CIB Corporation suggests to establish anti-panic commodities trading floor during the COVID-19 pandemic

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, March 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted more than 117 countries over the world. On 12th March, WHO has declared COVID-19 as the world pandemic, CEO and Founder of CIB Corporation wants to raise an idea of setting up anti-panic commodities trading floor (E-commerce). Mr. Ma Thanh Danh (Albert Ma) said that, "During the pandemic, people in many parts of the world will rush to buy necessity goods, such as bactericidal water and toilet paper, and essential food like rice, water, instant noodles and oil. There will be high demand of necessities more than the real requirement, causing virtual supply and demand." This consequence will impact the whole economy in even short or long term.

CEO and Founder of CIB Corporation
CEO and Founder of CIB Corporation

CIB Corporation suggests to establish anti-panic commodity trading floor which this e-commerce will help all the stakeholders such as local authorities, manufacturing companies, logistic companies, consumers to survive and suffer less from the virtual demand and supply. This anti-panic trading floor will be managed by the government. If there is any demand of necessities, consumers can pre-order online with limited quantity. Those orders will be guaranteed by manufacturing enterprises to supply all requirement in timely manner. Any orders will be made under specific passport or ID card.

By keeping those demands in transparent, society will avoid the psychological panic during COVID-19 outbreak. Psychological stability of the communities will help to prevent any negative impacts. Besides that, it can regulate real supply-demand to avoid social waste and the loss of medical workers and patients without medical equipment. Without the burden of virtual demand, enterprises can prevent themselves from over-investment after the end of natural disasters and epidemics.

By these all means, CIB Corporation believes that Vietnam Economy is with all aggressive measures and effort inside out, and Vietnam is confidently prepared and ready to protect the consumers and overcome the COVID-19 pandemic together. With further development, this recommendation can also work for any countries or states to join for a trading network of the international communities to share management needs and information as well.

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