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Your Money With Michelle Martin (9am - 12pm) It’s all about Your Money with Michelle Martin from 9am to 12pm. How to save, invest and make the best financial decisions for yourself. Listen to inspiring thinkers with “Influence” and hear from great authors in “Read”.

SEP 5, 2019
05/09/19 - Is Singapore one of the world’s most pleasant cities to live in?
According to the Economic Intelligence Unit’s - or EIU - 2019 Global Liveability Index, financial hubs like London, New York and Singapore did not fare well in a survey of the world's most pleasant cities to live in. Singapore slipped three places to 40th spot, behind Hong Kong at 38th place, but still ahead of big cities like London at No. 48 and New York at No. 58. Vienna took the top spot for the second year running, at 99.1 out of 100 - an almost perfect score. The EIU’s Worldwide Cost of Living Report also showed that Singapore is also the world’s most expensive city for the fifth year in a row. Meanwhile, the EIU's Safe Cities Index revealed that Singapore has retained its position as the world’s second safest city, after Tokyo. Pamela Qiu, Director of The Economist Corporate Network, South-East Asia breaks down the findings. 

SEP 4, 2019
04/09/19 - Influence : How Lynn Tan turned $50 000 into $15 million in annual turnover in a decade
Entrepreneur Lynn Tan, Managing Director of Ales Group Singapore Pte Ltd started her business armed with belief in her product and a $50 000 loan from an uncle. She's grown a one-woman show to a thriving business with 80 staff and S$15 million annual turnover in less than 10 years.She tells Michelle Martin how changing her business model mid-way was part of the evolution of her brand story.

SEP 4, 2019
04/09/19 - Read: Could complacency hold Singapore back? Featuring author Nicholas Walton
Michelle Martin finally chats with the author behind a book she has been trying (unsuccessfully) to check out of the library. Engaging, funny and thought-provoking, author Nicholas Walton contemplates if the recipe for Singapore's success so far will see us into the future. He takes us beyond the pages of his book 'Singapore, Singapura: From Miracle to Complacency'. 

SEP 4, 2019
04/09/19 - Money and Me: Shop the Open Electricity Market to Shrink Your Bills
Join Michelle Martin, as she speaks with Kenneth Lou, CEO, Seedly and Yeap Ming Feng Ming Feng, Head of Content and Growth, Seedly about the Open Electricity Market, how to identify the best plan for your power needs and debunk myths that surround this new development.

SEP 3, 2019
03/09/19 - Influence: CEO, Aegon Asia Andrew Byrne shares how retirement ready Asia is.
More Singaporeans are now living longer. In fact, Singapore topped the world in life expectancy in 2017 with an expected lifespan of 84.8 years, surging ahead of the traditional chart-topper Japan by more than half a year. But are we ready for retirement here in Singapore and Asia? Andrew Byrne, CEO of Aegon Asia shares more. 

SEP 3, 2019
03/09/19 - Money and Me: Bet Seldom, Bet Big. Lessons from a Seasoned Investor
Why is temperament more important than intelligence in investing? What's second level thinking and how do you use it? Join Michelle Martin, as she speaks with one of Singapore's most awarded fund managers, Daniel Chan, Founder, DCG Capital,  on the art of picking winning stocks and lessons anyone can use from Daniel's own journey as an investor across almost 40 years.

SEP 2, 2019
02/09/19 - Read: In Conversation with John Connolly
Join Michelle Martin, as she speaks with award-winning Irish bestselling author, John Connolly, about his latest title 'A Book of Bones', his popular Charlie Parker series and how he has continually created books that resonate with readers for almost 20 years.

SEP 2, 2019
02/09/19 - Money and Me: How has the CPF Investment Scheme performed?
Join Michelle Martin, as she speaks with Xav Fung, Director of Lipper Asia Pacific Research, about the most recent developments in the CPF Investment Scheme, the various investment instruments under the Scheme, the sort of returns we’ve seen recently and what you need to know before investing with the CPF-IS.  He also compares the latest quarterly results with those of Q1, and discuss the opportunities that are to be had with this Scheme right now.

AUG 30, 2019
30/08/19 - Money and Me: Digital Banking - An Opportunity or Threat to Traditional Players?
Join MichelleMartin, as she speaks with Timothy Chen, Co-Founder and CEO, MaxFinx, LIVE from Suntec City, about the rise of digital banking, how it will impact traditional players, and how MaxFinx plays a role in the shift in the industry.

AUG 29, 2019
29/08/19 - Once a refugee, now a restaurant owner.
Being born as a refugee in Vietnam in 1979 when there were no papers claiming to any state back then, he lived through a difficult childhood when food was scarce and his home country was in turmoil from the tails of the Third Indochina War. But his determined parents fought hard for the family's survival despite the adversities. Fast-forward to today, he has his own restaurant and aims to bring homemade Vietnamnese food international. Hoang Ha, Co-Founder of Vietnamnese restaurant Mrs Pho talks about serving comfort food that draws its best flavours from love, authenticity and familial ties to feed you like family. With the help of Brian Chua, Director of Gourmet Food Holdings, Hoang is set to expand its business further. 

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