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Workday Afternoon with Claressa Monteiro (1pm - 4pm) Claressa Monteiro goes beyond the press release for some real answers with prominent business leaders, policy makers, and entrepreneurs. Get your daily review of market movements in Market View with key news that might affect movements for the rest of the day.

DEC 6, 2019
06/12/19 - Health Suites: Tips on Being a Responsible Drinker
Join Claressa Monteiro, as she speaks to Patricia Lee, Corporate Affairs Director of Asia Pacific Breweries about the importance of responsible drinking and the safety tips to take note of during this festive season.

DEC 6, 2019
06/12/19 - The Soul of Business: Empowering Marginalised Women with Shiseido
Join Claressa Monteiro, as she speaks with Sylvia Chim, Regional Director, Corporate Communications and Sustainability, Shiseido (Asia Pacific) about the Girls Learning and Leading Program, aimed at empowering marginalised women in the Asia-Pacific region and provide them with opportunities to themselves.

DEC 6, 2019
06/12/19 - Inspect a Gadget: Christmas Audio Gift Ideas
Join Claressa Monteiro and our resident Inspect A Gadget, Christopher Lim, from the Business Times, as they talk about the best audio devices to get for your loved ones this Christmas!

DEC 6, 2019
06/12/19 - Market View Wrap December 6
On this latest edition of Market View Wrap, co-hosts Claressa Monteiro and JP Ong are joined by SGX Market Strategist, Geoff Howie, to discuss the market movements in the first week of December. They also talk about why foreign REITs are looking to list here in Singapore and not their own local markets.

DEC 5, 2019
05/12/19 - Health Suites: Beating Cancer with Oncoshot
Join Claressa Monteiro, as she speaks to Dr Huren Sivaraj, CEO and Co-Founder of Oncoshot about how his program provides rapid access to information on suitable clinical trial and treatment options for both cancer patients and oncologists.

DEC 4, 2019
04/12/19 - Health Suites: The Importance of Having a Manly Heart-to-Heart Chat
Join Claressa Monteiro, as she speaks to Dr Muhammad Taufiq, Resident Doctor, DTAP Clinic Group about the need for men everywhere to be more outspoken about the health issues that may be affecting their physical and mental health.

DEC 4, 2019
04/12/19 - The Soul of Business: Bettr Opportunities at Bettr Barista
Join Claressa Monteiro, as she speaks to Priya Balraju, Manager, Marketing and Communications at Bettr Barista about their efforts in providing more opportunities to those less fortunate in modern society to work and gain a sense of self-worth.

DEC 4, 2019
04/12/19 - ST Life Picks December 4
On this week's ST Life Picks, Claressa Monteiro speaks with Anjali Raguraman, Entertainment and Nightlife Reporter and Wong Ah Yoke, Food Critic from The Straits Times about the upcoming inaugural Legacy dance music festival and the Epicurean Market at MBS, a culinary fair with various celebrity restaurants setting up booths to sell signature dishes.  

DEC 4, 2019
04/12/19 - Market View December 4
Co-hosts JP Ong and Claressa Monteiro discuss how US President Donald Trump's statement on a trade deal not happening soon will affect market sentiments. They also talk about the merger of Hyundai Heavy and Daewoo, and how this will shake the shipping industry. This and more, on today's edition of Market View.

DEC 3, 2019
03/12/19 - Health Suites: Digging Into Deep Vein Thrombosis
Join Claressa Monteiro, as she speaks to Dr Denise Tan, Consultant, Sengkang General Hospital about Deep Vein Thrombosis and how it can result in major health complications, if not promptly addressed.

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