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JAN 19, 2021
19/01/21 - Are Glove Manufacturers still on investor’s watchlist ?
Michelle Martin speaks to Terence Wong, CEO of Azure Capital to discuss his outlook for the year ahead, investment approaches this year, earnings season in the US, electric vehicles and ESG investment and sectors leading China's economic recovery. 

JAN 19, 2021
19/01/21 - Singapore exports; what's fuelling the rise? SIA, Samsung, India's Reliance and Singapore Stocks
Michelle Martin speaks to Jingyi Pan, Market Strategist at IG to discuss Singapore's electronic exports in December, expectations for the year ahead, small caps in the US, Janet Yellen to testify before Senate, Biden's upcoming oath of office, Singapore Airlines staff to be vaccinated, Reliance's embedding commerce app into Whatsapp and local markets in early trade. 

JAN 18, 2021
18/01/21 - Do you need a ULP?
Michelle Martin and Christopher Tan, CEO of Providend break down the need for a universal life policy, traditional vs variable universal life policies and a ULP as a contingency plan. 

JAN 18, 2021
18/01/21 - Markets reaction to Biden's upcoming inauguration, impact of the US stimulus, China's money supply and Sunningdale to face investor Quarz
Michelle Martin and Jingyi Pan, Senior Market Strategist at IG discuss markets reactions to Biden's upcoming inauguration speech, the potential impact on the US stimulus plan on the economy, the US dollar ahead of Biden's presidency, the rush for small caps, China's tightening money supply, Sunningdale latest to face activist investor Quarz and local markets in early trade. 

JAN 15, 2021
15/01/21 - Tapering off QE, Biden stimulus, new investment bans for Chinese firms, ESG rules, Poshmark goes public, Petco IPO's and Google's acquired Fitbit
Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang discuss the tapering off on the quantitative easing program, worse than expected jobless claims in the US, Biden's stimulus package unveiled, ESG rules, Chinese firms added to Pentagon's list are subject to new investment bans, Poshmark and Petco IPO, Bytedance and Google

JAN 15, 2021
15/01/21 - Money management tips for millennials
Michelle Martin and Willis Lau, Financial Advisor and Tiktoker discuss understanding financial plans, reducing your income taxes, money lessons from 2020 and investing your SRS. 

JAN 14, 2021
14/01/21 - Taper tantrums, and companies in focus: Uber, Grab and Gojek,Singapore’s SEA, Alibaba
Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang discuss Trump's impeachment, low interest rates in the markets, modest US recovery and slowing job growth, ongoing US-China tensions, Uber's appeal over anti-competitive Grab merger dismissed, 6.58 million fine upheld, SEA acquisition in Indonesia, US shelves plans to blacklist Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu and Tesla to recall some vehicles for failing displays.

JAN 14, 2021
14/01/21 - Markets and Trump's impeachment, Bond markets, small cap financials and consumers move to Signal
Michelle Martin and Arun Pai, Chief Strategy Officer at Flow discuss Trump's second impeachment, low rates have underpinned the markets rise to record levels, small cap financials and moves away from Whatsapp to Signal's messaging platform.

JAN 13, 2021
13/01/21 - What explains Bitcoin's meteoric rise and recent pullback?
Michelle Martin and Jeremy Ng, Managing Director, Gemini Asia Pacific discuss common misconceptions of bitcoin, trends, Bitcoin halving, a Bitcoin ETF and Bitcoin's likelihood of survival.

JAN 13, 2021
13/01/21 - Mala and the weight-conscious. Why this Chinese brand says weight watchers are their core customers.
Michelle Martin and Steven Tan,Business Partner at Yang Guo Fu Singapore discuss Yang Guo Fu, opening three outlets in Singapore and plans to take the China brand further.

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