Hundsun Ayers unveils its newly developed "Alpha Broker" to empower data intelligence for its first onboarding client Donghai International Securities

HANGZHOU, China, Aug. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Hundsun Ayers Technologies Limited, the subsidiary of Hundsun Technologies Inc which has been actively exploring overseas market has lately introduced the Alpha Broker securities trading and settlement system. Its first client Donghai International Securities has a great and stable onboarding experience backed by the powerful infrastructure enhancements. This marks a new chapter in brokerage system development, demonstrating Hundsun Ayers's leadership role in establishing a fully cloud-based, distributed and microservices architecture with storage technology to drive the future evolution of securities industry.

Background on Donghai International
Donghai International was founded in August 2015, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Donghai Securities Co.Ltd and its important arm to take the company global. In order to meet the stringent requirements of securities industry on system performance, as well as to address the increasing customer demand in system customization, Donghai International partners with Hundsun Ayers to benefits from its expertise and carry out customer value implementation.

UF3.0 Innovation Footprint

Building on the Hundsun new-generation UF3.0 underlying architecture, Alpha Broker is highly secured with full compliance to Hong Kong regulatory framework, whereas clearly articulates company business objectives to conduct corresponding technology development.

Through a fully distributed and microservices architecture with data storage infrastructure, Alpha Broker ensures a clear segregation between trade execution, settlement and service management. It helps manage and process trillions of market data at ultra-high speed, forging a seamless trading journey for institutional investors. With the introduction of the "risk control platform + memory trading platform" module, it allows for pre-storage of transaction data and risk index to save time and achieve ten times faster trading speed.

Witnessing a growing trend of leveraging different database types to meet diversified application needs, Alpha Broker has built a database-agnostic framework to support multiple databases including Oracle and MySQL, adding significant values in simplifying software management and facilitate secondary development.

Stay at the Forefront of Technological Development

The launch of Alpha Broker is a significant milestone in Hundsun Ayers's journey in driving the development of local and global financial technology. Over the years, we have ranked No.1 in the securities trading platform service market with up to 45% of the registered brokerage firms using our trading platform systems. Connecting with 14 securities and futures exchanges around the globe to provide technical support for China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia financial institution, Hundsun Ayers is always the best global trading partner and springboard for Mainland brokerage firms to 'go global'.


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