CreditEase Wealth Management Wins Five Best Wealth Manager Awards at 2019 Asian Private Banker 2nd China Wealth Awards

  • CreditEase Wealth Management is a long-term partner to Chinese high net worth (HNWs), and provides services and products related to investment, quality of life, succession, education and philanthropy.
  • CreditEase Wealth Management combines digital innovation with deep economic and investment research, to deliver wealth management solutions to clients
  • Core to CreditEase Wealth Management's proposition is our 'Three Golden Principles for Asset Allocation' investment strategy, which highlights the importance of allocation across geographies and asset classes, as well as an overweight allocation to alternatives, via Fund of Funds.

BEIJING, April 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Asian Private Banker, renowned for Asia Pacific private bank and wealth management market, today announced 2019 Asian Private Banker 2nd China Wealth Awards winners. CreditEase Wealth Management (CreditEase WM) was awarded the Best Independent Wealth Manager in China, Best Digital Wealth Management Platform in China, Best Wealth Manager in China for Ultra-High Net Worth (UHNW) Services, Asset Allocation Services and Alternative Investment Advisory.

Along with CreditEase WM awarded the Best Independent Wealth Manager in China, Private Banking of Bank of China won "the Best National Private Bank in China", Private Banking of China Merchants won "the Best Joint-Stock Private Bank in China" and Bank of Shanghai won "the Best City Commercial Private Bank in China", and Huatai Securities won "the Best Wealth Manager in China Securities Brokerage."

Asian Private Banker (APB) has one the world's largest and best-connected team of researchers delivering intelligence, news and data exclusively focused on private banking and wealth management. The Asian Private Banker's second China Wealth Awards for wealth management in China are designed for the Chinese market to recognize private banks, institutions and independent wealth management firms for their achievements in the unique market environment of China in 2019 and to affirm their efforts to drive industry change and guide customers. Now in their second year, the China Wealth Awards continue to honour the firms that have gone above-and-beyond to responsibly deliver compelling wealth management solutions and add value to China's most moneyed individuals, families, and their businesses. For these awards, Asian Private Banker employs an integrative methodology that combines both quantitative and qualitative indicators to select champions for each category. The categories of awards cover business and operations, client services, and investment solutions. Due to the requirements for detailed benchmarking in the selection process, the APB wealth management award is considered as one of the most respectful and competitive honors in the wealth management industry.

CreditEase WM wins the Best Independent Wealth Manager in China

Xiao Shang, Co-President of CreditEase WM, said, "We are very honored to receive this award—Best Independent Wealth Manager in China, which highly recognizes the quality of our services to our HNW clients by an international professcional authoritative agency. Established upon strong international capabilities, investment capabilities, technological capabilities and comprehensive service capabilities, CreditEase WM not only screens boutique investment products for clients, but also strives to truly solve clients' problems, and become a long-term partner in their growth path."

Sebastian Enberg, the editor of Asian Private Banker, stated in its special award edition, "CreditEase Wealth Management has done a remarkable job of developing and fine-tuning an offering that is attentive to the key trends shaping China's wealth management industry. Its international presence and comprehensive investment capabilities speak to a growing demand for global diversification, longer-term and managed products — particularly in alternatives — and strategic asset allocation."

"Here, CreditEase has proven itself ahead of the curve and, in many cases, driving the conversation about what responsible, holistic wealth management should look like. It has taken meaningful and effective steps to address the needs of more sophisticated clients and families, as evidenced by its expanding suite of services tailored towards those with wealth succession requirements and needs that go beyond pure investments — including philanthropy and enterprise management," added Mr. Enberg.

CreditEase WM wins the Best Wealth Manager in China for Alternative Investment Advisory

CreditEase WM provides professional global asset allocation services, wealth management services and investment consulting services for China's HNW individuals. The services include but not limited to, fixed-income assets, PE, capital market, hedge fund, real estate, insurance, study tour, and other comprehensive wealth management products and services. Since its establishment, CreditEase WM has been holding the business vision of "facilitating oneself and others, providing a great life", with "through innovation in financial tools to make the society better, through investment conducts to be more socially responsible, to make wealth create higher social value" as its mission.

Lin Hou, Co-President of CreditEase WM, said, "we're thrilled that Asian Private Banker awarding CreditEase WM the Best Wealth Manager in China for Alternative Investment Advisory again. CreditEase WM has brought forward industry-leading ideas multiple times. From the beginning of 2016 we brought forward the '3 Asset Allocation Golden Rules': cross-geographic and country allocation, cross-asset type allocation, and persist in using Fund of Funds to allocate alternative assets. We recommend investors to construct a multi-asset-class portfolio consisting of traditional assets, such as stocks and bonds, as well as various types of alternative assets, through the exercise of asset allocation and long-term investment."

CreditEase WM wins the Best Digital Wealth Management Platform in China

As a longstanding member of the FinTech industry, the spirit of digital innovation and research is institutionalized throughout CreditEase, and it has been committed to developing strong technological capabilities, and using science and technology to promote financial innovation and wealth management. Ms. Shang said, "CreditEase is a global FinTech leader with over ten years of experience and resources in the industry."

With CreditEase WM, financial advisors can take advantage of the Client-End APP to identify clients' interests and behavior. It allows advisors offering the right products to clients. In addition, CreditEase WM created the Advisor's APP. Using AI methodology, it provides an easy method for advisors to share articles, opinions, and strategies to targeted clients.

"CreditEase WM leverages the technical advantages accumulated in the field of big data and artificial intelligence for 11 years and independently developed the industry-leading AI + FoF platform in order to make the investment process more efficient, comprehensive, and accurate. It also allows for better post-investment management with real-time monitoring and risk reminding. AI + FoF is an artificial intelligence platform that runs through the entire investment management process of CreditEase Wealth Management Private Equity FoF. It is a super-financial brain that captures, stores, structured analysis, and tracks real-time data across the entire network. Active management capabilities have a two-way interaction with big data and artificial intelligence technologies to greatly enhance the investment and management capabilities of the parent fund manager," Ms. Shang added.

Mr. Enberg stated, "CreditEase's delivery of services and solutions has been all the more effective because of its industry-leading digital backbone. Indeed, technology touches every aspect of CreditEase Wealth Management — from its AI-informed investment process to product advisory. This digital prowess is undoubtedly the envy of many of CreditEase's peers."

CreditEase WM wins the Best Wealth Manager in China for UHNW Services

With the accumulation of wealth and change of mindset, China's HNW individuals not only care about the wealth accumulation but also pay more attention to learning and growth, education, quality of life, family succession and even contribution to society. CreditEase WM pioneered the wealth management industry by providing one-stop, comprehensive wealth management services based on the five major needs of the UHNW individuals investments, succession, life, education, and philanthropy.

Established upon strong international capabilities, investment capabilities, technological capabilities and comprehensive service capabilities, CreditEase WM not only screens boutique investment products for clients, but also strives to truly solve client's problems, and become a long-term partner in their growth path.

CreditEase WM wins the Best Wealth Manager in China for Asset Allocation Services

CreditEase WM's mission is to focus on the needs of Chinese clients in the present, launch the asset allocation strategy guidelines, help clients plan in advance, invest in the future, and gain substantial profit, all achieved by applying the best practical experience from the world. To sharpen up the capabilities of global asset allocation, CreditEase WM has acquired a wide range of financial licenses in a number of countries and regions.

Ms. Lin introduced, "Good assets and good allocation, all benefit from our global quality, large network of partners. CreditEase Wealth Management's collaboration with world famous investments agencies and institutes, includes world-class equity investment opportunities into its FoF portfolio and diversifies investment including information technology, high tech equipment, new materials, biological, alternative energy, green energy and environmental protection areas. This significantly improves the quality of the investment portfolio while diversifying risks."

"Taken together, CreditEase's strength across all aspects of wealth management and its dedication to remaining at the forefront of an exciting industry are just cause for the firm to be named China's Best Independent Wealth Manager by Asian Private Banker," Mr. Enberg concluded.

About CreditEase Wealth Management

CreditEase Wealth Management (CreditEase WM) is the wealth management brand for high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals under CreditEase, a leading fintech company. As a leading player in China's wealth management industry, CreditEase WM aims to become the top wealth management brand for Chinese high net worth individuals around the globe. The company has set up branches in mainland China, and its business presence has also extended into Hong Kong, Singapore, Israel, Europe and North America. CreditEase WM provides professional investment services and life services for high net worth clients, and is committed to becoming a long-term partner of clients in terms of investment, life, succession, education and philanthropy. Investment services provided under its global asset allocation investment advisory service include domestic and offshore quasi fixed income, private equity, public equity, hedge fund, and real estate fund asset classes. Life services cover investment-driven immigration, offshore direct real estate investment, family trust, insurance and protection, tax planning, high-end education, and philanthropy.

About Asian Private Banker

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