CJC Expands Cloud Propositions With Launch of DACS in the Cloud Solution

CJC now offer a cloud-based solution to help customers address the challenges of maintaining Refinitiv's DACS platform, the industry's most widely used system for managing data entitlement, usage and reporting across the enterprise

LONDON, Feb. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- CJC, the leading independent market data technology consulting and services firm, is delighted to announce the launch of a DACS in the Cloud solution to the capital markets community. This solution can be offered at varying levels of service from simple cloud deployment with remote management, to a fully managed, technical and commercial solution.  



CJC have unrivalled, global experience and expertise in managing and supporting Refinitiv's TREP market data distribution platform, of which DACS is a major component. We currently manage 150 DACS globally, so we understand the kind of challenges enterprises face in four key areas; migration to appropriate versions of the product, global consolidation of regional platforms, upgrades of operating systems and hardware, and database maintenance. By leveraging public cloud technology, the CJC solution provides agility and operational efficiencies, while reducing costs.

As part of CJC's broader capabilities, we provide cloud-based managed services for multiple market data solutions, including Refinitiv's TREP, BCCG's One Platform and Push Technology's Diffusion Server. Our approach deconstructs the traditional installation, allowing us to deploy and manage using cloud native technologies, including Kubernetes, Virtual Machines (VMs) and Containers, to accelerate deployment and ongoing management. Deployments provide full isolation between customer environments for security and compliance, as well as a full audit trail.

CJC's DACS in the Cloud solution uses the above approach while preserving all DACS functionality, with management and monitoring 24/7 by our global support operations.

Peter Williams, CTO at CJC commented; "We are delighted to launch our DACS in the Cloud solution into the capital markets. The launch forms part of a wider enablement programme for customers and partners to deploy complex market data workloads into the cloud, as well as accelerate cloud strategies throughout the industry.

This has all been made possible by our Cloud Tools, which were developed to provide automated deployment and management of cloud-based applications. We are now partnering with major cloud providers and software vendors to provide the initial solutions for a marketplace of managed financial solutions."

About CJC Ltd.
CJC is a global market data technology consulting and services firm, primarily operating in the capital markets sector. We have two lines of business; Technology focuses on transitioning clients' market data systems to modern technology architectures using a design, build and operate methodology. Our Commercial Management business focuses on helping clients address the complexity of vendor and exchange sourcing, licensing and obligatory reporting of market data. 


For further information, please contact: 
Peter Williams (peter.williams@cjcit.com) +44 (0) 203-326-7600

For press enquiries, please contact: 
Carl Kemp (carl.kemp@cjcit.com) +44 (0) 203-326-7600

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