capital city Hefei on September 12.

Photo taken on the World Manufacturing Convention Jianghuai Online Economic Forum on Sept. 12.
Photo taken on the World Manufacturing Convention Jianghuai Online Economic Forum on Sept. 12.

The feature consists of development cases of typical smart manufacturers in Anhui, which embodies the province's fruitful work in optimizing investment environment and industrial layout of local smart manufacturing industry.

Recent years, Anhui has made great efforts to develop its smart manufacturing sector and integrated development of the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence (AI) with manufacturing sector to press ahead with high-quality development.

Currently, the province has incubated a series of edge-cutting smart and high-end manufacturing industries such as quantum information, new display, smart voice and robot. In the province, industrial robots' output exceeded 10,000 units and new energy vehicles' output and sales account for around 13 percent of the national total. The world's first 10.5 generation of production line debuted and the world's thinnest 0.12 millimeter sensor glass was put into production.

Behind all these are Anhui's continuous efforts to promote innovation-driven development of its smart manufacturing sector.

Year to date, four innovation master platforms have been in shape in the province, including Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center, Hefei Binhu Science City, Hefei-Wuhu-Bengbu National Innovation Demonstration Zone. Anhui also speeded up the establishment of a modern industrial system focusing on chip manufacturing, flat panel display, equipment manufacturing and industrial robot, and integration of AI and manufacturing.

As one of the Chinese provinces boasting the most complete industrial chains, Anhui Province has 40 large industrial categories, a majority of which own sound supportive and auxiliary industrial base.

Anhui is a large home appliance producing province in China and in every three refrigerators, every four washing machines, every five air conditioners and every eight tablets computers made in China, one is generated in Anhui.

Under the present global economic uncertainty amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Anhui's advantageous digital and intelligent supply chain technology helped local enterprises successfully survive the crisis.

For instance, its diversified air, railway and maritime logistics system helps a local manufacturer transport products to 270 key cities in 126 countries and regions worldwide.

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