Hinduja Bank Embarks on New Era With Appointment of CEO Karam Hinduja

- The bank's new leadership will continue the founder's vision of a global bank built on trusted partnerships and as a bridge between East and West

- CEO photo available

GENEVA, June 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Board of Directors of Hinduja Bank (Switzerland) Ltd has announced the nomination of Mr. Karam Hinduja as the new Chief Executive Officer of the bank. The Board thanks outgoing CEO Mr. Gilbert Pfaeffli for four years of loyal and valued service.

An experienced private banker, asset manager and entrepreneur, Hinduja previously served on the Board of Hinduja Bank and its Dubai-based subsidiary. As the founder of diversified media company Timeless Media and impact investment brand Karma, Hinduja has also managed the portfolio of the family branch of entrepreneur Srichand "SP" Hinduja.

Mr. Hinduja brings an innovative vision and strategy for the bank. His deep understanding of the next generation of private banking clients combined with a background in technology and impact investing, brings a new approach to the traditional private banking sector. Under Mr. Hinduja's leadership, HBS will continue to build upon its trusted reputation of more than 41 years as Switzerland's first Indian-owned private bank.

Mr Karam Hinduja, CEO of Hinduja Bank, said:

"We intend to not just build a better bank, but to redefine what private banking stands for. Today's largest market opportunities are found when purposes are aligned. Faithful to the values of our founder, my grandfather S.P. Hinduja, our mission is a humanistic one, one that is focused on fueling sustainable, global economic and social development while generating long-term value for our clients through innovative strategies that leverage our multi-sector expertise, entrepreneurial roots and our purpose-driven DNA."

In the brief time since Mr Hinduja took over the executive leadership, Hinduja Bank has already expanded upon its private banking services by launching new divisions that include Private Capital and Strategic Growth Advisory, as well as broader Asset Management and Investment Advisory offerings that include fintech, clean energy and healthcare strategies. 

Mr. Hinduja is also the Founder and CEO of Timeless Media and its subsidiary Karma, a media platform aimed at developing and distributing content for ESG and impact-driven investors and entrepreneurs. He holds a degree from Columbia University in New York, NY.

About Hinduja Bank

Hinduja Bank (Switzerland) Ltd offers innovative private banking and global investment services, providing our clients with a vital bridge between East and West.

Headquartered in Switzerland – with offices in Geneva, Zurich, and Lugano – as well as a strong presence in Dubai, London and India, we combine the best of the Swiss financial tradition with local expertise and international access to the growth markets of South Asia and the Middle East.

With a pedigree stretching back to 1978, the Bank was established in 1994 by entrepreneur and philanthropist Srichand "SP" Hinduja.

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