Kuaishou reports over 200 million USD turnover from a 24h shopping campaign with JD.com

Kuaishou to become a new channel in China's post-pandemic e-commerce era: business insiders

BEIJING, June 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Kuaishou, China's major video-sharing and livestream platform wrapped up a 24-hour special online-shopping campaign, in collaboration with China's e-commerce giant JD.com, with a total turnover of over 200 million dollars on June 16th.

This campaign, under the name of "Doubling 10 billion yuan subsidies shopping extravaganza," consisted of several livestreaming sale sessions on the Kuaishou platform.

Kitty Yuqi Zhang, a Chinese actress who is also the branding representative of Kuaishou's e-commerce, set a record of 32 million USD in her livestreaming sales debut, which attracted over 25 million viewers in 4 hours time. In seconds, some 22,500 iPhone devices were sold during her session on Kuaishou.

Under the enhanced strategic cooperation reached weeks ago by Kuaishou and JD.com, the two companies co-launched the online sales campaign on June 16th, by doubling the customers' subsidy from one billion yuan (143 million USD) to two billion. Both sides offered half of the whole subsidy amount respectively.

Kuaishou users were allowed to get access to shop goods directly on the platform without jumping to other platforms.

Kuaishou saw the one-day campaign as the climax of its mid-year shopping carnival, which wrapped up on June 18th after 13 days. After the campaign, Kuaishou also set up an exclusive channel for the "10 billion yuan subsidy" as a way to normalize the program as routine. Meanwhile, Kitty Zhang will regularly appear on livestream sale sessions on Kuaishou.

Kuaishou's mid-year shopping carnival, dubbed "Kuaishou 616 Shopping Carnival", was the first themed shopping event initiated by a video-sharing and livestreaming platform in China, instead of e-commerce services like before. It has successfully played a positive role in increasing Kuaishou's voice and recognition in the e-commerce industry and establishing its e-commerce brand image in Chinese consumers minds.

Some industry insiders noted that online shopping through livestreaming platforms is a new trend in China's e-commerce era, given the fairly competitive result achieved by Kuaishou and JD.com through the last month. The cooperation between Kuaishou and JD.com still has many opportunities to expand. This event should be seen across the industry as a new bellwether.

Many Chinese stars and celebrities also scored great successes making livestreaming sales on Kuaishou during past weeks as the platform has become a preferred choice for them to try out livestreaming marketing.

Dong Mingzhu, chairwoman of China's top air conditioner manufacturer Gree, sold more than 310 million yuan (about 42.33 million USD) of home appliances in a single three-hour sales event via Kuaishou. This compares to Gree's 2019 annual sales revenue of 350 million yuan at its official online shop. William Lei Ding, CEO of NetEase, a Chinese Internet tycoon, also tasted success with a 10.3 million USD sales report through a single livestreaming session.

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