Ping An of China Asset Management (Hong Kong) Launches First Co-branded Fund with Hang Seng Investment Management

HONG KONG, Aug. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Hang Seng Ping An Asian Income Fund (the 'Fund') was launched this month with an eye on the upcoming official implementation of the cross-boundary Wealth Management Connect pilot scheme ('Wealth Management Connect'). The co-branded fund is a partnership between Hang Seng Investment Management Limited ('HSVM') and Ping An of China Asset Management (Hong Kong) Company Limited ('PAAMC HK').

The Fund is a mixed-asset fund that mainly invests in Asia-Pacific region (ex-Japan) equities and fixed income markets. Riding on HSVM's strength in equity management and asset allocation, together with the fixed income investment expertise of PAAMC HK as the sub-investment manager, the Fund aims to provide both income and long-term capital growth for investors. It is planned for public offering when a track performance record is built later this year.

Rosita Lee, Director and CEO of HSVM, said: "HSVM is delighted to be working with PAAMC HK on this new co-branded fund, which leverages our joint expertise. This co-branded fund further strengthens our platform for future growth, particularly with the anticipated official implementation of Wealth Management Connect, which will create enormous business opportunities for the financial industry in the Greater Bay Area. We are working on a number of initiatives that will further broaden our portfolio of wealth management products and services, with the aim of capturing these new opportunities by meeting the different needs of customers."

Chi Kit Chai, CIO and Head of Capital Markets, Ping An of China Asset Management (Hong Kong) Company Limited, said: "PAAMC HK's fixed income capabilities are built on our extensive experience in managing investment portfolios for our insurance business and our third-party clients, with particular focus on China, the Asia region and Belt & Road-related strategies. We are very pleased to launch our first co-branded fund with HSVM. This new fund combines the strong investment expertise and track records of both firms with the vision of creating a greater range of investment products and services for the strong growth of the Greater Bay Area, especially under the exciting umbrella of Wealth Management Connect."

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