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MAY 24, 2022
24/05/22 - Money and Me: The Australian election and markets & Is Terra's loss Bitcoin's gain?
What could Australia's new incoming government mean for portfolios? How has Russia turned the ruble the world's top-performing currency? Why is the Fallout from Terra's fall good for Bitcoin? Michelle Martin puts those questions to Tony Sycamore, APAC Analyst, City Index. 

MAY 24, 2022
24/05/22 - Market View: Malaysia halts chicken exports, Airbnb, MCT & MNACT, US Stocks rallies overnight, China tax relief plan
From Malaysia's recent halt of its chicken exports from June amid shortage, pushing Singapore importers to increase chicken supply from other sources to what's fueling the US stocks' overnight rally, and the effects of China's Tax Relief of over $21 billion, Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang explore the latest stories making headlines. 

MAY 24, 2022
24/05/22 - Influence: Should you buy GRAB and hold SEA?
In light of the tech collapse, where are SEA emerging market tech names SEA and GRAB going? Are the companies in terminal decline or will they stabilize?  Michelle Martin finds out with Nirgunan Tiruchelvam, Head of Consumer Sector Equity Research, Tellimer.

MAY 24, 2022
24/05/22 - Market View Minutes: Value stocks investors are looking for!
Bargain hunters showed up in force on Wall Street overnight. That doesn’t mean bearish sentiment is gone for good, but it is clear that investors are looking for stocks that offer good value. Join Michelle Martin as she presents several analyst recommendations including a couple companies you may not have heard of, in Market View Minutes.

MAY 23, 2022
23/05/22 - Money and Me: Can you raise a low-maintenance child in expensive Singapore?
Can you raise a child and keep on track with your goals of retiring early here in Singapore? Loh Shurn Lin, Independent Consultant & F.I.R.E Mentor shares her parenting strategies for raising a "low-maintenance child". Hear her strategies that work against raising a material child in a material world in this conversation with Michelle Martin.

MAY 23, 2022
23/05/22 - Market View: Industrial S-Reits, Nio, Tesla, UOL & Trans-China Automotive see buybacks, Japan’s Recruit Holdings
Starting off the week on Market View, Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang take a look at the improved performance of industrial S-Reits and which companies are worth watching out for. They also discuss how Jakarta's outperforming the Singapore market and what's on investor radars in the week ahead. 

MAY 23, 2022
23/05/22 - Market View Minutes: Stocks for the value bargain hunters
If you had to choose between buying a milkshake and burger or investing in the company that makes them, what would you do? Both probably sound good! In today’s Market View Minutes, Michelle Martin takes a look at some tech companies, with a side of fries. Stay tuned!

MAY 20, 2022
20/05/22 - Influence: John Tan, Doyobi
Can your child learn critical real world skill in the Metaverse? Michelle Martin finds out with Doyobi Founder & CEO, John Tan. This interview is part of a special collaboration with the Peak Magazine's Next Gen Leader's series

MAY 20, 2022
20/05/22 - Market View Minutes: Is it time to buy Aussie stocks while shorting the Euro and the yen?
What do Tokyo and Brussels have in common, from an investor standpoint? And is Sydney moving in the same direction? Michelle Martin unlocks the puzzle for you in Market View Minutes! 

MAY 20, 2022
20/05/22 - Market View: Nio starts trading on SGX, Amazon plans to lease space at IOI Central Boulevard Towers, Tencent sell-off
It's official! Nio's made its trading debut in Singapore's exchange today! But can we expect to see the stock enter the STI? On a separate note, what does Amazon's plan to lease space at IOI Central Boulevard Towers mean for the property? And to what extent can leisure travel mitigate the effects of inflation? Michelle Martin and Ryan Huang break it all down.

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