Kalkine launches its New Zealand Operations Under its Global Expansion Vision

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Nov. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Most of the popular business magnates have made a fortune by investing in the high-potential equity market and making wise investment decisions. In this regard, Kalkine has been helping investors achieve success in the complex equity market by providing relevant recommendations on diversified stocks, and catering to investors' requirements across various jurisdictions. The company's research reports help investors cherry-pick opportunities that have the potential of delivering attractive returns and suit their investment requirements. Moreover, the company runs a media platform covering market updates pertaining to different sectors, with stocks from different market cap buckets, and macro-economic events.

Overall, Kalkine operates with a global vision, aiming to expand its footprint across the world. The company already has a strong foothold in Australia since early 2014 and has expanded its geographical coverage to the UK effective February 2019.

Driven by a profitable and successful stint as a leading equity research firm to Australian and UK clients, Kalkine is on track to expand into other jurisdictions with New Zealand (NZ) currently on radar. The NZ operations are commencing in November 2019, with an aim to offer media and subscription-based equity research -oriented solutions to the people of New Zealand.

Looking at the specifics of our operations, the company works with the key goal to provide rational investment ideas as well as financial and market update to clients that enable them to undertake judicious decisions and achieve success in complex and dynamic stock markets. With a global vision at hand, Kalkine's research team of professional financial experts engages in both qualitative and quantitative stock market research for offering sound buy/sell/hold recommendations and stock selection tips. On the basis of these recommendations, investors can conveniently choose their yardstick and potentially earn significant returns. Thus, our New Zealanders will get an opportunity to evaluate investment opportunities for income or growth.

With respect to Kalkine's Media related operations, we provide a knowledge bank entailing various comprehensively researched work products, news as well as articles on listed companies (Blue-chip, mid-cap and small-cap companies) along with market commentaries, insights on globally traded commodities, macro- and micro- economic updates that drive the markets on a day to day basis. The goal is to keep the general public or investors updated about the ongoing and latest developments in equity and economic space through our digital publication platform. We also engage with companies to better understand their business and overall vision in the industrial landscape in order to give our investors an extensive view in the equity space.

With the expertise at hand, Kalkine now aims to bring key flavours to investment themes for New Zealanders. Our research reports and periodical sector based/theme-based reports with easy-to-read analysis and practical investment theme can help investors from Kiwiland take informed decisions and maximise returns.

Stay tuned to hear from us on our extensive offerings ranging from basic to flagship / premium services.

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