Global Enterprises Cognizant, ZS, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, and Aditya Birla Group Win Talview's Instahiring Annual Award at Instahiring 2020

BANGALORE, India, March 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- AI Recruitment startup, Talview, which is building the next-generation Instahiring Experience platform, hosted its 4th annual Instahiring 2020 — Asia's Grandest TA Conference, powered by Microsoft, on the 19th and 20th of February at the Ritz Carlton, Bangalore, India. 

Instahiring 2020
Instahiring 2020

The invite-only event brought together over 500 TA professionals from 300+ organizations, to the largest networking event of its kind in 2020. The event boasted a stellar line up of over 40 speakers from globally recognized organizations such as the United Nations, SUN Pharma, Accenture, Cerner, Philips, HGS, and Coca Cola. Leading International influencers like Scott Wintrip (USA), Daniel Callaghan (Singapore), Abhijit Badhuri (India) & Vikrant Bhatnagar (UN, Thailand) added rich global insights to the 16+ sessions conducted over the two days.

The focus of the sessions at Instahiring 2020 was to reiterate the significance of 'time to hire' in the modern recruiting scenario and strategies to beat hiring lag in organizations. The event covered nearly every pertinent issue being discussed in recruitment today: Employer Branding, role of Analytics, Diversity Hiring, Technology in Recruitment, and Candidate Experience to name a few. Sessions were interactive, practical, and featured real case studies of successful transformation work across industries in the TA space.

A key outcome of the event was a unanimous consensus on the pivotal role of 'time to hire' in ensuring quality hires and a positive candidate experience, hiring lag as the common 'enemy' and Instahiring experience as the way to beat it. Scott Wintrip, speaking of the Instahiring community said, "It is a community that is clearly committed to reducing time to hire, without compromising on the quality of hire." 

Leading HR influencer & thought leader Abhijit noted, "Speed of hire can be a game-changer for a recruiter while shaping candidate experience…while technology must be leveraged to automate repetitive jobs, the role of the recruiter is to build relationships."

Speaking about AI in the hiring process, Anuradha Vellal, National Head Talent Attraction and Employer Branding for Hindustan Coca-Cola, reiterated that, "AI is the way to go forward as it will enable TA professionals to be more strategic in their approach." 

The event ended with Cognizant, ZS, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, and Aditya Birla Group being recognized for their exemplary work in beating hiring lag by successfully implementing Instahiring solutions and intelligent data re-use to fast-track hiring.

In his closing remarks, Sanjoe Jose, CEO & Founder of Talview, summated, "We stand witness to the emergence of a new paradigm in recruitment globally with Instahiring, pivoting on 'time to hire' as a key differentiator in the war for talent. As we kick off this new era, it's important for organizations to thrive in an age of Instahiring.

Looking ahead in 2020, Talview aims to expand the Instahiring community globally with similar in locations across the globe such as San Francisco, New York, Singapore, and other cities.

About Talview

Talview helps enterprises beat Hiring Lag and engage great candidates faster with the world's first AI-led Instahiring platform. Hiring Lag cripples businesses when open positions lie vacant adversely impacting a company's revenue, operations, and quality of hire. Talview empowers businesses to achieve a 100% digital hiring process with a 'one-click' high-quality candidate experience from the first interaction to final selection through our chatbot, AI video interviewing, pre-hire assessments, and proctoring capabilities. Talview's clients include  Amazon, Nestle, Bajaj Allianz, Cognizant, Deloitte, Sephora, and Unicef.

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