ShopSave--to Build "Buy to Save, Share to Earn" Social E-commerce Cashback Platform

GUANGZHOU, China, July 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In 2020, ShopSave, the newest social sharing-oriented shopping guide e-commerce platform went live. It was launched by Ruiku Information Technology Co., Ltd. Terry Wang, CEO, says: "ShopSave seeks to satisfy consumer's demand for cost-effective branded and high-quality products and strives to build 'Buy to Save, Share to Earn' e-commerce ecosystem,  in order to promote the optimization and upgrading of the mobile e-commerce industrial structure".

ShopSave brings huge amount of products with super discounts, high cashback and high commissions, so that you can save money and make money just by moving your finger! (Screenshot of interface of ShopSave APP)
ShopSave brings huge amount of products with super discounts, high cashback and high commissions, so that you can save money and make money just by moving your finger! (Screenshot of interface of ShopSave APP)

Nowadays, the cost of traditional e-commerce customer acquisition is high, and the underlying purchasing power cannot be activated, but the network information channels are becoming more abundant, the trading information is becoming more symmetric and transparent. People begin to realize the limitations of traditional traffic channels, and the interest to flow of the Social platform users is rapidly increasing.

As AliExpress's official cooperative cashback platform, ShopSave will immediately release the latest hidden coupons, as long as any of AliExpress's products have promotions, and any user who downloads ShopSave can use it to buy the same product at a lower price. The certain percentage from the amount of money spent by user will be returned to them as a cashback, so they can withdraw it periodically. It is worth mentioning that the process of obtaining coupons from ShopSave is highly convenient. User only has to copy the link of the product he wants to buy on AliExpress and open ShopSave to automatically paste the searched coupon.

Exposure through advertising and improving ranks is no longer the only way for e-commerce to acquire customers, so getting more traffic through social channels has become another competition point for e-commerce merchants. Merchants are joining the promotional cashback activities, and ShopSave shares the most of this promotional commission to user, which is helping user to get more benefits and increasing the activity of their APP and users' participation at the same time.

When user shares the goods with others to buy through ShopSave, it is equivalent to helping the merchant to promote their products, so the commission is the promotion fee paid to the user. In other words, the more they share, the more commissions they get. In order to involve more users, ShopSave provides an additional opportunity for each user to start their own business with 0 costs. The user invites others to register as members of ShopSave. Every time one of these persons makes a purchase through ShopSave, the user gets a substantial commission income, so, basically, it allows them to make money while doing nothing.

It is precisely because this is a win-win strategy, it has quickly become an ancillary industry of e-commerce shopping APPs. With the rapid development of e-commerce, the content guide e-commerce platforms will increase their influence at market, so the cashback and coupons APP, such as ShopSave itself, has huge development prospects.

About ShopSave

ShopSave brings huge amounts of products with super discounts which have high cashback and high commissions. Here, you can get the coupons first, then save money on shopping and earn commissions by sharing goods. After your friend buys the products you have shared, ShopSave will reward you with some of the benefits. The more friends you shared with, the more benefits you get.

ShopSave utilizes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp to create a Sales oriented and Sharing ecosystem: join as VIP member by purchasing any gift package, invite friends, Share the business can get a generous income. ShopSave provides highest quality service for everyone to join as entrepreneur and to achieve personal entrepreneurial goals. It helps all the members to buy cost-effective goods without leaving their homes and to gain the opportunity of starting business to realize their financial freedom!

ShopSave provides one-click pre-sale and after-sale customer service, logistics, as well as other services, without hoarding compaction. To provide VIP members with ZERO (0) risk of entrepreneurial opportunities.



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