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DEC 5, 2019
05/12/19 - Money And Me: How Future Influencers can Monetise Content
What is key to succeeding with online video? Why do "funny " videos go viral? Guest, Eugene Choi is CEO and Co-Founder of Collab Asia, a digital media company. It manages over 1,800 YouTube channels worldwide with over 155 million subscribers and 2.5 billion monthly views. Yesterday, it announced it raised 7.5 million US dollars in Series B Funding. Eugene talks about the trends he is seeing in online content and what influencers of the future need to know to make money from their work 

DEC 5, 2019
05/12/19 - Influence : Jamie Beaton, the 24-year-old who built a $245 million dollar EdTech company on the keys to superachievement
An alumnus of Harvard, Stanford and now a Rhodes Scholar, Jamie Beaton seems perfectly placed to advise on how to get into an Ivy League University. But this 24-year-old CEO also recently secured US$20 million in a Series C funding for his company - currently valued at US$245 million. What is key to getting investors on board? How is Crimson using algorithms so its clients exhibit 2-4 times the likelihood of admission to Oxford or Cambridge than the average global applicant?

DEC 4, 2019
04/12/19 - Influence: Encouraging Women to Master Blockchain Development
In a move to encourage more people, especially women, to understand and master blockchain, public blockchain platform Zilliqa and The University of Oxford conducted a series of blockchain education workshops last month. Michelle Martin finds out more from Saiba Kataruka, Developer Marketing Lead at Zilliqa.

DEC 3, 2019
03/12/19 - Influence: The man changing the way diamonds are sold - Nicholas Lim, Founder & COO of Luxiee
You've been paying up to 300% more than you need to for that diamond ring.  LUXIEE is the world's first online marketplace for diamonds. It links consumers to diamond suppliers and aims to revolutionise an age-old industry. Michelle Martin sits with the 35-year old founder and COO of LUXIEE Nicholas Lim, to find out how the platform cuts massive middlemen fees resulting in affordable prices for consumers, plans to use its 6-figure-seed funding, and how consumers are assured that the gems they click on line to buy is what they receive.

DEC 2, 2019
02/12/19 - Money and Me: The Future of Buying Property in Singapore
Singaporeans are increasingly adopting a ‘wait-and-see’ approach when buying properties, according to PropertyGuru’s Consumer Sentiment Survey for the first half of this year. Join Michelle Martin, as she finds out why this is with Dr Tan Tee Khoon, Country Manager of PropertyGuru Singapore.

DEC 2, 2019
02/12/19 - Influence: Giving a Voice to Our Future Leaders
Despite having nearly 50 percent of the world’s population being under the age of 24, the voices of our youth are still not being heard or taken seriously. Recognising this need to engage the youth community regarding key issues, give them a voice and empower them to make a real change in the world, KidsRight has launched the world’s first borderless digital ‘state’ to do just that.  Michelle Martin finds out more from Marc Dullaert, Founder and Chair of the KidsRights Foundation, as well as the founder of the International Children’s Peace Prize.

NOV 29, 2019
29/11/19 - Influence: Franchising bruise-free boxing
Spartans Boxing Club is bringing boxing to everyone, whether you're learning the sport professionally or to get fit. The club is currently raising $1 million in the immediate term, with potential franchisees throughout Asia, Middle East, Australia and Europe. Russell Harrison, Managing Director of Spartans Boxing Club shares more. 

NOV 29, 2019
29/11/19 - Money and Me: Weekly developments with Arun Pai
Arun Pai, Chief Kristals Officer at Kristal.AI sheds light on the latest developments this week. Topics include Trump signs Hong Kong bills supporting protesters in a move likely to irk China, Xerox's hostile takeover attempt for HP, Alibaba Hong Kong IPO debut and Hyflux's $400 million rescue deal with Utico.

NOV 28, 2019
28/11/19 - Influence: How much will your salary rise next year?
How much will your salary rise next year? Unfortunately, likely a little less compared to this year. The average real salary rise for Singaporean workers in 2020 is projected to be 3%, down from 3.3% for 2019. Workers in China are set to see a real salary increase of 3.6% next year, while workers in India, are sitting comfortably at the top of the table. Workers in India are likely to see a 5.4% salary increase. We take a closer look at the ECA International's annual Salary Trends Report with its Regional Director of Asia, Lee Quane.

NOV 27, 2019
27/11/19 - Read: 'ENTRUSTED' with co-author Ong Boon Hwee
CEO of Stewardship Asia Centre and co-author of 'ENTRUSTED: Stewardship for Responsible Wealth Creation', Ong Boon Hwee, talks about restraining greed, irresponsibility and short-termism that both businesses and investors can enable through his definition of "stewardship". 

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