Empowering Mobility, O2O SOLUTIONS Tailored Taxi Service Rights and Interests to Be Launched Soon

HONG KONG, Dec. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Mr. Lesile Tham, Vice President of Oriental Payment Group Holdings Limited (HK.8613), revealed to the media: "The Group's rights and interests service platform O2O SOLUTIONS will soon launch a tailored taxi service product. The product is designed to fill the gap in the mobility rights and interests offered by cooperative financial institutions in the Chinese mainland market, so as to provide users with safe and comfortable airport transfer services."

As the company's first product related to mobility rights and interests, O2O SOLUTIONS is committed to delivering every user with a safe and worry-free travel experience, honoring the concept of "safety first, service first". Differentiated from existing services in the market, O2O SOLUTIONS will not charge twice for the users, and will support the airport transfer with the maximum distance of up to 80km. Meanwhile, value-added services such as pickup signs, 24-hour lounges, waiting for free in case of flight delays, and exclusive car insurance are also available.

To guarantee the quality of services, O2O SOLUTIONS follows strict standards to select drivers and vehicles. Drivers are required to have been driving for more than 3 years, with no criminal records, and to undergo COVID-19 nucleic acid tests on a regular basis; while for vehicles, O2O SOLUTIONS offers Mercedes-Benz (luxury), Roewe (comfort), and Buick (business) vehicles at an age of no more than 3 years, coupled with good running conditions and clean and comfortable interior.

Mr. Lesile Tham noted: "In 2019, the number of travelers entering and leaving mainland China was as high as 670 million, but mobility rights and interests products for overseas institutions are still absent in the market. With better rights and interests services, we hope to help cooperative financial institutions to meet user needs, raise user stickiness and enhance brand influence."


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