AliExpress Empowers Global Sellers Through Digital Innovation, Providing New Opportunities to Tap into Global Business

The transaction amount on the platform in the first 13 minutes of the 11.11 shopping spree exceeded the total transaction in the first hour in 2018;

Overseas Sellers Witnessed Record-Breaking Transaction Amount During 11.11;

Daily Sales of An Italy Brand Increased by 125 times

HANGZHOU, China, Nov. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- AliExpress, a global retail online marketplace under Alibaba Group, successfully wrapped up its 2019 48-hour 11.11 Global Shopping Festival. With buyers from over 200 countries and regions joining the festival this year, the transaction amount in the first 13 minutes of the shopping spree exceeded the total transaction in the first hour in 2018. By the 19th hour, the transaction amount surpassed the total 48-hour transaction last year. Russia, Spain, the United States, France and Poland were the top-spending markets. The most purchased product categories among global consumers were cellphones & telecommunications, consumer electronics, home & garden, automobiles & motorcycles, computer & office.

Participating for the first time, overseas sellers recorded significant sales

This year also marks the beginning of overseas local merchants' participation in AliExpress' 11.11 event. Sellers from Russia, Spain, Italy and Turkey experienced the passion of consumers from the other side of the globe as they sold their products to 127 countries and regions. 

"We are happy to see consumers from all over the world collecting their desired items in this year's 11.11," said Wang Mingqiang, general manager of AliExpress, "Participation from overseas local merchants in Italy, Spain, Turkey and Russia reflects AliExpress' goal to incorporate more international sellers onto our platform, in order to offer more product varieties and ultimately an enhanced experience to our consumers."

Sunlight, a top jewelry & watch brand from Russia which debuted its online journey on AlIExpress two months ago, saw its platform sales during 11.11 matched the monthly sales from just one of its offline stores.

UNIT, a fashion brand under El Corte Inglés in Spain and a first-time participant of 11.11, saw its products being snapped up by global buyers. Fast fashion SME GREYMODA, which signed on to AliExpress right before 11.11, was a star-performer among new players – the brand has attracted about 3000 followers of its store.

SUIE, an Italy retailer known for its quality leather bags, saw its daily sales surge 125 times, with more than half (i.e. 60%) of its sales coming from Russia.

Founded in 1958, Saillakers is a renowned local footwear brand from Turkey. With products being sold to more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, America and Africa, its transaction amount in the first 24 hours was 25 times higher than the brand's average daily sales.

With its digitization and globalization approach, AE fuels the growth of overseas sellers

AliExpress' investment in enhancing its platform and establishing the infrastructure in its overseas markets is a growth accelerator for global sellers.

AliExpress, together with Cainiao, Alibaba's logistic arm, and Ant Financial, is collaborating with international and local logistics partners and payment providers to make it easier for merchants to sell and consumers to buy through the platform. For example, AliExpress and Cainiao partnered with Turkish Post to launch a dedicated Turkey-Russia service, shortening the average delivery speed from 35 days to 10 days.

Creating a new shopping experience for worldwide consumers

As Alibaba group expands into global markets, AliExpress spreads the phenomenon of "shoppertainment" to global consumers, changing the way of how people shop by offering them content and entertainment to inform and engage them as they browse and buy.

During the 48-hour festival this year, AliExpress has invited over 3,500 Key Online Influencers and bloggers from Russia, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Poland, Korea, Middle-East to promote sellers and products on their social media accounts. With the total number of KOLs' followers exceeding 100 million, AliExpress had potentially access to over 10% of the population in these key markets. AliExpress also has hosted more than 1,000 live streams on its platform, bringing a new shopping experience to consumers as well as new job opportunities.

Spanish buyers were also able to participate in a lucky draw game to win eleven Kia Picado cars. Jose Antonio Arce was surprised when he got a call from AliExpress and was informed that he won the first car, as he hasn't purchased anything on AliExpress yet. It turned out to be a gift from his 23-year old daughter, who placed orders on AliExpress to participate in the 11.11 lucky draw right after hearing of the game.

Other key highlights of AliExpress from the 2019 11.11 Global Shopping Festival

  • A bride-to-be in Australia purchased an haute couture wedding dress for USD1,500
  • A buyer from Saudi Arabia ordered a 3D printer for USD3,000
  • A French consumer bought a piece of outdoor rattan furniture for USD5,000
  • A music fan from Korea spent USD3,300 on an audio amplifier
  • A Japanese buyer got a leather sofa for USD2,000

About AliExpress

Launched in 2010, AliExpress ( is a global retail online marketplace that enables consumers from around the world to buy directly from manufacturers and distributors primarily in China and is dedicated to becoming a platform for worldwide merchants to sell locally and globally. AliExpress operates in multiple languages including English, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French.

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