Galaxy Capital CTO Nathan Yao:Why blockchain is the future

HONG KONG, Dec. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- At the 2020 Blockchain Expo, Galaxy Capital Chief Technology Officer Nathan Yao mentioned that Blockchain will become the world's mainstream technology in the next 5 years and the numbers of institution adopting blockchain will keep growing to at least 10,000 times than today.

He restated that Blockchain will fundamentally change the business models of most industries over the world in the next 5-10 years.

"More and more startups and high-tech companies are looking for how to apply blockchain technology in their industrial chains. Finance, retail, insurance, aviation, social media, even music, e-sports, medical and countless industries are exploring of what opportunities the blockchain can offer. To become the first movers in the industry and gain First Mover Advantage is the key." Galaxy Capital CTO pointed out.

"Speaking of blockchain, even people who don't have knowledge of it, can name Bitcoin and Ethereum. Of course, these are epoch-making products based on the technology of blockchain, and their value is inestimable. However, the future of blockchain is not just a new payment system or currency. The decentralization, transparency, and immutability are the characteristics of blockchain that can revolutionize today's technology. Blockchain is more than cryptocurrencies.

When talking about the prospects for Galaxy Capital, he said:

"Galaxy Capital provides services including blockchain consulting, one-stop blockchain solutions, blockchain-related technology development etc. In providing our blockchain services, we solve the potential technical risks of our client companies and reduce their operating costs. We have served over 1,000 customers since we started. In recent years, as blockchain-related technology has become more mature, we witness an increase in demand and we are ready to further expand our business with huge potential."

At the Expo, Nathan Yao also presented the specific technical knowledge, pros and cons of blockchain, including the popular project Defi, the specific operations and prospects of ETH2.0. Details can be found on the website of Galaxy Capital.

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About Galaxy Capital

Galaxy Capital is a blockchain consulting company providing business services includes blockchain consulting, one-stop blockchain solutions, and blockchain development. The vision of Galaxy Capital is to open up new business opportunities for B2B and B2C customers, become a pioneer in the industry, and create unlimited possibilities by seizing the potential of blockchain.

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