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Melissa Hyak goes beyond the press release for some real answers with prominent business leaders, policy makers and entrepreneurs. 

JUL 4, 2022
04/07/22 - Health Suites: AI software to improve detection of cardiovascular disease
On Health Suites, cardiovascular disease is the biggest killer globally with one in three of us likely to suffer from it. There have also been recent studies into the long term impact of COVID-19 on our hearts. Melissa Hyak speaks to Dr Carolyn Lam, Senior Consultant Cardiologist at National Heart Centre Singapore, Professor at Duke-National University of Singapore and co-founder of to dive into more details about an AI software that improves detection of cardiovascular disease. 

JUL 1, 2022
01/07/22 - Soul of Business: How robots are saving senior service staff
On Soul of Business, “Service with a smile” — It’s a common rule in the service industry. However, after a tumultuous pandemic and a persistent manpower crunch, servers in the F&B industry found a lot less reasons to smile. Melissa Hyak speaks to Irene Phung, Marketing Manager at Pudu Robotics to find out how these challenges can be tackled with help from robots.

JUL 1, 2022
01/07/22 - Health Suites: A weak pelvic floor may increase your risk of Pelvic Congestion Syndrome
On Health Suites, it turns out, a weak pelvic floor is more than just an inconvenient side effect of pregnancy and childbirth: it could lead to chronic conditions like Pelvic Congestion SyndromeIt is estimated that 10 million women suffer from chronic pelvic pain, of which 7 million do not seek help. Melissa Hyak speaks to Dr Sriram Narayanan, Senior Consultant Vascular Surgeon at The Venus Clinic to find out more about a weak pelvic floor and how it can increase the risk of PCS. 

JUL 1, 2022
01/07/22 - Market View: What can we expect from Euro zone's upcoming inflation figures?
On Market View, Melissa Hyak is joined by Geoff Howie, Market Strategist at the SGX to discuss STI's performance this week; with focus on what to expect on the second half the year; the long term prospects of tech sector; and inflation figures and expectations for the upcoming Euro zone figures; and Singapore approving Indonesia as a new source for chicken supply. 

JUN 30, 2022
30/06/22 - Soul of Business: The Critical Need for Cyber Talent in 2022
On Soul of Business, Singapore is facing a shortage of cybersecurity professionals, exposing its businesses to cyber threats. Recent high-profile cases add fuel to the fire of the high demand for cybersecurity staff. The ramifications of the shortage of cybersecurity professionals are an urgent cause for concern, as they are the main line of defense against cyber attacks. Melissa Hyak speaks to Kenneth Chen, Vice President for Asia of ExtraHop to find out more about the importance of the need for cyber talent.

JUN 30, 2022
30/06/22 - Market View: Does China's PMI for June suggest that the worst of lockdown disruptions is over?
On Market View, Melissa Hyak is joined by Tommy Wu, Lead Economist at Oxford Economics to discuss China's economy, with focus on China's PMI results for June; whether the worst of lockdown disruptions in China is over; and the effects of China's easing of quarantine restrictions on the country's economy. 

JUN 29, 2022
29/06/22 - Health Suites: Greater assurance to be a living donor in Singapore
On Health Suites, deceased donor liver donation is unable to keep up with the growing demand for liver donors, which makes living donor liver transplantation an important alternative, especially in Singapore. Living liver donation is a major surgery and there is an ethical dilemma of balancing the requirements of the recipient with the safety of the donor. Melissa Hyak speaks to Associate Professor Shridhar Iyer, Surgical Director and Senior Consultant for the Adult Liver Transplantation Programme at National University Centre for Organ Transplantation to find out more about a study that gives greater assurance to be a living donor in Singapore.

JUN 28, 2022
28/06/22 - Health Suites: You can die from a broken heart in real life, not just in romance novels
On Health Suites, sometimes we get our hearts broken by someone else. But have you ever heard of broken heart syndrome? This condition is not only real, but it’s also deadly. Activated by emotional or physical triggers, broken heart syndrome can happen to anyone, but is more common among women, who make up 88% of all cases. Melissa Hyak speaks to Dr Rohit Khurana, Consultant Cardiologist from the Harley Street Heart and Vascular Centre to find out more about this syndrome and how deadly it can be. Highlights: 00:27- What is broken heart syndrome?  03:55- Is it an acute or chronic condition?  06:09- Why might people die from this?  11:58- What are some prevention tools? 12:45- Does this affect people differently based on personalities? 

JUN 27, 2022
27/06/22 - Soul of Business: How to close the talent gap
On Soul of Business, a recent study by PMI (Project Management Institute) found that project management is one of the top-five areas business leaders would like to prioritise in 2021. A shortage of project professionals may pose a considerable risk to organisations and global GDP, as they rely on project teams to implement strategic initiatives on time and on budget. Melissa Hyak speaks to Ben Breen, Global Head of Construction & Managing Director of Asia Pacific at PMI to find out how we can close this talent gap.

JUN 24, 2022
24/06/22 - Health Suites: A gentler treatment for kidney failure that can be done at home
On Health Suites, peritoneal dialysis is a treatment for kidney failure that uses the lining of your abdomen, or belly, to filter your blood inside your body. Such a treatment is gentler than other treatments and can be done in the comfort of your own home. But only 13 percent of those receiving dialysis in Singapore are taking up this treatment. Melissa Hyak speaks to Dr Behram Ali Khan, Medical Director at The National Kidney Foundation to find out more about peritoneal dialysis and the benefits for those needing treatment for kidney failure.

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