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Your Money With Michelle Martin (9am - 12pm) It’s all about Your Money with Michelle Martin from 9am to 12pm. How to save, invest and make the best financial decisions for yourself. Listen to inspiring thinkers with “Influence” and hear from great authors in “Read”.

JUN 28, 2022
28/06/22 - Market View: Accusations against Incredible & and Axington, Bellagraph doctoring of Obama photos, Metal markets rebound, Nike,
Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang highlight 2 cases of local companies being accused of breaching exchange rules and potentially  harming minority investors, with Incredible & and Axington in hot water. Michelle and Ryan also discuss the implications of another scandal involving the Bellagraph Nova Group for their Newcastle United bid and doctoring of Obama photos.

JUN 28, 2022
28/06/22 - Money and Me: Best & worst performing cryptocurrencies? The future of Crypto in Singapore for investors?
Michelle Martin and Vijay Ayyar, VP Corporate Development & Global Expansion, Luno discuss current best and worst performers amidst the fallout of the crypto market, his expectations for the market, how crypto investors are responding and his view of MAS' stance on crypto currencies

JUN 28, 2022
28/06/22 - Market View Minutes: Looking ahead to the 2nd half of 2022
Investors can’t wait to close the books on the first half of 2022.  To say it’s been rocky would be an understatement.  But, let’s look ahead, what do the next six months have in store for investors and how can you invest for solid returns? Michelle Martin shares some of her ideas.

JUN 27, 2022
27/06/22 - Market View: Wilmar, Keppel and OCBC share buybacks, Propnex, US Markets Quarter-end buying, Apple products release
Could Wilmar, Keppel and OCBC's recent share buybacks indicate a bullish outlook for the year ahead? And are there opportunities in metals now that prices are facing strong selling pressure? Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang take a deeper look at these questions. 

JUN 27, 2022
27/06/22 - Money and Me: What mums want from workplaces
As the founder & director of Mums@Work and mother of 2, Sher-Li Torrey strongly advocates a work environment that thrives in allowing employees to have better work-family integration. She joins Michelle Martin on Money and Me to discuss the kind of “work flexibility “ mums want from workplaces and how her company helps mums with the whole area of “money”.

JUN 27, 2022
27/06/22 - Market View Minutes: Tesla or Nio?
If you placed their cars on an F1 course, which one would win?  While she doesn’t have the answer to that question, Michelle Martin tells us which stock is currently outperforming and why!

JUN 24, 2022
24/06/22 - READ: Michael Vlismas, Elon Musk: Risking it All
Why is Elon Musk, the richest man on earth, so utterly unafraid of taking risks? In his new unauthorized biography of Musk, Michael Vlismas, journalist & author, Elon Musk: Risking it All explores how Musk's early background played a key role in his later successes and shares his insights into the man with Michelle Martin.

JUN 24, 2022
24/06/22 - Money and Me: Should you marry your money in a joint account?
He is an experienced mediator, somenisor and has been married for 30 years. Mr P Thirunal Karasu, Director, Singcorp International shares his views on whether it is a good idea for couples to set up joint accounts in this conversation with Michelle Martin.

JUN 24, 2022
24/06/22 - Market View: Singapore Inflation, Investing in a Bear Market, Sheng Siong, Japfa, Meta, TikTok
How long will it take for us to bring Singapore's inflation under control? And how exactly do we invest in a bear market? Michelle Martin asks Yeap Jun Rong, Market Strategist, IG. They also discuss which Asian market currently offers the best opportunities and the outlook for social media and the Metaverse. 

JUN 24, 2022
24/06/22 - Market View Minutes: A silver lining for investors in a bear market
Are higher food prices driving you bananas? Well, bananas are big business for some, and one company in this space is reporting significantly higher profits. Michelle Martin reveals it on Market View Minutes.

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