Evermos Reseller Mona Apriana Earns 15 Million Rupiah per Month by Selling Local Products Online

BANDUNG, Indonesia, June 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Being a housewife is not always equalling with having low income. At least not for Mona Apriana, a 45-year-old housewife from Bekasi, Indonesia with monthly income of handsomely dozens million Rupiah by being an Evermos' reseller.

Mona Apriana (fifth from right), a housewife and one of the reseller at Evermos.
Mona Apriana (fifth from right), a housewife and one of the reseller at Evermos.

Mona is already familiar with the world of online marketing before her current reselling job. Four years ago, Mona started the gig by selling Muslim fashion for small money.

Mona refused to give up, that's when Mona decided to join Evermos as a reseller. After received news about this Indonesia social commerce platform in Facebook, a friend that happened to be a succesful Evermos' reseller encouraged her to register. Mona first thought was a simple yet grand belief: Evermos can provide her an access to sell products to bring value to people.

"I started the business for 4 years in online selling for only a handful of money. When I joined Evermos, they taught us with sales and business knowledge so myself as a reseller can get good yields," Mona explained. Evermos is a social commerce platform to enable reseller to start selling local products from SMEs, currently they have more than 70,000 resellers joined from across Indonesia.

The beginning is always the hardest, much like other self-employed businesses. It's long before the day her first tote bag item is sold out and she believes that she is capable, fast forward months later, she already generated dozens million Rupiah per month from reselling.

"My income is just average around 2 million Rupiah in the first three months. It's already 15 million Rupiah per month now. Back in October, Evermos team set up group area, sharing some selling tricks and marketing strategies, and Alhamdulillah along with the selling education and community help, I can scale my sales," she added,

Now Mona can sell any kind of local products that have been collaborated with Evermos. Her most favorite products are local honey, blankets, and goat's milk.

As an active reseller, Mona has been chosen as Evermos Reseller Coordinator for Tambun Selatan, Bekasi City, West Java, since December 2019. As a Coordinator, she is responsible to held events for sharing experiences with fellow reseller. Evermos is known for their large reseller community, so its member can help each other out and promote local product in larger scale.

"I held the first event in my home, they were only 5 people attended. I shared tips and tricks to make their very first order, and two of them closed the deal that very same day," said Mona.

Sometimes she also receives complaints from her customer, but Mona always do her best to handle them professionally. She often offers them for a refund and even change the product with the new one.

According to Mona, a good reseller must thoroughly and creatively observing the market. In order to create bigger chance to sell her multi variative product. She studied about the consumer so she can market her product with correct consumer segment.

She invites her family to follow her success in Evermos. "Never afraid to start your own business. Start small but consistent. Take action first, for example start to share the product picture so that people around you know that you're a reseller," she added.

Evermos connects reseller and SMEs by creating inclusive economy, so that everyone in Indonesia can become financially strong and independent. Ilham Taufiq, Chief Partnership Officer Evermos said "Here in Evermos, we believe that the moment our reseller and SMEs are given with training, opportunities, and accesses, they can improve our economy in unison, that's where the magic happens."

"The more we collaborate with individuals and SMEs, the more impact will be made to our economy, and to ummah economy to the extent," he added.

About Evermos

Evermos stands for "Everyday Need for Every Moslem", a website/application-based platform/media (currently only available on android) that is a tool for resellers to sell halal, quality, full-benefit and good products from various brands in Indonesia to consumer. Evermos builds the largest and most effective and efficient distribution and sales channel in Indonesia to connect brand/supplier owner partners with resellers in meeting the daily needs of consumers. The features provided by Evermos make it easy for resellers to sell in just one click.

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