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FEB 29, 2024
29/02/24 - Money and Me: Zora Health and Anna Haotanto on the million dollar fundraise and an e-commerce model to help alleviate infertility
How can start-ups like Zora Health women in Singapore and around the globe, preserve the scarce asset of fertility? Michelle Martin finds out with Anna Haotanto, CEO and Founder, Zora Health.

FEB 29, 2024
29/02/24 - Market View: UOB Kay Hian, Far East Orchard, Centurion, Hong Leong Asia, ST Engineering, China's Country Garden, Air Asia, Hong Kong Taxes, South Korean babies, Constellation Energy
On Money and Me, Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang find out what's powering the stellar profits on several Singapore-listed companies, how China's Country Garden story might play out, and the latest on Hong Kong taxes. 

FEB 28, 2024
28/02/24 - Money and Me: The Budget and investors evaluations of Singapore
How do institutional investors view the Singapore market? The budget outlines a clear push in certain sectors; should investors take note? Michelle Martin finds out with James Ooi, Market Strategist, Tiger Brokers Singapore. 

FEB 28, 2024
28/02/24 - Money and Me: What jobs are in demand in 2024?
Will AI take over our jobs? How can mid-career transitions be managed to maximise our salary asks? What are the in-demand roles for 2024 in Singapore? Michelle Martin takesa closer look at Randstad's 2024 Job Market Outlook & Salary Guide Report with Jaya Dass, Randstad’s Regional Managing Director for Permanent Recruitment.

FEB 28, 2024
28/02/24 - Market View: Jardine Cycle & Carriage H2 earnings, UOL Group, CDL, OCBC, Alibaba, Li Auto, Sony Apple
What's driving Jardine Cycle & Carriage H2 earnings? How did UOL group secure a 364% leap in H2 profit? And why are CDL earnings down so sharply? Michelle Martin break down the details with Willie Keng, Founder, Dividend Titan.

FEB 27, 2024
27/02/24 - Money and Me: The choice edition - options when indices like the SNP 500 and the Nikkei are soaring and a closer look at growing your CPF-OA funds
What's driving stock markets from the US to Japan and if you wanted to invest in the indices, is Feb 2024 a good time to do so? And what are some ways to think of investing your CPF-OA given the recent changes to the CPF announced in the Budget? Michelle Martin finds out with Cheng Chye Hsern, Head of Investment, Providend.

FEB 27, 2024
27/02/24 - Market View: Yangzijiang Shipbuilding vs Seatrium, Data centre S-REITs, Domino's Pizza, Asahi, Haw Par, SICC Environment, Berkshire Hathaway performance
What's the best and worst performing Singapore blue chip company? What's the outlook for data-centre S-REITs? And why is Berkshire Hathaway warning of no more 'eye-popping performance'? Michelle Martin finds out with Willie Keng, Founder, Dividend Titan. 

FEB 26, 2024
26/02/24 - Money and Me: Where are Singaporeans investing overseas?
Shawn Lee and Benny Ong from iQuadrant talk about key markets they have looked into and share why an exit strategy, occupancy yield, and an understanding of true rental rates are among their key criteria for overseas property investing. Both also share their view on the Singapore Budget's impact on the property market.

FEB 26, 2024
26/02/24 - Little Luxuries: The shortest way from where you are and where you want to get to is this class.
Back in 1978, Harvard's Professor of Psychology Ellen Langer published research on the power of the word "because". Michelle Martin talks about the ideas powering her upcoming Masterclass.

FEB 26, 2024
26/02/24 - Market View: Berkshire's trouble finding investable companies, Seatrium, Raffles Medical, Great Eastern, Struggling S-reits, Intuitive Machines, Allianz and Standard Chartered
Is Warren Buffet eyeing a market correction? Why is Berkshire Hathaway's eye-popping performance over? A closer look at Seatrium and Raffles Medical and Great Eastern's earnings and a survey of the latest REIT announcing a big drop in distribution. Join Michelle Martin as she surveys the investment world in minutes. 

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