Quantitative Brokers Expands in APAC by Providing Co-located Execution Algorithms for SGX Derivatives Market

SYDNEY, Oct. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Quantitative Brokers (QB), an independent provider of advanced execution algorithms and data-driven analytics for global futures and options markets, today launched its full suite of award-winning execution algorithms on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) derivatives market.

QB's algorithms are based on detailed quantitative research and engineered to address unique market microstructure features and behaviors of SGX's derivatives markets in order to achieve best execution. This helps clients reduce slippage, streamline trading workflows, and quantify best execution statistics. The addition of SGX is part of QB's expansion across the Asia-Pacific region. In late 2018, QB opened a regional office in Sydney and shortly after launched its services on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) derivatives exchange.

The QB execution algos are uniquely co-located at SGX, leveraging the closest proximity to the exchange's matching engines with low latency speeds feeding its predictive analytics. QB's offering on SGX includes its state-of-the-art Multi-Broker Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) tools to measure the execution quality, or slippage, of any orders including other algo, direct market access (DMA), and voice broker trades.

"We are excited to launch our algorithmic execution suite on the SGX and provide our growing global client base a high level of execution quality, transparency, and insight for this diverse market," said Christian Hauff, QB Co-Founder and CEO.

"The inclusion of SGX's multi-asset offering within the QB's suite of execution algorithms is an exciting opportunity for our market participants to quantify and improve execution. This will further support our customers who adopt systematic and advanced trading strategies to access Asia across major asset classes, such as equities, FX and commodities, round the clock," said Chew Sutat, Head of Global Sales and Origination, SGX.    

QB will provide its full suite of intelligent agency algorithms to clients trading on SGX, including its flagship strategy Bolt (arrival price), Strobe (TWAP/VWAP), Closer (settlement price), Octane (liquidity seeking), and The Roll (calendar roll execution). QB algo strategies will also support the execution of outrights and listed spreads including synthetic inter-commodity structures execution via Legger. View the QB product universe here.

QB algorithms are accessible via all major OMS and EMS platforms as well as direct FIX connectivity. QB is FCM neutral and is integrated with all major clearing brokers globally.

Today's news follows the September 17, 2020, announcement that Deutsche Börse is acquiring a majority position in QB.

About Quantitative Brokers

Quantitative Brokers (QB), an independent, global financial technology company, provides advanced algorithms and data-driven pre- and post-trade analytics to clients in the Futures, Options and interest rate markets. The company is built on a research-driven culture, market microstructure know-how, and algorithmic engineering expertise. QB continually develops and innovates an evolving suite of products to reduce and measure implicit trading costs for its clients. Headquartered in midtown Manhattan, QB has branch offices in London, Sydney, and Chennai.

Quantitative Brokers' portfolio of algorithms, simulation tools and analytics are used by many of the world's largest institutional investors.  QB's suite of algorithms — Bolt, Strobe, Legger, Closer, Octane, The Roll and Striker — are uniquely engineered for both central limit order books and OTC liquidity streams while accessible via all major execution and order management systems used by the buy-side, banks and brokerage houses.

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