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APR 9, 2020
09/04/20 - Money and Me: Companies and fundraising during Covid, Softbank vs Wework, what's to come? China's recovery.
We make sense of what investors are talking about in layman terms! Funding may be drying up for many but not for some companies like Airbnb and Slack; why is that? What do investors now think of the start-up space? What does it take to raise money in a pandemic? Michelle Martin and Arun Pai,  Chief Strategy Officer at Asia Collect also discuss holding value in the US dollar and China getting back on its feet economically.  

APR 9, 2020
09/04/20 - Influence: Founder of Chope Arrif Ziaudeen on how restaurants can mitigate Covid's devastating impact.
Michelle Martin speaks with Arrif Ziaudeen, the founder and CEO of Chope to discuss the release of a white paper and survey on the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on restaurants in Singapore and how businesses can strategize during this time of volatility. 

APR 8, 2020
08/04/20 - Money and Me : Australian and Japanese equities, Asian aviation and US dollars
Michelle Martin speaks with Jack Kouzi, Founder and Director of Strategy VFS Group to discuss the sweet spots in the economy ,traditional safe haven assets and safe bets in the market.

APR 8, 2020
08/04/20 - Read : This Side of Heaven by Cyril Wong
Is heaven or hell what you make of any instant? Two- time winner of the Singapore Literature Prize Cyril Wong tells Michelle Martin about his latest novel where  a chorus of voices on the other side of life try to make sense of where and who they are, following a huge calamity. It is a book that speaks uncannily to the present and came to the author in a meditation two years ago. 

APR 7, 2020
07/04/20 - Money and Me: Investing guru Jim Rogers on China Wine, Asian Aviation, Airports and the Global Economy
Jim Rogers shares his read on the markets and what's been on his shopping list in conversation with Michelle Martin

APR 7, 2020
07/04/20 - Influence: How to Guard your Mental Health in the midst of COVID-19
From being aware of how increased carbon dioxide in your mask can affect your state of mind to which apps you can use today to cope with isolation, renowned mental health expert, and author of Speaking Up for Mental Illness and Professor in Psychiatry and Neuroscience & Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, Department of Psychological Medicine, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine at the National University of Singapore, Professor Kua Ee Heok discusses how we can build our resilience and overcome the mental burden of this pandemic on all of us.   

APR 6, 2020
06/04/20 - PropNex Realty Pte Ltd is rolling out a $30 Million plan to support the cashflow of some 8500 of its self-employed property agents
  From the early release of commissions and pension funds, to waiving business costs for agents and donating some half a million to charity,  Michelle Martin finds  more about the initiatives in conversation with Ismail Gafoor CEO of PropNex Realty Pte Ltd

APR 6, 2020
06/04/20 - Money and Me: SIA, Oil, Bank Buybacks and you
Swapnil Mishra, Head of Private Wealth at Kristal.AI and Michelle Martin discuss the different options for investors with a view on SIA's recovery, how oil is faring and what investors need to understand about measures to stop bank buybacks.

APR 6, 2020
06/04/20 - Read: Libraries of the Future
The National Library Board is continually evolving technologically and including suggestions to adapt into the future.  Michelle Martin speaks with Catherine Lau, Assistant Chief Executive of Public Libraries and Valerie Cheng, Director of Strategic Planning & Research National Library Board to discuss these initiatives and learn about the resources we will have access to in the near future.  

APR 3, 2020
03/04/20 - Influence: Personal loans in this business environment
Need a personal loan fast? How can Lendela help? When applying for a loan most people don't take the time to compare what's available. How can Lendela with its algorithm help? Michelle Martin speaks with Nima Karimi, co-founder and current CEO of Lendela to get a better understanding of the platform and how it can aid businesses and individuals during this period of economic uncertainty.

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