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JUN 23, 2022
23/06/22 - Market View: SingTel's potential sale of Amobee, Moody downgrades LMIR Trust’s rating, DBS clarifies on CEO compensation, Twitter, Alexa
In today's episode of Market View, Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang discusses the  potential sale of Amobee and impact on SingTel's profitability. With Moody's downgrading of Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail Trust’s rating, Michelle and Ryan discuss whether this indicates that locally-listed REITs with overseas assets are facing problems due to the SGD's strength. They also unpack DBS' clarification on CEO compensation & reiteration of stakeholder capitalism.

JUN 23, 2022
23/06/22 - Money and Me: Foreign Exchange trading, a reliable investment option?
With the crash in the crypto market and fears of significant economic downturns, the million dollar question for investors is "What should I invest in now?" Ashli Koe, Fund Manager, Salzworth Global Currency Fund, shares with Michelle Martin on why she believes that investors should turn to foreign exchange trading for reliable returns in today's chaotic markets and strategies for FX trading.

JUN 23, 2022
23/06/22 - Market View Minutes: Taking advantage of bitcoin's fluctuations
Are we in a crypto winter?  With bitcoin prices down 70 percent since last November, many market watchers say we are in for a prolonged downturn and that bitcoin could still fall a lot further.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t make money from bitcoin’s movements. Michelle Martin takes a look at how.

JUN 22, 2022
22/06/22 - Money and Me: How much critical illness insurance coverage do you need?
Don’t leave critical illness plans to when you need it, that’s when you are likely not to qualify. What do we need to look out for when understanding the various plans? Michelle Martin and Elijah Lee, Financial Services Manager, Phillip Securities survey the critical illness plan landscape in Singapore.

JUN 22, 2022
22/06/22 - Market View: First US Short Bitcoin-Linked ETF, US Markets narrative, Kellogg's, Keppel DC REIT, Singapore utilities and GST support
In today's episode of Market View, Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang talk about the launch of the first U.S. short Bitcoin-linked ETF by ProShares and how short sellers are faring having bet against crypto stocks. They also discuss businesses or sectors that could benefit from Singapore’s support plans that include utilities credits and GST  offsets.

JUN 22, 2022
22/06/22 - Market View Minutes: Is this a tech stock or a defence industry play?
It's no question that big data is big business. But do they make a good investment? Michelle Martin has the answers. 

JUN 21, 2022
21/06/22 - Market View: S-Reits total returns mostly positive, Sembcorp Marine, Keppel DC REIT, Nutryfarm, US Sanctions supercharge China's Chipmaking Industry
Despite 2 in 3 S-Reits having fared worse than at IPO, total returns mostly positive. Why is that? Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang unravel this unusual phenomenon and they also discuss why a Sembmarine shareholder is campaigning against merger with Keppel O&M. 

JUN 21, 2022
21/06/22 - Market View Minutes: Investing in stock market trends
If you had to name an industry sector that is most closely aligned with market trends, what do you think it would be? Energy? No, it’s the only segment of the S&P 500 that’s currently in positive territory. How about financials? Well, there’s a segment of the financial industry that is particularly invested in stock market movements. What is it? And could now be a time to buy for forward-looking investors to buy into it? Michelle Martin tells us all about it in Market View Minutes.

JUN 21, 2022
21/06/22 - Money and Me: The Art And Science of Entrepreneurship
Do entrepreneurs see the world differently? Where are the opportunities for entrepreneurs if we survey supply-chain disruptions today? Professor Inderjit Singh is best known as a former PAP Member of Parliament, but is also a serial entrepreneur. Now 62, he has founded 6 companies - among them a unicorn that grew to a valuation of US$2 billion in three years. His new 500-page book arose despite him having no plans to write one and is a distillation of his lived experience. In this interview, he shares with Michelle Martin his thoughts on spotting opportunities, fundraising, leveraging social capital and potential bright spots for future home-grown MNC's that he thinks exist today.

JUN 20, 2022
20/06/22 - Money and Me: Good news from the inverted yield curve?
On June 13th interest rates flipped on U.S. Treasuries, with short-term bonds paying more than long-term bonds. What does history say about the unusual occurrence? Nirgunan Tiruchelvam, Head of Consumer Sector Equity Research, Tellimer makes the bullish case for commodities in conversation with Michelle Martin.

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