Dain Leaders releases the 'digital tracking platform for international students based on Blockchain' for the untact era.

Proof of concept (PoC) of performance and stability.

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Dain Leaders (http://www.dainleaders.com/), a Blockchain edutech specialist of Korea, is planning to release the 'international student matching platform based on Blockchain' that combines the Blockchain with digital tracking technology.

The 'international student matching platform based on Blockchain' that secures the confidentiality of online admissions instead of the manual services has been developed for the new market for safe international admissions in the post-COVID era and supports the security of digital applications of students applying for K-Study with the Blockchain technology.

It is also noticeable that the credibility of data is ensured for each college to access and view. Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA), a nationally accredited software quality testing certifier, has begun to test the platform to secure the integrity of data on the Blockchain, security and repairability when saving and restoring data and DB, and technology related to the performance and stability of Blockchain.

In the process, Hanyang University has promptly provided the data of 2,000 international applicants and the testbed for verifying the technology and cooperated for the development and testing of digital tracking platform for the college admissions officials handling the admissions documents such as transcripts and diplomas.

The platform will be tested for 15 items related to the functionality of Blockchain and about 10 items related to its quality and performance. The test environment will be servers using general CPU and servers and nodes of Blockchain and the target value will be 20TPS.

TPS is not the absolute index of performance of Blockchain, but it is required to support a certain level of TPS and block processing speed for the stability of commercial services. 

"After TTA verification, the platform will be released before the end of this year for use by more people, including international students and college officials," said President Moo-ho Lim of Dain Leaders. "Colleges and other educational institutions in Korea can now track international students on the digital platform based on Blockchain through the K-Study Platform."

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