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SEP 28, 2020
28/09/20 - What’s more important than interest rates when choosing a mortgage?
Michelle Martin speaks to Alfred Chia, CEO of SingCapital to upgrade your mortgage and grow rich, when to pay back your home loan, risk profiles, low interest rate environments and more. 

SEP 28, 2020
28/09/20 - Reimagining the workspaces of tomorrow
Michelle Martin speaks to Na Boon Chong, Managing Director & Partner, Human Capital Solutions, Southeast Asia at Aon to discuss a private sector initial assessment report that organises guidelines to help re-start the economy safely and the reimagining of the workspaces of tomorrow.    

SEP 28, 2020
28/09/20 - Industrial production numbers in Singapore, fall-out from rising US-China tensions, Goldman Sachs bullish on emerging market currencies and HSBC shares
Michelle Martin speaks to Ryan Huang to discuss the encouraging industrial production numbers in Singapore, fall-out from rising US-China tensions hitting chipmakers, Goldman Sachs bullish on emerging market currencies, HSBC shares trading at the lowest levels since the mid 1990s.     

SEP 25, 2020
25/09/20 - Making PR borderless and affordable
Michelle Martin speaks to Manni Siddhu, CEO and Co-Founder of Coleegs to discuss the idea of making PR borderless and affordable, the challenges of raising funds and securing the rights to Nando's chicken across parts of China. 

SEP 25, 2020
25/09/20 - What ANT's IPO prospectus raises for this growth investor.
Michelle Martin speaks with Jonathan Ang, Growth Investor and Author of Expand Your Circle of Competence to understand what growth investors look for when examining IPO’s, putting ANT’s mammoth tech IPO in the spotlight. 

SEP 25, 2020
25/09/20 - Goldman cut's forecast for the US economy, S&P's outlook for the Singapore banking sector, HSBC's stock plunge, Li Ka Shing's picks and Qantas diversifying
Michelle Martin speaks to Ryan Huang to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of the US economy, new home sale prices, Goldman's outlook, good news for the Singapore banking system, maybe the first sector to recover, HSBC's stock plunges 83 billion, Li Ka Shing's stocks to watch and Qantas selling loaded bar cards.   

SEP 24, 2020
24/09/20 - Malaysian markets reaction to political twist, US sell-off drivers, why Ant group won't lock in "cornerstone" investors and who is in the Billion dollar club?
Michelle Martin speaks to Ryan Huang to discuss opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim claims he has enough support in parliament to lead a new government, the 11 S&P sectors down overnight, safe haven buying in the US dollar, China's new richest, Nongfu Spring founder, JP Morgan Chase for funding and Westpac Banking set to pay billion dollar fines.

SEP 24, 2020
24/09/20 - Turning 23 with 300,000 Singapore dollars in the bank
Michelle Martin speaks to Lenney Leong, CEO & Founder, Get Customers to get insights for his top tips for spending his disposable income, considerations when investing in property and stocks and tips for startup founders and entrepreneurs.

SEP 23, 2020
23/09/20 - Bank stocks on news of suspicious bank flows , Tesla in SG? And spotlight on Nike & Transferwise
Michelle Martin speaks to Ryan Huang to discuss how Singapore and Hong Kong are the top destinations in Asia for suspicious banking flows, Tesla signalling plans to set up shop in Singapore, Google's dominance in the internet search market, Singtel, Nike, Transferwise, US home sales and local markets.   

SEP 22, 2020
22/09/20 - The ongoing battle for Tiktok in the US, the 'unreliable entity list,' the ongoing trade war between the US and China and Top Glove's performance
Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang discuss the Trump administration's threats to close down Tiktok alongside the approval for a deal with Oracle and WalMart, China's 'unreliable entity' list, the ongoing trade war between the US and China, Top Glove's performance and stocks to watch.

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