Scan Global Logistics Raises 315 Million Euro in New Investment Funds

STOCKHOLM, Jan. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In a highly competitive logistics market Scan Global Logistics completed a very successful investment tour at the end of 2019. The positive outcome of that tour is already showing the first effects with the strategic acquisition of Pioneer International Logistics in Australia, which was completed on January 15.

The process of refinancing included a positive credit rating by S&P. This rating follows years with very solid financial performance combined with a number of new interesting initiatives such as establishing a special E-Commerce business focusing on end-to-end solutions for e-commerce and e-tailers, which has raised significant positive awareness and interest with both customers and investors.

"This process has been extremely interesting. We received a very good credit rating from S&P - and perhaps even more interesting we managed to raise capital equal to 215 million Euro with a possibility of increasing this to 315 million subject to needs and performance - issued in bonds. From our perspective this is a clear indication from the international investors that they view Scan Global Logistics as an interesting company, that they believe will continue to grow and play an important role in the logistics and supply chain industry in the years to come and that we are overall viewed as a healthy investment. With a stronger financial foundation and expansion capital available, we aim to raise our global footprint and offer even better opportunities for our customers," says Allan Melgaard, Group CEO at Scan Global Logistics.

From a customer perspective, this is interesting as logistics continues to grow as a strategic business parameter and new trends point towards supply chain partnerships as an increasingly imperative factor. Something which Scan Global Logistics is already widely recognized for. 

Scan Global Logistics shows every intention of continuing the growth trajectory and with the infusion of new investment-ready capital Scan Global Logistics has the opportunity to follow up on recent years' acquisitions like IQS Group in Germany, IC Logistics in Denmark and Macca Logistics SARL in Africa. In addition, Scan Global Logistics is opening new offices in countries as Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Myanmar - the clear ambition is to become a truly global logistics provider within the years to come.

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Allan Melgaard, Group CEO

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