The Machinery Expo & Investment Conference Expected to Facilitate Development by Industrial Convergence

LONGYAN, China, Nov. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The 10th Cross-Strait Machinery Industry Expo and the 12th China Longyan Investment Project Conference ("Expo & Conference") opened on November 8 attracting about 500 companies. Attendees expected that the cross-strait communication and cooperation in various fields would cover wider areas and achieve higher levels.

According to the Publicity Department of the CPC Longyan Municipal Committee, With the theme of "Cross-Strait Cooperation, Win-Win Development", the Expo & Conference set up six exhibition areas including Industrial Development, Construction & Sanitation Machinery, Special Vehicles, Intelligent Manufacturing and Comprehensive Machinery. Over 20 businesses brought their products to the exhibition.

After ten years of development, the Cross-Strait Machinery Industry Expo has become an important platform for cross-strait exchanges.

According to Zhang Kelin, Executive Vice President of the China Machinery Industry Federation, after years of development, Longyan has formed three industrial clusters of special vehicles, environmental protection machinery and construction machinery; and a number of products are taking a leading position in China in terms of market share and technical level. It is expected that this year's Expo & Conference would further strengthen the cross-strait communication and cooperation in the field of machinery industry and promote the integration and development of the cross-strait machinery industry.

Longyan Cultural Tourism Promotion & Project Signing Ceremony was held at the site of the Expo & Conference. A total of 50 projects were signed, with a total investment of 37.4 billion yuan. The Expo & Conference also held more than ten sub-activities including the Industrial Development Summit Forum, the 2019 Cross-Strait Industry Integration (Longyan) Project Docking Meeting, Walk into the Belt and Road Countries - Trade Promotion Meeting for the "Going Out" of Fujian Manufacturing Industry, and the 2019 Cross-Strait (Longyan) Machinery Industry Talent Exchange and Cooperation Conference.

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