Chinese county chief hosts live streaming for chicken selling

BEIJING, Jan. 9 ,2020 /PRNewswire/ -- A news report by on the new-type Chinese officials who seek live streaming for poverty alleviation:

With the booming development of e-commerce, live streaming shopping now becomes a new trend in China. Usually, a host will promote products using a webcam, and the audience can click the links on the screen to buy the recommended items.

Recently, a livestreaming video clip went viral. In the video, the host ate four whole braised chickens, while impressing his audience with a hilarious, fast-talking sales pitch. His witty remarks included "we are only 800 hundred years away from a millennium-old brand," and "the taste can only be appreciated by a crown prince." Yet, the host, is not some ordinary live streamer, craving overnight web fame. His name is Wang Shuai, a post-80s PhD, and also the vice chief of the Shanghe county government in east China's Shandong province. His live streaming has received a lot of favorable comments describing him as cute and trendy. The local brand he was recommending sold over 6,000 chickens in two mere days.

Not long ago, Shanghe was an officially-recognized poverty-stricken county, and Wang Shuai was not the only county official going all out online to sell local brands. In January 2019, another county government vice chief, Chen Xiaodong, sold local goods online before the Spring Festival. He also held a record for selling 100 watermelons in 10 seconds and making 200,000 yuan, or roughly over $28,000, in one hour.

On the webcam, such county leaders look nothing like straitlaced officials, but more amiable and joyful. The county chief gone viral for eating chicken in live streaming is the representative of the new-type officials who take a practical attitude in their work. They put aside their official tags and try their best as live streamers, imitating internet celebrities, talking about amusing topics with the audience, in a bid to sell local products, help local farmers make more money, and bring real benefits to local people.

Since 2018, the heads of more than 60 Chinese counties under the officially designated poverty line turned to live streaming to sell local agricultural products, and some of their live streaming selling earned over 10 million yuan, or over $1.4 million. In 2018 alone, seven of these counties managed to rid themselves of poverty.

The county leaders getting famous online demonstrates the authorities' resolution and dedication to achieving the goals of eliminating poverty and improving people's livelihood. "Winning the battle against poverty" is not an empty slogan. Chinese people are doing their utmost to make it come true.

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Chinese county chief hosts live streaming for chicken selling


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