Tricor Announces Partnership with Mil Mill for its Paper Recycling Initiative

HONG KONG, April 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Tricor Group, Asia's leading business expansion specialist helping companies grow from start-up to IPO and beyond, announces a paper recycling initiative in partnership with Mil Mill, Hong Kong's first carton recycling mill. This initiative is in support of adopting and supporting the circular economy concept and strengthening its commitment towards a greener economy.

From left to right: Judy Wong (Group General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer), Harold Yip (Founder of Mil Mill), Joe Wan (CEO of Tricor Hong Kong)
From left to right: Judy Wong (Group General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer), Harold Yip (Founder of Mil Mill), Joe Wan (CEO of Tricor Hong Kong)


Despite the increased digitization of processes and data, companies continue to generate a huge amount of paper and cardboard waste. In cognizance of this, Tricor assessed that the monthly amount of paper waste generated within the company could easily be repurposed to generate enough hand paper towels and toilet rolls to service its offices. As the first company in Hong Kong to implement this initiative, Tricor is fully committed to supporting the circular economy model with primary focus on reducing waste and regeneration of materials. The new practices at Tricor have been permanently implemented from March 2020.

The paper recycling initiative has been undertaken with key partners Secure Information Disposal Services Limited and Mil Mill, Hong Kong's first pulp mill that undertakes drink carton recycling. Mil Mill is supported by the Recycling Fund and has the daily capacity to process tons of wastepaper into paper pulp and can process many different types of paper. Mil Mill will convert all the paper waste collected from Tricor's offices into hand paper towels and toilet rolls. These will go towards supplies for Tricor's ITT and Hopewell offices and for donation to needy organizations.

"Tricor cares about the impact it has on the larger environment and community, and its contribution towards their betterment," said Joe Wan, CEO of Tricor Hong Kong. "We are continuously looking for opportunities to contribute to the larger society and with the paper recycling initiative, we will be able to donate the regenerated products to the needy members of the society. This is also in line with our move towards the vision of a circular economy, a large portion of which is about sharing of resources."

Judy Wong, Group General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Tricor, is leading the transformation at Tricor towards adapting to a circular economy. She gives more insight into the concept and says, "Traditional economic approaches are linear with resources mostly being discarded after they are through with their life-cycle. The vision of a circular economy is to change this linearity to a system that continuously passes resources from one life-cycle to another. This contributes towards reducing the load on the environment, reducing waste, and preserving natural resources. A circular economy is as much about reusing waste as it is about reducing waste."

Harold Yip, Co-founder and Executive Director at SSID and Mil Mill, says, "It is SSID's vision to build up a circular economy for Hong Kong local wastes. The establishment of Mil Mill marks a milestone to recycle local waste papers, particularly beverage cartons originally dumped to the landfills into useful raw materials. It is our honor to have Tricor as our first corporate partner in this paper cycle concept."

About Tricor

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About Secure Information Disposal Services Limited

Secure Information Disposal Services Limited is an award-winning waste management company. We are providing one-stop recyclable collection service including confidential destruction and are serving over 3000 customers in Hong Kong. We are also the leading consultancy in waste reduction. Our factory, Mil Mill, is also HK's first pulp mill to recycle beverage cartons originally dumped to the landfills.

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