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FEB 10, 2023
10/02/23 - Market View: Trafigura Nickel Fraud, Credit Suisse, EV Prices, Wing Tai Holdings, Property in Bishan, 20 AI Stocks to bet on, Wall Street sinks
Today on Market View, Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang uncover the case of Commodity Trader Trafigura's $577 million loss, the 20 AI stocks that analysts are expecting to rise up to 85% next year, and more! 

FEB 9, 2023
09/02/23 - Money and Me: SG investors top choices in US and Singapore markets, including ETF’s
Today we learn more about investor behavioural and action trends with Michelle Martin as she invites Dhruv Arora, Founder and CEO of Syfe to share what he’s observed on the digital platform.

FEB 9, 2023
09/02/23 - Market View: Google’s Bard misfires in debut, Alibaba joins AI fight, Disney cuts jobs, OCBC files police report
Google presented a demo of its chatbot, Bard last night, but it seems like investors aren’t too happy about it…  Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang find out why. They also look into Disney’s latest plan to cut 7,000 jobs, who Susilo Wonowidjojo is and why OCBC is filing a police report against him? 

FEB 8, 2023
08/02/23 - Money and Me: Who has 6 months savings and what are Singaporeans spending on?
How many of us set a budget and actually stick to it here in Singapore? What do Singaporeans most want their financial institutions to provide them information on?  Michelle Martin finds out with Aditi Kohli, Senior Vice President, APAC, GWI

FEB 8, 2023
08/02/23 - Market View: Microsoft AI-Powered bing homepage, Paytm, JCube, StarHub, Lendlease Global Commercial REIT, Baidu’s new chatbot, US market reactions, Tech layoffs
The AI fight rages on…Microsoft recently announced a new AI-powered Bing Homepage that users can chat with! Meanwhile, another chatbot enters the arena with Baidu revealing its very own version of ‘ChatGPT’. Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang dives deep into the world of AI. They also discuss how markets reacted to US Fed Jerome Powell’s comments overnight on Wall Street. 

FEB 7, 2023
07/02/23 - Money and Me: Which 10 S-REITS could be poised to do well in 2023?
A steady compounder? A slice of the digital future in your portfolio? Michelle Martin asks Willie Keng, Founder, Dividend Titan to fill us in on the One S-reit we all need to know about and more of what has caught his eye for 2023.

FEB 7, 2023
07/02/23 - Market View: Google’s Bard AI, Pinterest, Dell, US dollar, CapitaLand India Trust, Microsoft mystery event, Keppel corruption case, ChatGPT gets MBA
Google fights back! They have announced an artificial intelligence chatbot technology called Bard which will compete directly with rival ChatGPT. Back at home, why isn’t the government prosecuting the 6 individuals involved in the Keppel corruption case? Join Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang as they tear down the details. 

FEB 6, 2023
06/02/23 - Money and Me: Withdrawing a chunk of CPF at 65? What are the trade-offs?
Join Michelle Martin on today's episode of Money and Me as she weighs the pros and cons of withdrawing from your RA with Christopher Tan, CEO, Providend. They also look into the various changes we're seeing with the CPF this year and what these updates mean for you.

FEB 6, 2023
06/02/23 - Market View: Elon Musk wins against tweet fraud claims,Anthropic, CapitaLand China Trust, Foxconn, Japanese Yen, Spacex launch of Starship Spacecraft, US markets react to jobs data, Can S-REITs keep up positive momentum
From Teflons' win against the latest tweet fraud claims, to SpaceX's attempt to launch its Starship spacecraft, and his new charges for business to retain a verified tick on Twitter, nothing's stopping Elon Musk from making headlines today! Also, how did the latest US jobs data scare off investors last week? Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang walk through the details

FEB 3, 2023
03/02/23 - Market View: Keppel’s poor performance, Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Starbucks, CapitaLand Ascendas REIT, Digital Core REIT, British Pound, Adani debate rejected
On Singapore's earnings front, Keppel Corporation reported a 40.6 per cent year-on-year decline in net profit for the second half ended December! What’s behind this slump? Meanwhile, why is Ryan bearish on the US’s triple A companies? (Think Apple, Alphabet, Amazon) Tune in to find out with Michelle Martin! 

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