#wanderlust Every Wednesday Timothy Go inspires you to leave the office and discover more of the world, outside the usual destinations. Find out how to get to where you are going, in style, at a bargain. Learn useful travel hacks to save you money, and hear about the latest Travel trends and up and coming destinations, so you can get there first before the rest.

AUG 22, 2019
22/08/19 - #Wanderlust: Let's Talk Travel Insurance
Join Timothy Go, as he speaks with Kenneth Lim, Director of Travel Agencies and Tourist guides, Singapore Tourism Board, about what you should expect from your travel agency which you booked your flights and holiday with, and what you should prepare when you file a claim from your travel insurance provider.

AUG 16, 2019
16/08/19 - #Wanderlust: Let's Talk Hotel Etiquette
Join Timothy Go, as he speaks with Expedia's Lavinia Rajaram to find out how Singaporeans behave in hotels and vacation rentals, and what they take with them when they leave.

JUL 26, 2019
26/07/19 - #Wanderlust: Let's Talk Leave-Taking
Join Timothy Go, as he speaks with Expedia's Lavinia Rajaram to find out just why many Singaporeans are saying they are vacation-deprived, but do not take the leave that they are entitled to. This is in relation to a new Expedia survey which reveals that more than 60 percent of Singapore workers feel they did not get enough vacation time in 2018, with about four in 10 saying they could not get enough time off work to use up their annual leave.

JUL 24, 2019
24/07/19 - #Wanderlust: Let's Travel This National Day
Join Timothy Go, as he finds out what are some of the good deals and destinations to fly to during the upcoming National Day Weekend. He also discusses autumn holiday planning. Guest: Robyn Lee from Skyscanner.

JUL 19, 2019
19/07/19 - #Wanderlust: Let's Talk Airline Matters
Join Timothy Go, as he shares his perspectives on some of the latest airline updates making the airwaves - Skytrax ratings, SilverKris Lounge revamps and Delta's unique Economy-class experience.

JUL 18, 2019
18/07/19 - #Wanderlust: Let's Talk About Flight Etiquette
Timothy Go speaks with Expedia's Lavinia Rajaram on the importance of flight etiquette and gets advice on what you really should NOT do while jetting off.

JUN 20, 2019
20/06/19 - #Wanderlust - Aisle or Window
Join Timothy Go as he discusses with Mike Valkevich, VP, Global Sales and Program Management, Asia-Pacific, CWT, about business traveler behaviour on choosing an aisle or window seat, the woes of missing a flight or losing one's luggage, the differences between public and private transport, and various travel preferences.

JUN 12, 2019
12/06/19 - #Wanderlust - Traveling to Exotic Destinations
Join Timothy Go as he takes listeners to some unique locations around the world that are less travelled.

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