Signing Ceremony on Launching Smart POS 'Next Generation' Payment Service in Taxis between Mai Linh Corporation and VNPAY

HANOI, Vietnam, June 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- 9 June, 2020, Mai Linh and VNPAY hosted a signing ceremony to deploy their innovative SmartPOS payment service on taxis. Up to now, Mai Linh is the first and only transport company in Vietnam supplying Smart POS to its customers.

During the first phase, SmartPOS machines have been installed throughout Mai Linh extensive network of taxis in Hanoi by VNPAY, replacing traditional POS machines. Moreover, during the next phase, SmartPOS devices will be deployed in southern provinces such as Ho Chi Minh City and tourist centers.

Through its collaboration with VNPAY, Mai Linh has taken customers experience to the next level of convenience by the seamless integration of 3 advanced form factors - electronic Point-of-Sale, NFC card issuance, and smartphone app - customized to the specific requirements of passenger transport.

SmartPOS device features many exceptional functions. The device catches the customers' eyes with elegant compact design and high mobility, equipped with the large multi-touch screen using Android operating system which is friendly to use, Bluetooth connection, WiFi, 4G, GPS, rear camera to scan QR codes and barcodes. With the aim of enhancing the customer service, the drivers only need a single device to meet every customer's requirements.

In addition, SmartPOS also allows drivers to easily look up transaction history, reissue invoices, as well as change PINs and check Mai Linh membership card balance. SmartPOS is a unique device on the market that accepts most payment methods including: ATM cards, MCC member cards Mai Linh, etc.

Thousands of Green Card - the latest card line of Mai Linh Group is also officially launched. The card is integrated with NFC and QR Code technologies. In the near future, Green Card will be integrated with prepaid payment methods by Mai Linh allowing customers to conveniently add money to the card at Mai Linh's transaction offices nationwide or from E-wallets / linked bank accounts.

Mr. Rahn Wood - CEO Mai Linh Corporation stated: "Mai Linh aims to leverage technology to deliver on its core values, the backbone of corporate development as well as the way to strengthen its competitive advantages in the market. With this SmartPOS service advancement, Mai Linh demonstrates how to apply the latest technologies in its operation, satisfying passengers with the most convenient, modern and integrated experience when using our services."

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