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JUL 1, 2022
01/07/22 - Market View Minutes: Chinese stocks as Hong Kong celebrates
Twenty-five years ago today, Prince Charles set sail from Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, marking the end of more than a century and a half of British rule over the territory.  As China celebrates today the return of Hong Kong to the fold, investors are taking a fresh look at Chinese stocks.  What is catching their eye?  Michelle Martin finds out.

JUL 1, 2022
01/07/22 - Market View: Hello Kitty Owner soars, Boom in Chinese Tech stocks, Micron's weak outlook, US inflation rates remain high
Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang discuss the apparent boom in various Chinese sectors. Sanrio, the owner of Hello Kitty, has enjoyed its best day on the stock market as it signs a license deal with Alibaba to expand in China. Michelle and Ryan opine on Invesco's claim that Chinese Tech Stocks are the most attractive in the world. They also discuss Micron's weak outlook, its implications on the wider US tech industry and US interest rates still remaining very high

JUL 1, 2022
01/07/22 - Money & Me: Bouncing back from being $500k in debt to thriving digital marketing startup
Imagine your partner losing their life savings because of a financial scam, being forced to leave their job and the two of you are now stuck with half a million dollars in debt? Zoe Sin, Head of Operations, Ascend Marketing shares with Michelle Martin on how she bounced back from that to build a highly successful boutique digital marketing startup with her husband, all while juggling the burdens of motherhood.

JUL 1, 2022
01/07/22 - Influence: Raising a child prodigy
He’s just 10 and only learnt to read music last year but already has been invited to Carnegie Hall. Meet Mikkel Myer Lee a Singaporean pianist who has been wowing with his talent on the piano. Michelle Martin speaks with the young Pianist & Felina Seah, Mikkel’s Mum . On July 2022, he will make history by being the youngest to take on Chopin Concerto No. 2 with a 41 players orchestra at the Victoria Concert Hall. Michelle finds out more about how his parents discovered Mikkel's talent, what grooming a gifted child entails and how  Mikkel plans to help everyone visualize music the way he does.

JUN 30, 2022
30/06/22 - Money & Me: How can investors respond to today's market turmoil?
With today's markets plagued by rising interest rates, inflation & supply chain issues, how should investors respond in this period of market uncertainty and the looming possibility of recession? Christopher Tan, CEO, Providend shares with Michelle Martin his analysis of the present market conditions and his recommendations on how investors should be managing their portfolios in this climate.

JUN 30, 2022
30/06/22 - Market View: Market forecast for the 2nd half of 2022, Sectors and markets to watch
As the 1st half of 2022 closes on a gloomy note, is it likely that the markets will rally before the year comes to an end? Shane Oliver, Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist, AMP Capital discusses with Michelle Martin about his outlook for various sectors and markets in the 2nd half of 2022 as various performers and underperformers in the market stand out. 

JUN 30, 2022
30/06/22 - Market View Minutes: Trace Together token manufacturer surges in profits
Do you or someone you know use a Trace Together token — not the app on your phone, but one of the little tokens you can put in your pocket? Well, the company that makes those tokens is reporting profits and it's shares are up, thanks not only to Trace Together, but to its other products as well.  What’s the name of this company and is it a good investment? Michelle Martin shares more.

JUN 29, 2022
29/06/22 - Money and Me: The best investment you can ever make!
You may recognize Tan Ooi Boon for his practical and easy-to-understand weekly personal finance columns as the Invest Editor of Singapore national daily The Straits Times. Well today, he joins Michelle Martin on Money and Me to talk about his latest book, Always Have Enough Money, which illustrates the key pillars of financial planning and why the best investment you can ever make is yourself. 

JUN 29, 2022
29/06/22 - Market View: Forward Singapore roadmap, The Big Japan Short, Pinterest, Tesla, Amazon
On this episode of Market View, Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang discuss the 'Forward Singapore' roadmap and the various sectors & companies that stand to benefit from this exercise. They also talk about the factors leading up to a steep drop in US consumer confidence in 16 months, and the return of 'The Big Japan Short'.

JUN 29, 2022
29/06/22 - Market View Minutes: Solid dividend stocks that will outpace rising prices
With inflation and interest rates on the rise, many investors are looking for stocks that pay solid dividends that will outpace rising prices. Today in Market View Minutes, Michelle Martin presents several ideas of companies that you may want to put on your Dividend Stock Watch Lists. 

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