CouponBirds Seedling Project Made Great Progress

BEIJING, April 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- CouponBirds Seedling Project achieved impressive progress in April, 2020. Over twenty non-profit organizations joined the platform and raised more than $1,000 funds. During this time of uncertainty, The Seedling Project made the fundraising work more manageable for non-profit organizations.

CouponBirds Seedling Project

The mission of CouponBirds Seedling Project is to build a peer-to-peer fundraising platform, encouraging online shoppers to earn cash, donate to nonprofit organizations and support charity work in this difficult time. There are over 3 million shoppers visiting and using CouponBirds to shop and save every month and almost all the brands that shoppers are looking for could be found on CouponBirds. Shoppers earn cash by making purchases and donate part of their earnings to charity organizations.

CouponBirds provided scholarships to fund college students every year in the past. Growing to be a leading savings platform, CouponBirds always does the best to take social responsibilities. The Seedling Project initiation is an effective way to aggregate and amplify the power of a million-user community and give back the best.

How's The Project Going

The team outreached hundreds of non-profit organizations in the first month, notified them of the event and guided those who were interested to get verified and join in the platform. The team set up the whole application, verification and management process online. Non-profit partners could use CouponBirds charity portal to finish all the preparations and watch the donations they receive from CouponBirds shoppers.

Although the whole economy is slowing down and most charities are working from time to time due to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, The Seedling Project has welcomed more than twenty certified non-profit organizations joining in and started to raise funds from the platform. Organizations like Arise Children's Fund, Louisiana Alliance of Children's Advocacy Centers and Kids Saving the Rainforest have received more than $100 donations in this month.

The Prospects

CouponBirds supports a limited number of non-profit organizations, creating and leading active community engagements for the charity cause. With a small amount of funds raised every month for every non-profit organization, It hopes that every CouponBirds shopper could realize that each of them could do something, even give $1 to the vulnerable and disadvantaged groups and that $1 means much to them, that CouponBirds is doing what they can to help more people and give back to the society.

The project is still open to apply, qualified charity organisations can apply and join to raise funds from CouponBirds Seedling Project.

About CouponBirds

CouponBirds is a leading coupon and deals platform for millions of online shoppers. Customers can easily find their favorite brands such as Amazon, eBay, Best Buy on CouponBirds. To learn more, visit or follow @couponbirdscom on social media.

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