TMRW's unique engagement-focused business model sets the standard for digital banks around the world

Customer engagement quadrupled in 12 months

SINGAPORE, March 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- TMRW by UOB, the first mobile-only bank for ASEAN's digital generation, has seen customer engagement, its key measure of success, quadruple since its launch one year ago. Engagement has also been a very powerful driver in extending TMRW's customer base, with more than two-thirds of the digital bank's new customers coming from the referrals of happy TMRW customers. 


TMRW is led by a new and unique data-driven business model that aims to deepen engagement with every customer interaction. By drawing out deeper insights from transaction data, TMRW is able to personalise the way it serves, converses and anticipates each customer's needs. Every feature of TMRW is designed to be relevant and useful to customers and this in turn increases engagement. 

ASEAN's mobile-only bank also focuses on building a chorus of advocates who will enable TMRW to grow its customer base organically through personal recommendations. As testament to the base of advocates it has built, TMRW's Net Promoter Score (NPS),[1] an industry standard that measures customer loyalty and satisfaction, quadrupled in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Mr Natee Srirussamee, Head of Retail Digital, UOB (Thai) said, "TMRW aspires to become the world's most engaging digital bank by focusing on providing personalised and engaging customer experience. By distilling insights and customer feedback into making TMRW more intuitive, transparent and fun, we are also including our customers in the creative process. Our launch strategies have focused on making existing customers happy thus growing the business through referrals." 

TMRW - built for agility, designed for the customer

TMRW learns and improves continuously to ensure it can provide better experiences to its customers. In November 2019, TMRW was the first bank to enable facial recognition for a smoother account opening process. Its insightful expense tracking cards have helped customers monitor and compare their spending month by month and its refreshed user interface has made it easier to manage credit card tracking on the go.

"When we built TMRW from scratch, we designed it to be nimble and responsive. This means we can make enhancements quickly and meet customers' changing needs and expectations of digital services. With each enhancement to our mobile app, we have seen a corresponding increase in NPS and customer engagement," said Mr Natee.

Building on the momentum to deepen customer engagement

To continue to serve customers well and to offer solutions and services in areas that matter to their lives, TMRW will expand its ecosystem of partners to offer more dining, shopping, lifestyle and entertainment benefits.

TMRW will also launch a beta testing programme where participants can test and provide feedback to refine new TMRW features before they are launched to the larger customer base. The first new feature that will be tested under the programme is "real-time expense tracking", a first-in-ASEAN innovation which will enable customers to track their spending by preferred categories and to be alerted in real time when their spending exceeds their pre-set goals. 

TMRW will also launch an initiative – "Creator of TMRW" – to help Thailand's digital generation learn more about how to create their own online content. The initiative, which will run from March until June 2020, aims to provide knowledge and techniques through a series of workshop taught by the country's leading content creators including Codie, M Khajorn, Fuanglada, Golf Was Here, and Gong The Cloud.

Since its launch in March 2019, TMRW has been recognised as a digital bank pioneer both in Thailand and globally. It has won 10 industry awards in 2019, reflecting the industry milestones achieved by the digital bank in areas including biometric authentication, customer engagement and interactive Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed from the use of transaction data.

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[1] The NPS assesses to what extent a respondent would recommend TMRW to their friends, relatives or colleagues. It is calculated as the difference between the percentage of Promoters and Detractors.

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