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MAR 23, 2023
23/03/23 - Market View: US Fed 25 basis points hike, Medtecs, Nio, CDL, Sembcorp Industries, Janet Yellen rattles market, 10 bank stocks with cheap valuations, Bondholders vs Equity investors
Big news this morning! The US Fed’s raised interest rates by a quarter-point even despite the current bank turmoil. But it seems like something else is rattling market movements overnight.. Also, what are 10 bank stocks that look cheap today? Find out with Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang. 

MAR 23, 2023
23/03/23 - Money and Me: Where is the opportunity in 2023's crises?
How can you turn a crisis into an opportunity? We put the question to Stephanie Leung from Stashaway. Also, while SINGAPORE banks’ exposure to beleaguered Credit Suisse may be “insignificant’ what clarity can you expect from your robo-portfolio provider? 

MAR 22, 2023
22/03/23 - Money and Me: Save up to 60% of your Singapore renovation costs?
What if instead of paying the average of $46 000 to renovate your 4-room HDB, you could pay substantially less by gaining access to wholesale prices of material and services? What if you had the option of protecting your funds while ensuring that contractors uphold the quality that you deserve on your home? Too good to be true?  Well tune in to this episode of Money and Me as Tyson Lim, CEO & Founder, Homeez shares how he is harnessing AI and tech to make renovation easier and more affordable in conversation with Michelle Martin.

MAR 22, 2023
22/03/23 - Market View: First Republic tumbles, Tencent Music, Gamestop, Nike, Google, Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail Trust, Vibrant vs KTL, Trump supporters bank run plan
The banking saga continues… And in the latest news, US Treasury Janet Yellen has stepped up to say that banking is stabilising. Meanwhile, ahead of the Fed’s next meeting, can they hike rates while reassuring that the banking crisis can be contained? Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang explore these questions and more. 

MAR 21, 2023
21/03/23 - Money and Me: Understanding Money is Urgent
Michael Gilmore founder of the Money Awareness Inclusion Awards says the failure to understand money is a contributor to financial crises. Who have the awards celebrated and how can you get involved? Michelle Martin finds out.

MAR 21, 2023
21/03/23 - Market View: Bank shares continues selloff, Amazon, Pinduoduo, NetLink, Genting Singapore, Vibrant disagreements, TikTok & government intervention
Why are investors punishing UBS after its attempt to rescue Credit Suisse? Who might be a potential TikTok buyer? Find out with Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang on this episode of Market View. 

MAR 20, 2023
20/03/23 - Influence: Dr Kevin Blackburn on “The Comfort Women of Singapore in History and Memory”
Join Michelle Martin on this episode of Influence as she speaks to Dr. Kevin Blackburn, Author, The Comfort Women of Singapore in History and Memory about the history of Singapore comfort stations and how his book contributes to the understanding of comfort women here in Singapore.

MAR 20, 2023
20/03/23 - Money and Me: What can you as a depositor do to protect yourself?
With signs showing that the banking system could be facing larger, systemic issues, should we be taking all our money out of a bank today?  Join Michelle Martin as she takes a trip to Money School with Lacey Filipich, Founder & Director, Money School, who will be sharing what we should be doing with our bank deposits today and the right questions investors should be asking banks moving forward.

MAR 20, 2023
20/03/23 - Market View: UBS to buy Credit Suisse, Baidu, ST Engineering, JB Foods, CapitaLand, First Republic downgraded by S&P, Asia’s resilience to US Bank risks, Credit Suisse US$17 billion worthless debt, Recession fear
In the latest build up of the banking crisis, UBS has announced that it will be buying rival Credit Suisse for more than US$3 billion dollars! What did the Swiss government have to promise in order for this to happen? Elsewhere around the world, why does Fitch think that Asia is resilient to risks seen in US bank failures? Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang explore these questions and more. 

MAR 20, 2023
20/03/23 - Money and Me: Australia’s banking system, RBA interest rate outlook, Depreciating Aussie dollar, Best performing sectors in Australia
On this episode of Money and Me, Michelle Martin travels to the land of kangaroos, where she speaks to Jason Dasey, ABC journalist and former Money FM presenter to discuss the current state of Australia’s banking system amid the global banking frenzy, the RBA’s interest rate hike outlook, what’s causing the depreciation of the Aussie dollar against the Sing dollar and more! 

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