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JAN 11, 2023
11/01/23 - Read: Will you read SPARE?
Is it schadenfreude or just the very human resonance with a story that at its heart is about family? Michelle Martin asks, will you read Prince Harry's new book?

JAN 11, 2023
11/01/23 - Money and Me: Earning passive income in 2023
So you want to expand your portfolio of dividend stocks but are wondering how the US Fed's management of rates - particularly in the second half of 2023- could impact the companies on your list, Michelle Martin asks Tim Phillips, Head of Content & Investment Lead for ProsperUs, CGS-CIMB Securities, to break down a simple dividend investment strategy for the year.

JAN 11, 2023
11/01/23 - Market View: European stocks back in demand, BMW, Olam Group, Yangzijiang Shipbuilding, Boeing vs Airbus, SingPost
It looks like the tables have turned as Citigroup analysts are calling for "underweight" on U.S. equities on recession fears but were bullish on European stocks Why is that? And why is optimism returning to the European market? Well tune in to find out as Michelle Martin breaks down the details.

JAN 10, 2023
10/01/23 - Money and Me: Will we see a u-turn in China’s grip on tech firms?
Media reports say China is planning to relax restrictions or ease the “three red lines“ policy for its real estate sector. We’ve seen the easing of controls from chips to coal imports and Chinese internet platform businesses. Are we at another important turning point for the paradigm governing China’s technological ambitions? Michelle Martin puts the question to author of Influence Empire, the Inside the Story of Tencent and China’s Tech Ambition Lulu Chen, Author, Influence Empire.

JAN 10, 2023
10/01/23 - Market View: Market reaction to China reopening, World Precision Machinery, APAC Realty, Apple, Broadcom, MPACT, US Corporate earnings
US corporate earnings are back in focus! What are some of Wall Street's expectations? Meanwhile, how are markets reacting to China's reopening? Michelle Martin takes a deep dive into these questions and more!

JAN 9, 2023
09/01/23 - Money and Me: Are more dividends in 2023 possible?
On this episode of Money and Me, Michelle Martin invites Willie Keng, Founder, Dividend Titan to discuss dividend stocks to watch spanning REITs, recruitment, food solutions and the newest addition to the Singapore Exchange. 

JAN 9, 2023
09/01/23 - Market View: New US House Speaker, Yangzijiang Shipbuilding, Costco, BioNTech, Singapore vs Hong Kong, LG OLED TV, Best World
Kevin McCarthy had just been elected as the US House Speaker! How might this decision affect markets? Meanwhile, which economy is likely to grow faster in the year ahead, is it Singapore or Hong Kong? Michelle Martin has the answers. 

JAN 6, 2023
06/01/23 - Money and Me: Money Lessons from a CEO for 2023
Where should you put your money this year, if investing in the stock market last year turned out to be disappointing? Michelle Martin asks Christopher Tan, CEO, Providend, as he shares his investment outlook for 2023 and how we can take action based on this strategy.  Also if he had $100 000, where would he put it in the market in 2023?

JAN 6, 2023
06/01/23 - Market View: Walgreen Boots Alliance earnings, Geo Energy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Panasonic, Conagra, 2023 bullish case for oil, CES 2023
On today’s episode of Market View, Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang explore Walgreen Boots Alliances’ latest earnings report and why its shares are falling even after quarterly results exceeded expectations. They also look into this week’s oil sell-off and find out the odds of a bull run in 2023. 

JAN 5, 2023
05/01/23 - Influence: Magnus Renfrew co-founder of ART SG
Michelle Martin finds out what the highlights of an anticipated art fair in SEA, how technology is changing the art world and what is shaping up as trends for the art market for 2023 with Magnus Renfrew, Co-Founder of ART SG and Co-Chairman and Global Director of The Art Assembly

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