AEXON to Establish the First Tokenised Co-Working Space Ecosystem in ASEAN

The community will be driven by the AEXON Utility Token (AXN) as a digital currency for peerless transactions between members and businesses

SINGAPORE, May 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The AEXON Project is an initiative from Singapore that aims to empower gateway communities across ASEAN by establishing co-working spaces integrated with a proprietary ecosystem rooted in blockchain technologies.

The AEXON Utility Token (AXN) is an ERC20 certified product that will power the communities within our co-working spaces. Governed by smart contract protocols, the AXN token will be the primary digital currency used for all transactions between members and businesses in an encrypted and secure manner within the ecosystem.

Members can utilise the AEXON Community Gateway application on their smart devices as a one-stop solution in managing their account and tokens. The application will include an eWallet comprising a suite of ePayments services with easy access to partner exchanges for simplified conversion between tokens, cryptocurrencies, and fiat currency. Without traditional payment service providers who act as an intermediary, businesses will enjoy cost-savings with every transaction.

"These are unprecedented times where we've seen monumental shifts in the way small-medium businesses operate over the last few years," said AEXON Project Founder, Malcolm Tan. "Business owners are moving beyond product centricity and are looking for new ways to collaborate and jumpstart meaningful conversations. Co-working spaces are viewed as the perfect platform and one driven by blockchain further improves efficiency, security, and transparency. Indeed, the future of workplaces has now become a reality."

Partners and Services within Co-Working Spaces

The AEXON Project is collaborating and forming exciting partnerships to provide specialised services to our members within the community. Our co-working spaces will feature Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to lessen the administrative burden of businesses within our ecosystem. Services include accounting, human resources, marketing, operations, legal, and more.

"Initial Token Offerings (ITOs) need to be centered on sound tokenomics to retain its value. Many have tried, but few have succeeded," said Malcolm. "We believe that there will be a strong sustained demand as businesses relook at the way they operate in today's economic environment to maintain agility by tapping on our suite of value-added services."

The AEXON project will begin the private-sale phase of the ITO in June 2020. The public-sale phase is slated to begin in Q4 2020.


The AEXON Project was catalysed with the vision of a Common ASEAN Standard based around the AEXON Community Gateway and AXN Token that can streamline life's important functions such as community, business, and economic transactions.  

With ownership of the AXN Token, payments will be simplified and will cost less. Our customers, ranging from the digital nomad to the unbanked, will become empowered in almost all areas of their lives.

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Malcolm Tan

Marc Lee

Founder (AEXON Project)

Marketing Lead (AEXON Project)


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