TOJOY Starts Wuhan Subsidiary Online Business, Promises No Layoffs or Salary Cuts

BEIJING, Feb. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- At 9:00 am on February 4th, TOJOY's 6,000 employees across 40 cities on 4 continents gathered for a unique online business kick-off ceremony. All 37 employees of TOJOY's Wuhan subsidiary, located at the center in the epidemic area, joined other members of the group in this meeting from their own homes. This was the kick-off for TOJOY's new Smart Business online work model for the epidemic period.

At the meeting, Ge Jun, the former Global Vice President of Apple Inc. and present Executive Director of the Board of Directors and Global CEO of TOJOY, announced TOJOY's Ten Measures for Disaster Relief and Self-Care. He announced that as of February 4th, TOJOY has officially and permanently implemented a remote work system for all employees.

TOJOY also promises no layoffs or salary cuts during the epidemic period. This move is commendable as Chinese companies ae facing pressure to resume work. It is cause for celebration for everyone at the beginning of the Chinese New Year in the face of the epidemic situation.

TOJOY Publishes Ten Measures for ensuring staff and customer safety amid the current health emergency and turning the crisis of 2019-nCOV into opportunity.
TOJOY Publishes Ten Measures for ensuring staff and customer safety amid the current health emergency and turning the crisis of 2019-nCOV into opportunity.

TOJOY Publishes Ten Measures for ensuring staff and customer safety amid the current health emergency and turning the crisis of 2019-nCOV into opportunity.

Recently, the news about TOJOY permanently implementing a remote work system for all members has flooded the internet. As China is occupied with imminent challenges of fighting the epidemic and resuming work, this move by TOJOY comes as a shot of antidote, addressing both problems. The announcement has become a popular topic one online.

In TOJOY's policy, effective February 4, all employees will work at home during the entire epidemic period. Employees will not be required to attend any in-person functions such as in-office work, face-to-face business negotiations, or customer receptions. Once the epidemic is over, TOJOY will permanently implement the remote work policy, allowing employees to work at company offices just one day per week.

Under this remote work policy, dubbed the "Migratory Work System" TOJOY is still maintaining its "Four Six" work system. That is, employees only need work fou days per week, 6 hours per day. These flexible work location and working hours policies ae certainly enviable for many other companies and workers.

Despite widespread accolades, TOJOY's remote work move has also been met with some skepticism. Remote work programs would normally only be expedient during the epidemic, so why is TOJOY implementing a permanent remote work program? Since the smooth operation of a company requires a pervasive, complex collaboration system, can this system truly be made permanent?

In the midst of this curiosity and doubt, TOJOY gathered its 6,000 employees to attend an online debut on the Migratory Work System, sharing the support system information and implementation success announcement with the public. The accompanying explanation of the TOJOY-developed smart business systems that enable the Migratory Work System (such as collaborative online tools, automated accounting processes, etc.) were helpful in explaining the structure and vitality of the Migratory Work System to the public.

TOJOY's Global Debut of Remote Work Program Sets Example in Resumption of Work

At the TOJOY 2020 New Year's mobilization meeting, Lu Junqing, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TOJOY, authorized the company's resumption of work. Ge Jun, Executive Director of the Board of Directors and Global CEO of TOJOY, gave a mobilization report, and representatives of TOJOY's eight major business groups presented detailed work plans and measures for reporting.

Mr. Ge said that during the epidemic period, ToJoy will continue to practice its business principle of "doing good deeds, taking the right path, and seeking happiness". TOJOY will fully support the country's disaster response efforts, and do its best in terms of its own self-care. At the same time, TOJOY will enable the full use of its online services, platform advantages, and technical strengths to support other Chinese companies in their efforts to return to work safely and effectively, helping them to turn the crisis into opportunity.

Mr. Ge also announced a new extension of TOJOY's employee happiness programs.

"On January 1, 2016, ToJoy implemented a 'Four day, Six hour' working week, becoming the company with the shortest working hours worldwide. Now, in order to continue to deeply implement its business philosophy of happiness, TOJOY officially permanently implements a remote work policy for all employees starting February 4th, 2020."

On behalf of TOJOY Mr. Ge also promised no layoffs or salary cuts would be made during the epidemic period – that TOJOY would share its fate with those of all its employees. He appealed to employees to adhere to ToJoy's corporate motto to "Be kind, be motivated, and be concientious".

Mr. Ge hopes all employees will devote themselves to work with a greater sense of responsibility, and to strive to contribute their own strengths to bettering society.

Encouraged by his speech, representatives from branches in regions such as New York, Paris, Mexico City, and Vienna expressed their determination and additional measures to fight against the disaster.

At the 2020 New Year's Online Business Kick-Off Mobilization Meeting, TOJOY promised "no layoffs, no salary cuts, and to share the fate of all employees"
At the 2020 New Year's Online Business Kick-Off Mobilization Meeting, TOJOY promised "no layoffs, no salary cuts, and to share the fate of all employees"

At the 2020 New Year's Online Business Kick-Off Mobilization Meeting, TOJOY promised "no layoffs, no salary cuts, and to share the fate of all employees"

Thankfully, since the outbreak of the epidemic, no TOJOY employees or family members have been infected or taken as a suspected case.

At the core of the epidemic area, TOJOY's Wuhan Subsidiary purchased a large number of masks and anti-epidemic materials and delivered them to employees quickly following the outbreak of the epidemic. These employees are required to frequently disinfect their home working areas and to try to remain at home to protect themselves and their families.

Zhao Jiezong, vice president and general manager of TOJOY's Wuhan Subsidiary, stated that before and during the outbreak, through the unified deployment of the group and TOJOY's epidemic prevention measures, a zero-infection security bastion has been established.

TOJOY's vision is to create a happy enterprise that lasts forever, and it places the health of its employees and their families as the top priority. Mr. Ge repeatedly emphasized the need to maintain zero-infection results for all employees, and encouraged employees to use the disaster-resistance accountability system, stating that "the entire company will do its best to prevent and control the epidemic, and to prioritize the overall situation, physical, and mental health of all employees and their family members, so as not to add trouble or burden society."

At the all-hands mobilization meeting, TOJOY announced a permanent "Migratory Work System": a remote work program for all employees.

As a large, multinational corporation with over 6,000 employees in 40 cities in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, TOJOY's daily operations cover both the eastern and western hemispheres for 24-hour business. As a global enterprise empowerment platform, with unicorn business incubation and acceleration as its core business, TOJOY believes that its rapid pace of business, high number of projects, wide market coverage, and explosive growth of business are good justifications for its commitment to not lay off staff or reduce their salaries. This places stringent requirements on the company's management philosophy, capabilities, and tools.

As TOJOY still must deal with increasing development pressure while maintaining its permanent Migratory Work System for all employees, there is a secret weapon the company relies on to coordinate global work: the online TOJOY Smart Business suite. This series of innovative programs enables an efficient and orderly work structure that sets the business up well for success in the coming new year.

TOJOY Promotes Disaster Relief and Self-Care with Smart Business - Contributing to Economic Development with Caring

TOJOY's official start of its new Migratory Work System remote work policy and the large-scale virtual conference announcing it were both enabled to run smoothly by TOJOY's Smart Business System.

Knowing what a full-company remote work system would require, it is reported that TOJOY began developing its Smart Business suite with world-class application standards from the very beginning.

In 2016, TOJOY founded the ToJoy Network Technology Group to construct the Smart Business platform. "TOJOY Smart Office" was created jointly with IBM, sought out for its reputation as the world's largest information technology and business solutions provider.

A team of over 500 top talents, 3 years of research and development, and an investment of over 200 million yuan went into the creation of the "TOJOY Smart Business" system, which now easily supports TOJOY's 6,000 employees across different time zones around the world in the smooth implementation of their remote work.

ToJoy Smart Business covers several major functions such as the performance evaluation, conferencing, sales, learning and development, and business operations. The system fulfills these functions for the full company, covering the full gamut of online corporate operations, including business needs such as performance management, timely payment collection, automatic accounting, online tax payments, sales processes, cloud office support, and even hosting meetings for up to 300,000 attendees online at the same time.

Every function and every kind of collaboration in the office can be optimized by "TOJOY Smart Business", ensuring the orderliness of corporate affairs and greatly improving the efficiency of each employee.

With this system, TOJOY is able to take the road less travelled, becoming the world's first large-scale multinational group with a permanent remote work policy, which it calls the Migratory Work System. TOJOY Smart Business enables each employee to work without geographical restrictions, collaborate efficiently, and conduct connected, intelligent digital business.

Due to the pressure to resume work within the present situation in China, many small and medium-sized enterprises in China are facing great difficulty. News reports mention some "urgent situations", in which many companies "can only survive for a few months" due to "their cash flow being on the verge of crash".

According to one senior business observer, "Without timely attention and assistance, many small and medium-sized enterprises, themselves victims of the epidemic, will die silently like those patients. But they can neither be aided as confirmed cases nor put on the suspected case list".

The situation is particularly severe for Wuhan's business community, which is currently suffering the heaviest epidemic and faces the greatest pressure to resume work.

Wuhan is one of China's top industrial hubs and the largest economic center in central China. Small, medium, and startup enterprises account for a large portion of the Wuhan market. Though fighting the epidemic primarily concerns people's health, helping businesses is vital to the lifeblood of such economies. Both are significant and should not be ignored.

Business partners of the TOJOY Wuhan Subsidiary are distributed in many pillar industries such as real estate, construction, agriculture, science and technology, and heavy industry. There are also many TOJOY corporate customers in Xiangyang, Huanggang, Xiaogan and other epidemic-stricken areas outside Wuhan. Therefore, while ensuring zero infection for employees and their families, ToJoy Wuhan Subsidiary is also providing support to enterprises across Wuhan and all of Hubei province.

Last year, TOJOY Wuhan achieved tremendous growth in its online business thanks to TOJOY Smart Business. Now, TOJOY Wuhan is working with its neighbor companies to help them overcome their difficulties. This includes allowing area entrepreneurs free access to the TOJOY Smart Business system. TOJOY hopes this advanced model and system will benefit troubled Hubei enterprises, and help entrepreneurs to regain confidence and renewed life, so that they can take their businesses online like TOJOY and rise against the epidemic situation.

Behind the implementation of its permanent Migratory Work System is TOJOY's concern not only for the health and safety of its employees and partners, but also a deep appreciation of the pressure enterprises are facing to resume work. TOJOY hopes its efforts will contribute to the orderly operation of the economy and general improvement of the social situation.

From employee care, to assistance to customers, to caring for society as a whole, TOJOY is doing its best to achieve meaningful results as a corporate citizen. In China it is said that many social problems are caused when the body runs too fast for the soul to catch up. Today, putting care for the wellbeing of all as the soul and scientific and technological achievements such as TOJOY Smart Business as the body, TOJOY brings a touch of spring to this cold winter at this crucial moment. TOJOY is using its innovative scientific and technological achievements to assist companies in rescuing themselves from the epidemic and to start fresh in the new year.

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