The technical power of the Ice and Snow Industry is shown as the World Winter Sports Expo 2020 closes successfully

BEIJING, Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 9, the World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo 2020 ("WWSE"), co-sponsored by the Beijing Olympic City Development Association and the International Data Group, co-organized by the Association of the International Olympic Winter Sports Federations (AIOWF) and the seven International Olympic Winter Sports Federations, and supported by the Beijing Organising Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, the Chinese Olympic Committee, and the All-China Sports Federation, closed at the China National Convention Center in Beijing.

Continuing the theme of the "Power of Ice and Snow", take the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games as an opportunity, and aiming at "Connecting with international winter sports resources to urge the development of China's ice and snow industry", the WWSE 2020, through the full integration of the exhibitions, thematic forums, business matchmaking, and supporting activities, maintained the consistent three major highlights of "Internationalization, Industrialization, and Popularization and won the unanimous recognition of all sectors of the community.

This WWSE has attracted nearly 20 major powers of ice and snow to the exhibition, covering some 500 Chinese and foreign brands. To be specific, international brands account for more than 60%. Almost 200 domestic and international government leaders, officials of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and international sports organizations, executives, experts of domestic/foreign ice and snow companies and industry elites were present in the event. During the event, 600 media agencies kept a track of the entire process, releasing more than 2,500 reports, More than 20 platforms provided the live video broadcast, eliciting nearly 10 million views.

Pool together international forces to fuel the development of global sports industry

At the opening ceremony and main conference of the 2020 WWSE, many domestic and international guests warmly congratulated on the hosting of the event. On the other hand, officials from the General Administration of Sport of China, the Beijing Organising Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (BOCOG) and the embassies of Norway, Austria and Finland provided a lot of important data and references regarding the current development of ice and snow sports in China and around the world. Discussions on the development and integration of the global sports industry were carried out in deeper dimensions.

Thomas Bach, the President of the International Olympic Committee, said in a video speech that holding the Expo in the Olympic city of Beijing sends a strong signal of confidence, "The world of sport is ready to contribute to the recovery from the crisis and to rebuilding a more human centered and inclusive society." He also said that the World Winter Sports Expo is the perfect platform to highlight this important contribution of sport to the recovery. The expo is also an important step as China gets ready to welcome the world's best winter sport athletes in 2022.

For a deeper exchange and cooperation of the international resources, this WWSE, in addition to the main conference, also set up nearly 20 parallel forums such as the Olympic City Development Forum, Competition of Ice and Snow Entrepreneurship, Ice and Snow Equipment Forum, Winter Sports Talent Development Forum, Shijingshan Special Promotion Conference, Winter Olympics Science and Technology Forum, Venue Design and Construction Forum, Forum on Ice and Snow Popularization for Teenagers, International Ice & Snow Tourism Development Forum, Ski Resorts Operation and Management Forum, and Yanqing Thematic Forum, as well as a number of promotion activities such as the Altay Prefecture Special Promotion Conference, which gathered the global wisdom and promoted the global interconnection to achieve international win-win cooperation and mutual benefit in the sports industry.

The radiating spell of ice and snow fuels the momentum of the 2022 Winter Olympics

During the five-day event, tens of thousands of visitors felt the spectacle in the China National Convention Center exhibition hall and the outdoor exhibition hall on the south side of the Linglong Tower. Austria, Norway, France, Japan, Italy, Finland, Iceland, Slovenia, Germany, the USA, the Czech Republic and other major powers of ice and snow organized delegations to participate in the exhibition, a detailed display of the strength and resources of ice and snow of these countries. With the gradual deepening of cooperation between countries and China in winter sports, this event has become an important force for faster construction and preparation of the 2022 Winter Olympics.

A business division leader of the Austrian Embassy in China, which participated in the WWSE for the fifth time, came with a delegation of brand enterprises of ice and snow, saying that Austria not only brought many quality products and services, but also brought the program of "1,000 Ski Instructors for China". During the training, top Austrian ski instructors came to China, and by combining indoor alpine ski simulator and natural snow, they implemented an innovative, safe and efficient teaching system. In doing this, every participant was enabled to have a deep understanding of the international top ski culture and technology.

The 2022 BOCOG exhibition area introduced the knowledge of the Winter Olympics, roller curling venues, skiing simulation experience and ice car experience, enabling the visitor to experience the latest achievements of the Winter Olympic preparations in advance. In Yanqing District, Shijingshan District and Shougang booth, there were activities such as curling, skiing, ice rink performances and shows, VR experience, all of which made the visitor feel closer to the joy of winter ice and snow sports. The Olympic champion Shen Xue made a surprising appearance in the Olympic-themed exhibition area, where she had a friendly dialogue with the visitor. A group of children gave the figure skating performance, eliciting great praises. Watching them dancing on the ice rink, many viewers exclaimed, thinking the talent reserve for the Chinese ice and snow is growing bigger.

A 'frozen' experience to spark off the public passion for ice and snow

Despite the heat of more than 30℃ outside, visitors were able to get in close touch with ice and snow at the China National Convention Center and Linglong Tower exhibition areas. Throughout all dimensions, visitors sampled the vitality of today's industry and sports of ice and snow in Public Ice and Snow Experience, Ice Rink Performances and Shows, Ice and Snow Carnival, Public Ice and Snow Shopping Day, Curling Experience, Snow51 Skiing Experience, Winter Sports and Outdoor Equipment Show and other activities.

Popular activities for ice and snow aficionados, such as Ice and Snow Carnival, Public Ice and Snow Shopping Day, and Winter Sports and Outdoor Equipment Show, had attracted a large number of visitors for viewing and interaction. Among them, a number of outdoor equipment and devices present for ice and snow sports, such as alpine skiing, ski jumping, ice skating and curling, were strikingly appealing to visitors. Meanwhile many also queued for trying the advanced VR/AR technology, by which they could experience the fun of ice and snow sports in a virtual world.

Additionally, the cool large-sized facilities of ice and snow also gained great attention from the visitors. The new-generation D-Line in the Doppelmayr booth had built-in mobile phone chargers, heated seats, a visual intercom system and other new features, allowing the visitors to experience the ice and snow technology ahead of the Olympic athletes. The movable and foldable ski simulator in the Snow51 booth greatly reduced the limit for ice and snow sports to enter the campus, thereby causing the culture and knowledge of ice and snow to be more popularized. At Eurojoy's Ice & Snow booth, the setup of the ice rink only took 48 hours, adding a hint of "Ice & Snow Rush" to the venue. The progress made in these ice and snow technologies have fully activated the enthusiasm of visitors for ice and snow sports. In that case, the progress of winter sports in China will be made, so that more ordinary people pay attention to ice and snow sports and become part of them.

At the expo, the selection results list of the "World Winter Sports Top Brands - TOP 10 SKI RESORTS" was announced, including the Wanlong Paradise Resort, Lake Songhua Resort, Thaiwoo Ski Resort, Genting Resort Secret Garden, BDH Ski Resort, Yabuli Sun Mountain Ski Resort, Changbaishan Ski Resort, Silk Road International Ski Resort, Fulong Ski Park, Altay Jiangjunshan Mountain Ski Resort, which undoubtedly injected a booster shot for the upcoming peak season of the ice and snow tourism, thus pushing forward the expansion and development of China's winter sports industry and ice and snow industry.

Cloud WWSE is always online, as an abiding platform for connecting industries

The WWSE 2020 has closed, yet the enthusiasm of ice and snow companies and the public will not fade. Reportedly, the exhibitions, the thematic forums and other information of the WWSE have been live broadcast through WWSE app, the official website, the WeChat public account, and the online CIFTIS platform. Moreover, the online exhibition and forum can still be accessed again and connected immediately.

Through the deep integration with international ice and snow resources and on the basis of the forefront of the world ice and snow industry, the WWSE will continue to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, take advantage of the event as the world's top ice and snow exhibition, and comprehensively bolster the integration with international sports, science and technology, culture and tourism, health and other industries for a better development. In doing these, the WWSE may provide an all-round facilitator to the preparation and construction of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.


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