Innovating the App Feature, HSB Optimizes the Future Investment Opportunity in Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Feb. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- According to research of the World Bank, today's middle class in Indonesia counts at least 52 million people, or 20% of the population in the country. However, only a few of the community are interested in the future investment due to the lack of education. Overcoming these challenges, a future trading company, HSB, is unveiling the new app feature to facilitate customer's exposure to the futures trading and investment activity.

HSB offers lowest commission up to $ 0.
HSB offers lowest commission up to $ 0.


"The feature is aimed at increasing the public interest in futures trading, while at the same time optimizing the investment opportunity in Indonesia. Strengthening its position as one of the Indonesia's best industry players, HSB is the only company that applies the lowest commission rate, value at $0," said Hendrik Hartono, President Director of HSB.

HSB innovates its facilities with the smart all-in-one trading application which allows customer to easily transact through mobile apps, such as, registering, depositing and withdrawing funds, open positions, as well as setting the take-profit and stop-loss features. As the feature becomes more sophisticated, it's possible for customers to transparently track every profit activity in real time.

Hendrik added, "With the feature namely Electronic Trading System, customers will always be updated in minutes, even seconds. By applying the AI Marketwatch feature, customers are also encouraged to be more observant to the futures trading trends, as it provides real-time and continuous market monitoring, updated notifications of new trading opportunities, as well as transactions review about highest profit values and the frequency.

All customers' transactions are monitored through the CITRA link (, hence they can see precise details of their transactions on the HSB apps.

The company has also met all major requirement to be a trusted, safe, and transparent futures broker. Since 2018, HSB has been registered in BAPPEBTI, a member of PT Indonesia Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (BKDI / ICDX), also registered as a member of PT Indonesia Clearing House (ICH).

"With the licenses of these authority institutions, all customer's operations and transactions will be continuously monitored to ensure that every trading activity is safe and trusted. Our further commitment is we consistently educate customers through a variety of free seminars led by experienced financial experts," said Hendrik.

HSB showcases Trader Partners the best online trading experience by providing the most innovative trading process, training courses provided by experienced experts, and strict implementation of financial management standards to protect investor funds.

The company has coordinated online seminar that covers topic about "Price Action Trading Strategies for Beginners" through Facebook's live streaming. To find more information about the upcoming seminar and training schedules, you can download the all-in-one trading application through Google Play and the App Store.

To reach wider and high-integrity consumers, on February 17, 2020, HSB unveiled the new logo with vibrant colors that adopted the company's vision of user-friendly, INNOVATIVE, INTELLIGENT, and TRANSPARENT trading services.

"This year, we're preparing for new changes to bring more choices of profit opportunities and promotions to attract and celebrate our customers' loyalty," concluded Hendrik.

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