New Hope Liuhe Discloses the English Version of Corporate Social Responsibility Report for the First Time, Actively Airing Non-Financial Information to Overseas Investors

BEIJING, June 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, New Hope Liuhe (SZ.000876) released its first English version of Corporate Social Responsibility report. Not long ago, New Hope Liuhe released its first annual report in English. According to New Hope Liuhe, "New Hope has been committed to building an investor friendly company. In order to better serve more and more overseas investors, we first disclosed English annual report and Corporate Social Responsibility report, aiming to deliver the investment value in us to overseas investors in more detail and constantly improve our international level."

Corporate Social Responsibility report is an important carrier of non-financial information disclosure, and an important bridge between enterprises and stakeholders. In recent years, domestic and overseas investors not only pay attention to corporate financial data, but also pay more and more attention to the disclosure of a corporate's non-financial information. As a leading agri-food enterprise with whole industrial chain in China, New Hope Liuhe has a strong sense of social responsibility and actively undertakes its social responsibility. As early as 2008, it has started to release annual social responsibility reports.

"Becoming a trustworthy force is the original aspiration of New Hope Liuhe, and it is also the growth gene of our continuous development," said Liu Chang, Chairwoman of New Hope Liuhe. As an enterprise that has been engaged in agri-food industry for nearly 40 years, New Hope Liuhe should always act as a reliable role. "We are safeguarding life with life and creating beauty with hope, to become a good company that actively fulfills its social responsibility."

At "New Hope Liuhe 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report" online press conference, Deng Cheng, President of New Hope Liuhe, combining the development process of the enterprise's pig raising business, told how New Hope Liuhe undertake its social responsibility in the process of industrial upgrade and became a reliable force. The development model of "whole-region planning, whole-industrial chain layout and whole-ecology development" of New Hope Liuhe integrates local poverty alleviation program, drives the development of farmers with safe and controllable modern breeding technology, and supports environment protection with the combination of breeding and planting to ensure zero emission and zero pollution, thus forming an ecological closed loop at prefecture-level cities with whole industrial chain layout from feed production to breeding, fattening, slaughtering, and food processing.

In addition, New Hope Liuhe has joined the international organizations the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) and the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), and actively promoted the food safety standards recognized by GFSI to safeguard the "safety on the tongue". It utilizes the advantages of whole industrial chain to provide consumers guaranteed food safety and wonderful products from the source of feed and breeding to food production and sales. 


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