Janus Henderson Flagship Fixed Income Offering Now Available to Hong Kong Retail Investors

Key investment risk:

  • The Fund may invest in any one or a combination of the following instruments:
    • futures, options and swaps and other financial derivative instruments ("FDI") for investment purposes. Given the leverage effect of FDI, such investments may result in substantial loss (as much as 100% of the NAV of the relevant Fund);
    • debt securities rated below investment grade; and
    • mortgage and asset-backed securities, other collateralised and/or securitised products and/or in indexed /structured securities. These financial instruments may be rated below investment grade.
  • Investing in any one of the above instruments may involve substantial credit/counterparty, market, liquidity, currency, leverage, interest, index, swap, valuation and downgrading risks. If the issuers default, or such securities or their underlying assets, cannot be realised or perform badly, investors' entire investments may be lost.
  • Series 3, 4 and 5 share classes of the Fund may at its discretion (i) pay dividends out of the capital of the Fund, and/ or (ii) pay dividends out of gross income while charging all or part of the fees and expenses to the capital of the Fund, resulting in an increase in distributable income available for the payment of dividends by the Fund and therefore, the Fund may effectively pay dividends out of capital. This may result in an immediate reduction of the Fund's net asset value per share, and it amounts to a return or withdrawal of part of an investor's original investment or from any capital gains attributable to that original investment.
  • The Fund's investments may be more concentrated than others that diversify across investments and may therefore be subject to higher risk than funds with more diversified investments.
  • The investment decision is yours. If you are in any doubt about the contents of this document, you should seek independent professional financial advice.
  • Investors should not only base on this document alone to make investment decisions and should read the Prospectus including the risk factors for further details.

HONG KONG, Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Janus Henderson Investors, a leading global asset manager, has registered their flagship Janus Henderson Multi-Sector Income Fund for sale to retail investors in Hong Kong.

The move continues the commitment to make available the best of Janus Henderson's $75.1 billion global fixed income capabilities[1] to investors across Asia, in line with the firm's objectives to help clients Defend, Diversify and Increase Income.

Scott Steele, Head of Distribution, Asia, said: "2020 has proven to be an especially challenging environment for company dividends and fixed income yields, intensified by COVID-19 and heightened geopolitical tensions. Against this backdrop, we believe the Janus Henderson Multi-Sector Income Fund, which comprise of the best of what bonds have to offer, is an excellent option for investors in Hong Kong who are looking to reduce portfolio volatility and preserve capital by adding an income element to their portfolios."

The Janus Henderson Multi-Sector Income Fund, an Irish-domiciled UCITS fund, will replicate the approach of the established US-domiciled mutual fund, a 4* Morningstar rated fund[2] which aims to deliver 80% of the yield of the high-yield index with less than half of the volatility.

Like the US fund, the newly-registered Janus Henderson Multi-Sector Income Fund seeks to identify compelling income-generating opportunities across fixed income sectors. It also employs an active management approach that balances a focus on high current income with risk considerations at the security and portfolio level. The fund will typically hold between 35% and 65% below investment grade bonds and has wide flexibility to invest across all sectors of the global fixed income market.

The Janus Henderson Multi-Sector Income Fund will be managed by Seth Meyer, CFA, Portfolio Manager; John Kerschner, CFA, Head of US Securitised Products and portfolio manager; and John Lloyd, Co-Head of Global Credit Research and Portfolio Manager. Together, the Team brings a complementary expertise across high yield, securitized loans, IG credit and bank loans. The portfolio managers average more than 18 years of investment experience.

The registration continues the build out of Janus Henderson's fixed income offerings to investors in the region. Earlier this month, the firm introduced its Flexible Income Fund, Global Investment Grade Bond Fund and High Yield Fund for sale to retail investors in Singapore. Both Flexible Income and Global Investment Grade Bond funds had already been available for sale in Hong Kong.

[1] As of 30 September 2020

[2] Source: D share class, Morningstar, as of 31 October 2020, category: Multisector Bond

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