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FEB 16, 2023
16/02/23 - Money and Me: Bitcoin is up nearly 50% since beginning of this year. Are Crypto markets on edge or seeing renewed interest?
Michelle Martin finds out if regulations targeting stable coins are likely to be negative for cryptocurrency trading, if tightening the print of BUSD will benefit Bitcoin, and if there is an uptick in institutional interest in the cryptocurrency space with guest CEO of TradeTogether, Geoff Ira. 

FEB 16, 2023
16/02/23 - Market View: ASML stolen data, Marco Polo profits, Apple, Google, British Stocks, British Pound, Warren Buffet’s TSMC selloff, Charlie Munger EV bias
ASML’s in the news for the wrong reasons! Just recently, it was reported that its ex-China employee had misappropriated data relating to its critical chip technology. What are the potential repercussions from this episode? Meanwhile, which electric vehicle maker is Charlie Munger betting on? Here’s a clue, Tesla isn’t it… Find out the answers with Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang on Market View. 

FEB 15, 2023
15/02/23 - Money and Me: Winners and losers of latest S-REITs earnings season
Earnings season is once again back in full swing and the REIT sector is first in line to report its financial results. So who are some of the winners and losers of this season’s results? Find out with Michelle Martin and Kenny Loh, REIT Specialist & Independent Financial Advisor as they break down the details. They also discuss why S-REITs are defying recessionary fears and what 2023 holds for this sector.

FEB 15, 2023
15/02/23 - Market View: Singapore Budget 2023 review, UG Healthcare, iFast, Elite Commercial REIT, Creative Technology, Coca-Cola, Airbnb, US CPI data
Today on Market View, Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang investigate some of the biggest takeaways and sectors of Singapore’s economy likely to benefit from the latest reveal of Budget 2023. They also analyse the latest US inflation data and how markets are reacting to it so far. 

FEB 14, 2023
14/02/23 - Money and Me: How can an investor assess a portfolio against slowing growth in Singapore?
What does the Ministry of Trade and Industry's latest economic forecast means for us investors? Can the Singapore dollar continue its bull run for the rest of 2023? And where are global investor funds flowing towards and from? Michelle Martin discusses these questions with Cheng Chye Hsern, Head of Investment, Providend.

FEB 14, 2023
14/02/23 - Market View: Singapore budget 2023, Parangon REIT, First REIT, Link REIT, MBS delayed expansion plans, Palantir, Twilio, SATS, Netlink, STI
On this Valentine's Day, what 'gifts' can we expect from the Budget 2023? Also, multiple S-REITs have just announced their latest earnings results! Who's outperforming the rest? Join Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang as they break down the latest headlines and more on this episode of Market View.  

FEB 13, 2023
13/02/23 - Money and Me: How could one sensibly invest in AI mania if it is a theme to last? What’s the future of Covid Vaccine companies, Bull vs bear struggle in markets
What are some potential stocks to play the current artificial intelligence mania? Do the covid vaccine companies have life beyond Covid? And given the bull vs bear struggle in markets over whether interest rates will cause a recession, which camp is he standing with? Michelle Martin asks Swapnil Mishra, Founder, WealthZen & Adjunct Mentor, Singapore Management University 

FEB 13, 2023
13/02/23 - Money and Me: Budget2023 and the tech industry wishlist - manpower, professionalistion & help with cybercrime
Michelle Martin hears what the leading trade association for Singapore’s tech industry SGTech’s hopes that Singapore Budget 2023 can prioritize to fortify Singapore’s technology sector. Michelle speaks with SGTech Chair Mr Wong Wai Meng.

FEB 13, 2023
13/02/23 - Market View: DBS declares special dividends, ThaiBev, Thomson Medical, Adidas, Japan’s Ben Bernanke, Trafigura Nickel Nemesis
Good news for DBS shareholders! Singapore’s biggest bank just declared special dividend after its Q4 profit jumped 69%! But going forward, how might a slower pause in rate hikes affect DBS profits? Also, why are metals going missing during commodity trading? Find out the details with Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang. 

FEB 10, 2023
10/02/23 - Money and Me: Hack Your Mind To Save Better
Notice how many more sales there are nowadays? How can you resist corporations’ attempts to get you, to spend more? Michelle Martin and Seow Kai Lun, Managing Editor, The Simple Sum discuss practical ways to resist social pressures to spend.

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