ELLE x TMALL Makeup Week Has Released an Authoritative List Foreseeing the Trend of 2020 Cosmetics

SHANGHAI, Aug. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- It is now halfway through 2020, the whole world has changed a lot —increasing daily need for masks, the continuously changing way of skincare, the declining demand for makeup and so on. In fact, not just the individuals are part of this changing world. The whole beauty circle is in an unstable manner, too. So what will be the new trend for cosmetics? What kinds of makeup trends are coming up? ELLE will find out for consumers.

1, "Homemade skincare routines" is the leading trend.

No need for skincare or makeup when having a mask on? Of course not. There is an evidently increasing demand for "Homemade skincare routines" when it is inconvenient to go to any beauty salons and barbershops recently. According to the data, in the UK, sales of facial masks and beauty tools have distinctly increased by 100%. Besides, hair masks and hair products have also increased by 185% over the same period last year. "Homemade skincare" seems to be everyone's essential skill, which leads to convenient beauty product coming onto the market. With a tendency towards online socialization, everyone is focusing on the scope of the screen. It is universal to everyone that makeup will only be partly shown in cameras. So everyone can rediscover the joy of boldly applying makeup on their face.

2, Perfect foundation is a must under the mask.

Foundation is the essential basic of the whole make up. Recent years, consumers have no longer stick on to one single appeal for foundation products. Instead, it tends to be refined and more delicate. On the basis of long wearing and naturally thin, consumers pursue a foundation with higher coverage appeal or even has skin-nourishing effect as skincare products. They are looking for "all-in-one" foundation that can fully meet their demand such as, Lancome Absolue Cushion Compact and Estee Lauder Double Wear. Of course, once they find their own perfect foundation, consumers will not easily shift it. For those classic ones, they can survive all the times and never fade out even though the trend is always changing.

3, Planned purchase will soon replace impulse buying.

Consumers all chase for the trend of "Taupe" a few years ago. However, they hardly use them after several times. Now consumers are no longer easily "fascinated" by the trend. They will ask themselves several questions before purchasing. How practical is the product? Is it versatile? Is there any added value besides the makeup effect? Does the brand care about environmental protection? These will be the base and premise of choosing cosmetics in the future. Consumers are even looking for advanced design in cosmetics. Products with added values will bring them great pleasure. For example, Rouge Dior Trafalgar 999 and TOM FORD ROSE PRICK are more than just beauty products. They are more like the delicate artworks from designers' hands.

4, Consumers pay close attention to their hairstyle.

With masks covered up, consumers pay more attention to the overall style than just their face. Hair salon, manicure and fragrance will become the popular categories in the future, which are undoubtedly an upgrade for cosmetics and makeup. Following the trend of "Homemade skincare routines", hair mask products, such as L'oreal Paris Oleor, give consumers a chance to experience salon service at home. It must be a boom in the future.

In a word, consumers can see the core spirit of the new trend forecasting in cosmetics —— "New Familism Epicure", which derived from women's wisdom and creativity. It is an independent and spontaneous attitude, a willing to voice out and the spiritual power to enjoy ourselves. What they expect is not only a perfect user experience, but also a high level of artistic expression that can convey confidence, aesthetics and life attitude.

Recently, cooperating with #Tmall makeup week#, ELLE has launched ELLE x Tmall Makeup Week Authoritative List, with a total of selected 10 products which are one of the top brand products accordingly among their categories. The overall list is finalized by authoritative media ELLE according to the trend of makeup. Referenced by Top Recommendations by Tmall with a good stock of word-of-mouth recommendation from hundreds of millions of users and supported by 50 professionals and specialists, the authoritative list is cooperatively released.

In addition, professionals from ELLE beauty editorial team also contribute with their keen professional vision and market sensitivity. Combined with the public praise recommendation from Taobao, the company release a list of Top Recommendations. Besides, a list of Promising Brands with great market potential is released as well.

These brands are the winners for ELLE x Tmall Makeup Week. Congratulations to LANEIGE, Estee Lauder, Lancome, KISS ME,

L'oreal Paris, TOM FORD, DIOR, BOBBI BROWN, M·A·C, CHANEL are recognized in ELLE x Tmall Makeup Week Authoritative List. PERFECT DIARY, Florasis, Carslan, CHIOTURE, Judydoll, Mistine, Sisley Paris, 3CE, COLORKEY, Little Ondine are recognized in ELLE x Tmall Makeup Week Top Recommendations List.

At the same time as the list was released, The Fashion Museum of Tmall Makeup Week was launched in Huaihai TX in Shanghai from July 23rd to 30th. It was the grandest social carnival after the 2020 epidemic, which satisfied everyone's desire to go shopping. Cheng Xiaoyue, Lin Shanshan, Teng Yujia and other twelve Tmall beauty live broadcast hosts arrived at the scene. They joined in the cross-border fashion show of makeup and appareled well for the 8-day activity. Moreover, four original Chinese designers and brand directors —GROTTO, HXXXXS, Gu Liang Ji Ji and JW PEI attended the opening show during ELLE x Tmall Makeup Week. They also presented a variety of niche design handbags that are popular among celebrities and fashionistas according to the makeup style. The Trend Intelligence Bureau and Makeup Week jointly launched the "Experimental Party Club" theme show in Huaihai TX.

The year of 2020 means a lot to everyone. Fashion goes with The Times. 2020 ELLE x Tmall Makeup Week explores the new trend of cosmetics, with a close eye on the new possibilities in cosmetics. Let's live with the new trend and always stand by with the new trend of cosmetics.


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