Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) is Becoming the Most Safe-haven Asset of the Year

MELBOURNE, Australia, May 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The first half of year 2020 is far from peace. Aside from the epidemic and natural disasters, the stock market worldwide has been going through fluctuations. Under this turbulence circumstance, the gold price rockets up and it appears that the gold-backed stablecoin, Bankcoin Reserve (BCR), is the safest choice for most investors.

Gold-backed stablecoin is priced at the highest price per ounce of gold in the past and the price will be adjusted monthly if a higher price of per ounce of gold occurs. As gold is currently an internationally recognised safe-haven asset, the gold stablecoin is regarded as a safe-haven asset in the digital currency field.

BCR's main network went live as early as 2014, and currently, users who pledge BCR in their wallets can receive a 10% annualised interest. It is worth mentioning that BCR is the first to ensure security in technology, and while security is guaranteed, trade-offs are made in scalability and decentralisation. With the fast consensus, it takes only a few seconds for cross-border transfers of US $ 100 million, and the handling fee does not exceed 5 USD.

After it was listed on the Cointiger Tiger Exchange on April 17th this year, BCR has witnessed a great increase in its trade volume, demonstrating its popularity. In the second half of 2020, BCR will gradually launch new plans, including market access programs, merchant onboarding plans, mobile apps and other expansion tools.

As the international gold price is not volatile, a large probability of expected returns can be achieved. With its unique economic design and stability, BCR is extremely attractive to investors who rely on market predictability and have certain expectations of future returns, especially during the epidemic period.

About Bankcoin Reserve (BCR)

After BCR's main network went live in 2014, within three years, BCR was awarded nine patents by AAA Blockchain Limited and Gary McAlister, including deposits and savings, loans and finance, monetary systems, franchising, Islamic banking and Shariah-compliant, innovations in blockchain systems, stock and bond management, private placements, and high yield investments. Its professionalism has been widely recognised both inside and outside the industry and the government.

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