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JUN 15, 2022
15/06/22 - Market View: FedEx Dividend Hike, Sea's Shopee leaves Spain, Charles Schwab, Far East Orchard, Coinbase Layoff
With Fedex boosting its quarterly dividend payment by approximately 50%, can we expect other companies to follow suit? What does Sea's Shopee's exit from Spain and team layoff in South-east Asia mean for the company going forward? Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang analyse these questions. 

JUN 15, 2022
15/06/22 - Money and Me: Is crypto dead or alive?
Is crypto dead or has its use-cases increased? What does that long-term view depend on and could NFT's be a possible strategy for investors dealing with dramatic downturns in the space? Michelle Martin finds out with Kishore M, Founder, Crowd Fund Junction a start up that connects early stage blockchain projects to a community of investors.

JUN 15, 2022
15/06/22 - Market View Minutes: Potential bright spots in a gloomy market?
Michelle Martin looks at two companies amidst the gloomy sentiment that could get worse as the US bear market deepens.

JUN 14, 2022
14/06/22 - Market View: S&P 500 in bear market, Oracle, HRnetGroup, Celsius 53% fall
How long do bear markets generally last and how deep do they go? That's the big question Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang explore in Market View. They also discuss to what extent bear markets indicate that a recession is at hand and some bright spots that came out of last night's sellout. 

JUN 14, 2022
14/06/22 - Money and Me: Nurturing a child who knows how to make money
Can entrepreneurship in children be nurtured or is it innate? Will Rainey who runs a blog dedicated to helping children understand money shares what he is seeing little entrepreneurs do with their time and how parents can groom one in this conversation with Michelle Martin

JUN 14, 2022
14/06/22 - Market View Minutes: 6 Bear Market Tips!
Do you have the bear market blues?  We hear you and feel your pain. But don’t fret... and most certainly, do not sell off without thinking it through. Michelle Martin has 6 Bear Market Tips for you, only on Market View Minutes.

JUN 13, 2022
13/06/22 - Money and Me: Singapore ranks as the 13th most expensive city globally
According to ECA International's latest findings from its Cost of Living research, Singapore retains its ranking as the 13th most expensive city globally. Michelle Martin speaks to Lee Quane, Regional Director, Asia at ECA International as he explains the drivers behind the latest cost of living changes and implications the research findings would have on Singapore’s attractiveness as a destination for companies and expatriates.

JUN 13, 2022
13/06/22 - Market View: YangZiJiang's possible bullish narrative, Tesla, HSBC, Microsoft, Investors' reaction to inflation report
With T Rowe Price increasing its YangZiJiang Shipbuilding interest to above 8%, does this suggest a bullish narrative? And why are investors and markets so upset about the latest inflation report? Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang break it all down.

JUN 13, 2022
13/06/22 - Market View Minutes: Singapore's first SPAC listing?
A satellite company that provides high-speed internet access to remote communities across the Pacific may become the first SPAC listing in Singapore! Michelle Martin tells us more about Kacific Broadband Satellites - and the blank cheque company that's in the talks to merge with it, on Market View Minutes. 

JUN 10, 2022
10/06/22 - Market View Minutes: Is time to buy the 'Singapore Bounce' in Nio stock?
Since listing on the Singapore market, shares of the Chinese electric vehicle maker have been on a tear! Ok, they had a rough start in their first week of trade about three weeks ago, but since then, Nio is up more than 30 percent! Should we call it the ‘Singapore bounce’? Well, Nio’s latest earnings numbers are out. What do investors think of how the EV maker is doing? Michelle Martin tells you all about it in Market View Minutes.

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