Pareto offers an investment option to hedge against a potential economic crisis

SINGAPORE, Nov. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Pareto International, a Singapore-based wealth building platform that mainly focuses on foreign exchange (Forex) trading is offering a service to investors to safeguard their investments against any potential financial crisis.

Based on its experience, Pareto said the stock market typically plays a big part in an investor's portfolio during low volatility periods. However, during an economic downturn, it notes that investors aim to hold on to more liquid assets when volatility returns into the equity market, resulting in plummeting stock prices. This can apply to blue chips stocks with high market exposure.

"Forex on the other hand is not affected by the economy. We are trading one currency against another, and we can trade in any direction, unlike stocks. In fact, a recession is good for the Forex market because volatility is highly beneficial to the experienced Forex trader. This gives traders more opportunities to enter and exit the market and can result in higher profit gains," said Ryan Ng, Principal, Chief Trader of Pareto International.

Pareto offers transparent trading operations

Pareto's main goal is to help the average person generate additional sources of income through a wide range of products in the finance, fintech, smart technology and artificial intelligence industries. As a wealth building platform, Pareto connects investors to some of the most exciting investment opportunities around the globe.

In Southeast Asia, the company's main focus is on Forex Multi Account Manager Trading. With a very conservative trading system, Pareto traders are able to consistently generate a competitive profit margin per month for their clients. This is accomplished by the employment of a transparent digital system complimented by a dedicated team of customer service personnel, that seamlessly guide their investors from product introduction, investment allocation through to the withdrawal process.

Here, clients will first be directed to register their own trading accounts with a third-party broker and input funds via bank transfer to ensure that the source of funds is verified with strict compliance to KYC, AML/CTF regulations. Pareto does not have access to clients' funds as they are held in a segregated bank account by the broker, to ensure that all funds are being employed for trading purposes only.

Should either company wind down due to unforeseeable circumstances, the funds will be locked down and duly returned to the clients.

With growing demand, Pareto is planning to expand its operations and have a presence in every major city in this APAC region by December 2020.

About Pareto International

Established in 2015, Pareto International is an all in one wealth education, wealth building and networking platform, catering to both corporate and retail clients. Currently, it has offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur. During its formative years the company focused on advising and structuring IPOs in the US capital markets and investment in to private companies in the medical, agricultural, Fintech and financial sectors.

Its expansion into South East Asia and venture into Forex trading was largely a result of risk diversification in both financial and jurisdictional exposure. It was during this period that Pareto built up a large network of professional traders and IT specialists to develop a trading strategy across multiple asset class with the most asymmetrical risk to benefit ratio. 

After back and front testing its trading strategy that garner consistent high returns, the company decided to open up its services to retail investors through employing a MAM trading system, which essentially allows clients to "copy" the trading strategy of Pareto's team. Pareto's spokesman Mr Ryan Ng tells us "Money is nothing if we aren't making other people's life better. In today's society the everyday person makes a salary that barely beats inflation. We want to help people, we want people to take the initiative in improving their lives, we want to pass on what we have learnt and give people the financial freedom that is necessary for personal growth."

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