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JAN 10, 2022
10/01/22 - Market View Minutes with Michelle: A fresh opportunity to invest in Goldman Sachs
Goldman Sachs has picked several stocks to buy into even though they've already enjoyed strong rallies in 2021. The list is fairly diverse, ranging from a Taiwanese chipmaker to an Indian bank. Get ready with your pen to paper and get the list from Michelle Martin.

JAN 10, 2022
10/01/22 - Money & Me: Mapletree merger, growth in commercial S-Reits and the potential return of Reit IPOs in 2022
In this episode of Money & Me, Michelle Martin speaks with Kenny Loh, REIT Specialist and Independent Financial Advisor on his outlook of S-Reits for 2022, his thoughts on the proposed Mapletree Pan-Asia Commercial Trust and if REIT IPOs will make a comeback after delays in 2021.

JAN 7, 2022
07/01/22 - Money & Me: Carzuno on whether it's car subscription can save us more money than car ownership?
Car ownership is infamously expensive in Singapore. Yet some of us still need a personal vehicle to get around. Car subscriptions like Carzuno offer the option of owning a car, without the high upfront costs involved. Michelle Martin chats with Andrew Chan, co-founder of Carzuno to find out what its subscription really includes, how much drivers stand to save and how this Singapore start-up makes its money.

JAN 7, 2022
07/01/22 - Market View Minutes with Michelle: Examining Sea after its share price has taken a hit
Sea's share price tumbled some 17 percent after Tencent Holdings sold its $3 billion stake in the Singapore-based company. But does this mean Sea is a bad buy? Not necessarily, say some market watchers. Michelle Martin explains.

JAN 7, 2022
07/01/22 - Market View: Feds' triple threat policy tightening, has an "investable bottom" been reached? Pause for "Queen of bulls" Cathie Wood?, US small caps, meme coins, GameStop, Sonos, Shimao
Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang end the first week of 2022 with a Market View of the US markets, where the Feds are looking to impose a triple threat of policy tightening. Also, a look at bond yields, hedge funds and the future of US small caps. And in a double round of "Up or Down", their vote on meme coins, GameStop, Sonos and Shimao. 

JAN 6, 2022
06/01/22 - Money & Me: Rising energy prices, bond yields signal economic recovery, Tencent divests its stake in Sea
Michelle Martin taps the analytic brain of Arun Pai, Chief Strategy Officer, FLOW to understand why energy prices are rising, particularly in Singapore; what the bond yield markets are pointing towards and what that could mean for stocks. They also discuss Tencent's divestment in Singapore's Sea and where value is to be found with Chinese internet companies. 

JAN 6, 2022
06/01/22 - Market View: Tech selling and the stock market rate rout, chipmakers go after each other's turf, Mapletree merger,  Sea, Rivian, SGX, Singapore retail sales
Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang dive into tech stocks deferring biggest losses in more than a decade overnight, the the latest FOMC minutes from December,  Moody's review on the contentious merger between Mapletree Commercial Trust and Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust, plus Tencent's divestment in Sea, news on Rivian and Singapore retail sales.

JAN 6, 2022
06/01/22 - Market View Minutes with Michelle: 22 stocks for 2022?
The S&P Stocks keep setting record highs after record highs. But if investors know where to look, there are plenty of values to be found. A screening of the the S&P 500 index for stocks that were trading far below the average analyst price target has been compiled. Find out which ones made the cut.

JAN 5, 2022
05/01/22 - Money & Me:Will Bitcoin hit $100 000 in 2022?
What kind of impact would  inflation and regulation have on the crypto market? Can Bitcoin reach $100,000 this year? And will Solana reverse its downtrend? Michelle Martin gets the insights of Krishna Ramachandra, Chairman of Selvam LLC and Senior Advisor to EQBR Networks for some directions.

JAN 5, 2022
05/01/22 - Market View: Apple, Alibaba, Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Novo Tellus, Mapletree Commercial Trust, Toyota
Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang discuss Warren Buffett's Apple investment and Charlie Munger's Alibaba holding. They also talk about Novo Tellus' approval for a SPAC listing, why investors don't like Mapletree Commercial Trust's merger and how Toyota dethrones GM to become America’s top-selling automaker in 2021.

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