TPIsoftware and Taishin's API Management Platform awarded with Global Finance's "The Innovators 2020 Cash Management" award

TPIsoftware's APIM platform, digiRunner, provides integrated cash management services for convenient and diversified collection and payment services.

TAIPEI, Aug. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading Taiwanese digital banking software provider TPIsoftware collaborated with Taishin International Bank to create an API management platform using TPIsoftware's own APIM module. The system integrates related cash management products and services, providing enterprise customers with a variety of convenient collection and payment options, significantly reducing accounting time. With TPIsoftware's indispensable contribution to the release of this platform, Taishin received the Global Finance "The Innovators 2020 Cash Management" award.

Open API connects users and TSPs for the development of new financial services

Services provided by TSPs allow information to be mutually used by cooperating parties, driving more potential customers to use third-party services. According to the International Data Corporation, banks and their customers use more than 12 communication channels, including social platforms, online banking, and IoT devices. Gartner, an international research and consulting organization, predicts that 65% of online services in 2021 will connect cross-industry services with APIs, proving the "API economy" is already upon us. With open APIs, TSP companies can request customer financial data access to perform asset management and payments, creating a business model that is convenient, profitable, and expandable.

digiRunner assists development of business modules for cash management

digiRunner is an enterprise-level API management platform owned by TPIsoftware. digiRunner features zero downtime hot deployment and user session control, as well as automatic API discovery, real-time alerts, and transaction control, to ensure security control of transmission, data, and behavior layers. The APIM platform jointly developed with Taishin also helps the bank integrate complex cash management business modules, enabling the integration of multiple income channels through APIs for convenient payment operations.

An award well deserved

The awarded Taishin API management platform allows corporate customers to break past traditional technology limitations with an innovative digital cash management system. TPIsoftware, a digital finance expert with many years of industry experience, hopes to help more digital financial businesses succeed internationally.

About TPIsoftware

TPIsoftware is a software provider delivering one-stop solutions and system implementation services to enterprises in a variety of industries. TPIsoftware specializes in AI chatbots, FinTech, digital banking, life insurance, process engines, big data and other system solutions. In addition to its own product line, TPIsoftware provides customized finance, life insurance, communications, and technology solutions domestically and overseas.

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