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JAN 27, 2023
27/01/23 - Market View: LVMH & Diageo earnings results, US GDP data, Intel, Hasbro, SAP, MBS, Frasers Centrepoint Trust
Today on Market View, Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang looks into the US’s latest GDP data and what it suggests about the health of its economy. They also find out who who Elon Musk thinks will be Tesla’s main rival. 

JAN 26, 2023
26/01/23 - Money and Me: On tankers and other less than obvious plays to cash in on macro trends for 2023
Wondering what the NYSE glitch means for retail investors? Banks, REITS and high quality bonds seem to be what analysts favor, what are your options beyond Singapore? Arun Pai, Investments Team, Monks Hill Ventures weighs in, in conversation with Michelle Martin

JAN 26, 2023
26/01/23 - Market View: US earnings review, AT&T, Levi Strauss, Tesla, Chevron, Red Bull, NYSE new glitch protocol, Hindenburg short sell on Adani stocks
Today on Market View, Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang take a broader look at the US earnings season and how investors have been weighing on these latest results. They also discuss Hindenburg Research’s short position on Adani stocks.

JAN 25, 2023
25/01/23 - Read: Transition - The Story of PN Balji
What began as casual catch up between two friends developed into weekly two to three hour sessions and ultimately a life biography. Today on Read, Michelle Martin speaks to Woon Tai Ho, Author, Transition: The Story of PN Balji & PN Balji, Veteran Newspaper Journalist to explore what a 40-year perspective of the changing social, economic and political life of a city state seen through the discerning eye of a veteran journalist looks like.

JAN 25, 2023
25/01/23 - Market View: NYSE ‘technical glitch’, Microsoft earnings reaction, Google, General Electric, AIMS Apac REIT, Elon Musk Tesla trial
Over in the US, a wild market open caused by a ‘technical glitch’ rattled investors overnight prompting widespread trading halts all across the board! So what exactly happened and what do we know about the extent of the damage? Meanwhile, why aren’t investors happy with Microsoft’s latest earnings results? Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang analyse these latest headlines. 

JAN 25, 2023
25/01/23 - Money and Me: Who has a right to this property?
What can be contested and who benefits when you buy property in another person’s name? Michelle Martin chats with Justin Chan, Senior Partner & Head, Dispute Resolution Practice Tito Isaac & Co LLP to understand scenarios that can unfold when buying a house through a trust or on the basis of trust.

JAN 20, 2023
20/01/23 - Market view: Mapletree Logistics Trust DPU jump, Prime US REIT, Microsoft, Intel, Alphabet, Netflix’s subscriber numbers explode
SREITs are in focus this morning! Michelle Martin looks into some local companies that’s making headlines and investigate Netflix’s shocking increase in subscriber numbers.

JAN 20, 2023
20/01/23 - Money and Me: She bought her first house at 19 and takes us to Money School
Lacey Filipich won a lottery of sorts with her late mother's money lessons. The award winning author and founder of Money School tells Michelle Martin, it’s not more money that we should be aiming for if we want to be time and asset rich. 

JAN 19, 2023
19/01/23 - Money and Me: Key themes driving markets in 2023
Will inflation continue to be the theme that drives market movements this year? And is the bond market poised for a recovery in 2023? Michelle Martin asks Cheng Chye Hsern, Head of Investment, Providend. 

JAN 19, 2023
19/01/23 - Market View: US Tech layoff, US wholesale prices, Twitter, Bitcoin, Japanese Yen, UG Healthcare, US December retail sales
On today’s episode of Market View, Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang investigate the latest tech layoff scene over in the US, how markets are reacting to the the latest December retail sales data, and what makes UG Healthcare an undervalued stock.  

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