Adkins Zheng from Thousand Cities Strategic Algorithms (TCSA): Building "Rockets" in the World of Governance Systems

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Mr. Adkins Zheng, Chairman and Chief Algorithm Officer of TCSA, shared a comprehensive overview of his company's mission, values and grand vision during a recent documentary with Phoenix TV.

TCSA chairman, Adkins Zheng, was invited to be interviewed by Phoenix TV’s, "Elite Converge" program.
TCSA chairman, Adkins Zheng, was invited to be interviewed by Phoenix TV’s, "Elite Converge" program.

"In just a few years (Elon Musk has) been able to manufacture safe, reliable, and affordable cars and rockets;" said Adkins, "Yet, after 300-500 years, we still haven't constructed a truly sustainable economic, monetary, and fiscal system, meaning most economies today are either stagnant or debt-laden."

Adkins believes the underlying problem is that humanity lacks a reliable institutional toolkit to fine-tune national policies, social systems, and economic instruments. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, economies around the world are falling into chaos, recession, and fragmentation. To restore order, stability and prosperity, we must set a new standard for powerful economic governance tools.

Standing on the shoulders of economic thinkers like Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Laski, Hayek, and John Maynard Keynes, Adkins has put forward a comprehensive redefinition of foundational economic theory, introducing three new elements:

  1. Social supply capability
  2. Social supply system
  3. Base vs efficiency prices.

By applying advanced data science to new economic theories, TCSA has surpassed conventional sovereign credit currencies, Bitcoin, Libra, and other digital currencies in exploring the possibilities of economic value exchange.

TCSA has discovered a reliable methodology capable of synchronizing currency price and value, overcoming the crucial drawbacks of the monetary system while using innovative algorithms as a technological solution for sovereign currencies.

True data unification allows for the creation of a "Policy Decision Cockpit" that directly oversees a country's economic, fiscal, and currency systems--giving government officials and political parties a practical policymaking toolkit to pilot economic policies, social systems, and governance mechanisms with real-time, unified data at their fingertips.

The "Policy Decision Cockpit" can significantly increase monetary policies' efficacies and responsiveness to internal or external shocks and support the targeted reform and upgrade of economic governance systems.

TCSA's "Sovereign Asset Currency" system is a proverbial "rocket" that promotes the rapid evolution and reform of institutional mechanisms and toolkits in the global economic order. For central bank partners, TCSA will conduct a comprehensive technology transfer of all customized software and hardware components to ensure absolute data privacy and security.

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