WebtoonTV Co and TODAQ to bring TODA Note ('TDN') payments and loyalty benefits to millions of webtoon fans globally

  • The agreement marks the first major digital media deal for the TDN program
  • TDN is a self-sovereign payment and loyalty asset designed to provide long-term usefulness
  • TODA Protocol will help WebtoonTV Co to scale out efficiently and securely to global markets
  • Each TDN can purchase 5 webtoons or approximately $US 0.85 worth of digital comics goods

SEOUL, March 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Sovereignty tech pioneer TODAQ has partnered up with South Korea-based manga ('webtoons') business WebtoonTV Co for its webtoons platform, a nouveau digital comic format that has taken nearly half of South Korea's population by a storm. TODAQ will provide an integrated payments and loyalty program powered by its TaaS ('TODA-as-a-Service') solution, as well as merge its TDN loyalty program on the new WebtoonTV Co platform currently launching. With millions of webtoons fans across Asia and Europe, the partnership marks TODAQ's most influential digital media deal to date.

Millions of online customers hold webtoons accounts via WebtoonTV Co in the South Korean digital comic market. The platform provides a 'Netflix of Comics' experience for customers, and exhibits the work of hundreds of artists and over several hundreds of original series. There is mass appeal  for audiences; as an example, the top 50 strips alone yield 2 million views per year with heavy users reading more than 10 episodes per day. Korean customers will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of the TDN loyalty program, earning attractive awards for sign-up and purchases.  International customers will soon share the same loyalty benefits with TDN supported payments as well. In addition, the site will soon be launching a new platform that will feature future content categories including web dramas, movies, and other merchandise. For this new platform, WebtoonTV Co and TODAQ will provide the same integrated payments and loyalty services and look at adding a secure, privacy enabling AI/machine learning recommendation solution to aid customers in their search for their favorite content.

Since 2017, TODAQ has focused on developing the TDN program, which is a self-sovereign digital loyalty and payment asset now being adopted in multiple continents across several industries and is designed to offer global, long-term and stable economic utility. WebtoonTV Co's platform which will use TDN as its sole payment method, will allow its customers to benefit from purchasing products with attractive rewards and discounts. Initially, customers will be able to purchase 5 webtoons with each TDN, where the typical webtoon episode costs between 15 and 20 US cents.  TDN value will be periodically adjusted to reflect the overall TDN market rate. The differentiation and role of the TaaS platform will ease WebtoonTV Co's expansion to global markets including Mexico, Spain, and the USA to start, by ensuring secure and easy interoperability of assets. Catering to Latin American market is logical for the webcomic leader considering that Mexico was among the first successful adopters of Spanish language comics during the Japanese manga invasion of the 1990s, a successful trend which has continued to present day.

TODAQ will also work with preferred Sovereignty Tech market partners like Lemon Cloud for system integration and SingularityNET for AI and machine learning solutions. In addition, TODAQ will be introducing a decentralized version of the solution over the next months, allowing customers and partners to own and transact these self-sovereign webtoon, payment and loyalty assets peer-to-peer.

For enquiries: contact@todaqfinance.com

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