ALLPCB Attends "Digital Empowering New Business" Program, Explaining Its Digitalization Process and Vision

HANGZHOU, China, March 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On March 18, 2020, Mr. Zhou Bangbing, Chairman of ALLPCB, participated in the online program of China (Hangzhou) International E-Commerce Expo, which was initiated by Hangzhou Commerce Bureau and jointly produced by Zhejiang Provincial Electronic Commerce Promotion Association, Global Internet Economy Conference, and Electronic Business-"Digital Empowering New Business".

The program takes "2020, E-Commerce, Redefinition!" as the theme, focusing on government related policies, new global business models, new trends, and new developments in the digital economy era.
It engages more than 100 e-commerce enterprise executives and industry experts in dialogue as well. In this program, Mr. Zhou explained the digitalization process and vision of ALLPCB in detail.

Similar to the theme of the Alipay Partner Conference on March 10th 2020, "Digital Living Platform, Open and Win-Win Ecology", ALLPCB has always been committed to building a digital industrial Internet platform.

Mr. Zhou said that the manufacturing industry would be changed by Industrial Interconnection (aka: Industry 4.0). It is being affected by huge data-driven and intelligent manufacturing capabilities.

ALLPCB takes the collaborative manufactured super factory as the solid supply chain foundation and the real-time data as the principles of decides-making. The Big Data Center, namely Wuji IOCT system, runs through all aspects of manufacturing, sales, procurement and so on.

Multi-module Wuji IOCT system, namely IT (Information Technology), OT (Operation Technology), CT (Communication Technology), is applied to make the manufacturing process more informationalized, automatic and intelligent. One of the significant effects of Wuji IOCT system is that it greatly improves efficiency by going online.

At the end of 2019, the sudden epidemic prevention of COVID-19 unexpectedly set off a wave of "digital life". Cloud office, cloud education, online medical care, fresh e-commerce, and other businesses were prosperous, which greatly accelerated the development of new businesses in the digital economy era.

The COVID-19 is a shock but also an opportunity. The key depends on whether the company can react quickly and seize new opportunities brought by changes of consumption habits without delay.

Taking ALLPCB as an example, facing the huge demand for finished electronic products caused by the epidemic situation, ALLPCB quickly completed the integration and upgrade of its supply chain to provide sustainable high-quality finished products to domestic and foreign customers. In the situation where opportunities and challenges coexist, ALLPCB quickly completed another upgrade of its digital transformation.

"China's economy is at a huge turning point today. In this process, we should believe in the Internet and the digital economy and be flexible," Mr. Zhou said.

ALLPCB is an ultrafast PCB super factory as well as an Internet-based manufacturing company, committed to building an electronic collaborative manufacturing service platform. It offers professional one-stop service, including PCB prototype, PCB Assembly and components sourcing. Since founding, ALLPCB has reconstructed the traditional PCB industry by data-driven technology.

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