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FEB 21, 2020
21/02/20 - Read: Neil Humphreys, 'Princess Incognito: Nightmare at the Museum'.
Michelle Martin speaks to Neil Humphreys, Author of 'Princess Incognito: Nightmare at the Museum'.

FEB 21, 2020
21/02/20 - Market View with Vasu Menon (21 Feb)
Vasu Menon, Executive Director for Investment Strategy at OCBC weighs in on the bulls versus the bears tug-of-war in US markets with Michelle Martin.

FEB 20, 2020
20/02/20 - Money and Me: Weekly developments with Arun Pai
Arun Pai, Chief Kristals Officer at Kristal.AI weighs in on some of the key highlights of Budget 2020, such as the delay in the GST hike to 9% and the support the government will provide for the five sectors most affected by Covid-19.

FEB 20, 2020
20/02/20 - Read: Dato Paul Supramaniam, ‘He Saved Thousands: The Story of Dr JMJ Supramaniam’
Michelle Martin speaks to Dato Paul Supramaniam, Co-author of ‘He Saved Thousands: The Story of Dr JMJ Supramaniam’ about his book.

FEB 20, 2020
20/02/20 - Sustainable Singapore: The Nurturing Co - Producing sustainable alternative everyday products
The Nurturing Co produces sustainable alternatives to everyday products such as bamboo made from toilet paper under their BAMBOOLOO brand and their 'infinitely recyclable' CanO Water. David Ward, Founder of The Nurturing Co shares more about their everyday alternatives can make a big difference.  

FEB 19, 2020
19/02/20 - YM ST Life Picks, 19 February 2020
Eunice Quek, food correspondent at The Straits Times Life and Ong Sor Fern,  Senior Culture Correspondent for ST Life shares with us about Tiong Bahru Bakery Diner is a new all-day dining concept at Raffles City and Funan mall and a unique show at the Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts called Roots Of Metalcraft: Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata Japan.

FEB 19, 2020
19/02/20 - Money and Me: What kinds of support do restaurants in Singapore need as in light of the COVID 19?
As the COVID 19 Coronavirus Disease 2019 situation continues, how are restaurants in Singapore coping and what support do F&B businesses need? And to what extent will the government support that Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat said in his Budget 2020 speech be able to help restaurants? Wei Chan, Assistant Honorary Secretary, Restaurant Association of Singapore weighs in.

FEB 19, 2020
19/02/20 - Money and Me: How much of Budget 2020 plans are in line with AWARE’s wishlist?
Non-governmental organisation AWARE makes recommendations for Budget every year prior to the speech, also known as the grassroots “policy wishlist”. How much of the plans laid out by the government for Budget 2020 in line with AWARE’s wishlist? Shailey Hingorani, Head of Advocacy and Research at AWARE - the Association of Women for Action and Research - shares more.  

FEB 18, 2020
18/02/20 - Read: Do you have Mummy's guilt
Michelle Martin speaks to Eleanor Lin, Author of ‘Mummy’s Guilt?: The Challenges and Wonders of Working Mums’ about her book. 

FEB 17, 2020
17/02/20 - Money and Me: Car insurance policies, wedding planning, home loans
How can you pick the best car insurance policy for your specific needs? What do you need to consider so that you can have a beautiful wedding that is still within your budget? And how can we pick the best home loans? Cris Ng, Head of Mortgage at MoneySmart and Aaron Chow, GI Specialist at MoneySmart share their top tips. 

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