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JUN 20, 2022
20/06/22 - Market View Minutes: Wall Street analysts' current favorite stocks!
Today in Market View Minutes, we have 3 stocks for you that are on Analyst Buy Lists! Yes, the markets may be down, but remember the adage, ‘Buy Low, Sell High’. So, what companies do Wall Street’s top analysts like now? Michelle Martin tells us all about it.

JUN 20, 2022
20/06/22 - Market View: AEM Holdings and Grand Venture Technology share buyback, Wilmar, APAC Realty, SpaceX
Does AEM Holdings and Grand Venture Technology's recent share buyback signal confidence in the semiconductor sector? And with food prices rising, is this a good time to buy agribusiness stocks? Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang investigate these questions. They also take a look at the one sector in the S&P 500 that is up this year.

JUN 17, 2022
17/06/22 - Market View: US Market Overnight Sell-off, BOE raises interest rates, AEM, TikTok, Snap
What were the reasons for the overnight sell-off in the US market and how should investors position their portfolios in response? The Bank of England raises interest rates to the highest since 2009 and warns more rate hikes to come. Do investors expect the MAS to tighten monetary policy? Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang discuss these questions and more. 

JUN 17, 2022
17/06/22 - Money and Me: Prospects for Chinese Tech Stocks, Crypto & Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Investing
Chinese tech stocks- dark clouds ahead or bargains now? Tencent and Alibaba are discussed along with the crypto landscape and how investors can best navigate the ESG world. Michelle Martin discusses the headlines with Tim Phillips, Head of Content & Investment Lead for ProsperUs, CGS-CIMB Securities

JUN 17, 2022
17/06/22 - Market View Minutes: Where Asian investors are looking for good returns
With US stocks in a bear market, where can investors find good returns? Many Asian investors are looking closer to home. Michelle Martin shares more on exactly what markets they are investing in.

JUN 16, 2022
16/06/22 - Market View Minutes: Are airlines good investments?
What do SIA, AirAsia and Cathay Pacific have in common? They are all growing! But are airlines good investments? Michelle Martin has the answer. 

JUN 16, 2022
16/06/22 - Read: The Voltage Effect
Is your business built to scale or built to fail? Michelle Martin dives into her book pick and discusses translating an idea for impact with noted economist, John A List, Author of The Voltage Effect.

JUN 16, 2022
16/06/22 - Market View: US Federal Reserve raises key lending rates by 75 basis points, Hybe, Robinhood, Sinovac
The US Federal Reserve raised its key lending rate by 75 basis points overnight. That’s three times larger than the Fed’s standard increase and it brings the Federal Funds Rate to a trading range of 1 and a half to 1.75 percent! So what does the largest US rate hike in nearly 30 years mean for stocks, bonds, oil prices and your finances? Michelle Martin tells us all about it. 

JUN 16, 2022
16/06/22 - Money and Me: What does the 75 interest rate point increase mean for Singaporeans and is crypto really in turmoil?
Michelle Martin in conversation with Arun Pai, Investments Team, Monk's Hill Ventures as they discuss why markets are rallying despite the approval of the largest interest rate increase since 1994 by the Federal Reserve. They also talk about the health of the crypto ecosystem and what this means for the crypto space moving forward.

JUN 15, 2022
15/06/22 - Read: The Premonition
As the author of Liar's Poker, Moneyball, The Blind Side and The Big Short, Michael Lewis is undoubtedly no stranger to success as a nonfiction writer. In his latest book, 'The Premonition', he uncovers the details of how a small group of US medical professionals who saw the pandemic on the horizon lost the battle to be heard to dysfunctional and indifferent forces governing public health response. 

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