Foxconn Industrial Internet Wins Global Industrial Intelligence Awards for Vitality

SHENZHEN, China, July 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Industrial Intelligence Awards – Zhanlu Award ceremony kicked off the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2020 on July 10. Foxconn Industrial Internet cloud platform (Fii Cloud) was rated as one of the Dynamic Industrial Internet Platforms. 

Presented by WAIC and Forbes China, Zhanlu Award is an international award, aiming to discover, encourage and reward those outstanding enterprises and organizations with vitality and potential, leading the way to smart manufacturing.

This accolade represents global high recognition to Fii Cloud for its comprehensive strengths and cross-industry service capabilities. The platform was being ranked as one of the Ten Cross-industry industrial internet platforms nationwide by MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information) in China. With such soaring capabilities in smart manufacturing and digitalization, Foxconn Industrial Internet (Fii) pioneers into the frontier of industries.

Fii is well-known for its CMMS – component module manufacturing service – the most comprehensive and efficient supply chain in the global 3C electronics industry (Computer, Communication and Consumer), wielding the largest scale and capability of rapid mass production in terms of intelligent manufacturing. Fii focuses on its technological mapping of "The Three Physical and Three Virtual" (Three Physical consists of manufacturing equipment, tools and materials, while Three Virtual is composed of industrial big data, industrial artificial intelligence and industrial software). To date, Fii Cloud has received several awards and recognitions.

Meanwhile, Fii has also built a professional cloud (MicroCloud) system based on the Fii Cloud, aiming at the fields of manufacturing and proposing corresponding solutions in an "out-of-the-box" mode, covering tools, molds, stamping, industrial robots, AGV, six-flows, SMT, CNC, safety and so on, to avoid and solve visible or invisible problems in the manufacturing system, achieving functions of digital monitoring, intelligent decision-making, and worry-free management.

Based on the above strengths, Fii's lights-out factory was rated as one of the Global Lighthouse Factories by the World Economic Forum in 2019 for its unmanned production and management enabled by big data and AI, setting the standards for manufacturers and enterprises. Fii's lighthouse factory capabilities are being rolled out worldwide and Fii's solutions aims to help manufacturing to become smarter. It has been building up a variety of cross-industry industrial internet platforms and enabling multiple industries to establish their own lighthouse factories in different areas, including automotive, motor vehicles, kitchen and bathroom appliances, metal processing, printing and packaging, textile printing and dyeing, and glass manufacturing based on Fii Cloud. Furthermore, the platform has played a role in the precautions and protection against COVID-19.

The pandemic has gone viral around the globe since early 2020, presenting great challenges to healthcare, economies and societies. Fii responded quickly to the pandemic with a series of protective measures, employee workplace health management with cross-industry applications and outstanding business operation performance, with zero personnel infected in its factories worldwide. The company has developed facial mask production lines within 72 hours and has produced over 60 million masks since this February; in addition, Fii has developed a mobile app for epidemic prevention, connecting hundreds of thousands of employees in the world and tackling the challenges online in real time. Furthermore, Fii helped Ascleplus Meditec to develop and produce hydrogen and oxygen atomizer, and then donated 1,000 atomizers worth RMB 50 million to the people of Wuhan. At the business level, Fii opened its five core services of Fii Developer Center to SMEs to allow SMEs to do remote officing, collaborative coding etc., and continues to assist enterprises' digitalization and transformation. 

Long-standing technologies and capabilities, along with responsibility lay behind this honor. Fii's redefined itself as "a partner in the new infrastructure era" in its second IPO anniversary, in order to empower customers in multiple industries to become smarter with its technological advantages and industrial experience. Just as Junqi Li, Chairman of Fii noted, "The next decade of manufacturing will be such a sight to behold - the integration of intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet platforms bring about the interconnectivity of the industrial chain, value chain, and supply chain. I'm convinced that Fii is about to play an important role."

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