MSG and WikiFX gathered in Taipei to hold the investment seminar of "2020-2021 Summary and Prospects"

TAIPEI, Dec. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Since November 8th, the world's leading online trading broker Master Select Group and the industry-renowned APP WikiFX jointly organized the "Taipei Top Trading Strategy Seminar" for the first time, MSG has successively received a lot of positive feedback from customers and investors. Upholding the original intention of growing together with investors, MSG and WikiFX once again gathered in Taipei on December 6th to bring a brand new investment seminar with the theme of "2020-2021 Summary and Prospects".

MSG and WikiFX gathered in Taipei to hold the investment seminar of "2020-2021 Summary and Prospects"
MSG and WikiFX gathered in Taipei to hold the investment seminar of "2020-2021 Summary and Prospects"

Based on the success of the first seminar in November, the audience were eager to register for this event. Before 2 pm on December 6th, the venue of the event - the Residence Conference Hall of Grand Hyatt Taipei had already gathered lots of audience and investors. It is noteworthy that MSG and WikiFX successfully invited two KOLs in the industry to give speeches for this time. They are the founder of ROIS Enterprises, Roiee Cheng, and the founder of ifuture, Peter. They jointly brought three hours of inspiring and professional investment strategy sharing to the audience.

In the first speech on the topic of trading skills, Roiee conducted every one to uncover the mystery of the forex market and analyze the reasons why retail investors often lose money in daily trading. He pointed out there are three main reasons causing the failure. First of all, most retail investors don't really know how to read market trends. Secondly, most retail investors lack knowledge of correct trading methods. Finally, most retail investors don't have a good learning channel. In addition, the choice of brokers and investment tools are also important factors affecting the trading results.

In the second speech, Peter shared that the trading strategies commonly used by investors are mainly divided into two kinds, they are subjective trading and quantitative trading. There is no absolute right or wrong between the two trading strategies, but he recommended that novice investors should try to use quantitative trading methods to observe the patterns of market changes through historical data, and then build their own investment strategies based on such empirical logic, which can reduce the negative impact of human nature and emotions on profitability.

The three-hour investment seminar unknowingly came to an end in an enthusiastic atmosphere. Many investors who came to the scene said that this event was really a good opportunity to learn advanced trading skills and strategies. The event organizer MSG gladly shared that, "Growing hand in hand with investors and partners has always been our original aspiration. As an online trading broker that is deeply concerned and trusted by investors, we are happy to provide more and more learning opportunities to everyone, and we are also willing to contribute our strength to the long-term development of this industry."

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